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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yesterday Was A Busy Day

April 3, 2012

Good morning from my sunny part of the world.  It looks to be a lovely morning outside, and the weatherman is promising temps around 60 degrees.  Oooh I hope so because I want to take Tootsie and go to the park today with my tele-converter lens.  Maybe my son in law will bring his camera and meet me there.  That would be nice.

Well, last night Wayne brought my sickly laptop back all fixed like new.  This is good because I have promised it to my daughter Dee Dee.  (if it could be fixed like new)  Which in turn means that she can pass her laptop on to her daughter Jasmine.  See, everything goes round in a nice circle.  I was able to get my new laptop all set up by myself except for transferring over my email, Photoshop, and Norton.  So Wayne was doing that for me last night and will bring my new baby back to me tonight.

I just finished paying some bills and put them in the mail box, and took out a big bag of chicken to thaw for supper.  Joe will cook it and I will share it with him.  So all in all, today is starting out to be a pretty good day.

I have a really pretty photo to share that was taken by my friend Mary Ann who is on vacation in Arizona.  I have never seen a Vermilion Flycatcher so I was especially pleased that she sent me this photo.  Isn't this a gorgeous bird?  Thanks for sharing, Mary Ann.

As I was leaving work yesterday morning, I noticed a really strange looking raindrop on one of the Mrs' tulip leaves so of course I stopped to take a photo.  The raindrop was long and very sparkly around the edges.  Isn't this cool?

Yesterday, I also installed Kaspersky in my little travel laptop.  Hopefully, I won't have any more problems with something eating my photos.  I haven't figured out why it's been happening and I hope it goes away.  I've never tried Kaspersky before but I've heard good things about it so I thought I would try it.

Now it's time to get dressed and get started on this beautiful day.  I called Eddie, and he has agreed to accompany Tootsie and me to the park to take some photos.  So, on that note I shall leave you.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B


The Queen Jester said...

What a nice surprise this morning to read your blog and get a photo from Maryann also. It's like a bonus day!

Nani said...

That vermillion flycatcher really is gorgeous bird!

We started the days with storming, driving rain and I had to go out in it for a doctor's appointment, so I drove in it and then slowly walked in it with my handy walker. I was soaked! But it was dry and getting sunny when I left and now we have lots of sun. Honestly, I could ave gone for the day's weather reversed!

Have a great day! Hope it stays sunny for you!

Sheri said...

Hi Miss Edna

I just tried to send you an email inquiry about your daily photos, but the email provided on your blog is no longer in use. Is there another where you can be reached?


Edna B said...

Sheri, sorry, I'll get that email updated. You can reach me at:

smiekeltje said...

All good news, how wonderful.
Hope you have a nice time with Eddy in the parc.
Oh, and if Kaspersky isn't to your liking you always could try AVG, they have a free one and payed one. I use AVG for years, and is working good and not difficult to handle.