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Friday, April 6, 2012

Time For The Bunny To Get Busy

April 6, 2012

Good morning.  The sun is shining, but there are a few clouds lurking about.  Well, I should be at work today, but Tootsie's babysitter had to work today so that means I have to stay at home.  Her babysitter?  Yes.  Because of her anxiety problems, I cannot leave her alone.  She is afraid of being left alone, and the anxiety brings on seizures.  I don't know what kind of life her first six months were to cause all of this, but I fix it best I can by having a babysitter that she enjoys being with.

So.  Am I nuts or something?  Of course!  Actually, I think we all have to be a little nuts to get along in this scary world of ours.  Besides, my Tootsie has brought me so much happiness that there is very little I won't try to do for her to keep her happy and safe.  Here's a cute photo of her enjoying a nap while we were in Florida.  Note how her little tongue just doesn't always fit back into her mouth.

Well, let me tell you about yesterday.  Once again, I had to call and have my doctor appointment moved to a different day.  Then I spent a lot of the day making sure all my PC files were moved onto an external drive.  All my thumbdrives are quite full, so I had to start moving some of their files over to DVD.  So now, I am totally confused as to where any of my stuff is. 

I guess I will have to pick up another external drive.  I like to keep one for the PC, one for the laptop, and one for my photos.  (maybe two for the photos!)  Wayne came by and took my new PC and my little laptop.  Hopefully, they will be back by Tuesday and I can start to get all my files back to where they belong.

I did learn one very important lesson from all of this.  If you have Photoshop, you can only install it on two computers.  If your computer needs to be wiped and started over, make sure to de-activate your Photoshop.  That way you can re-install it back into your clean computer or a new computer. 

The mail lady brought me two packages.  One was from Audrey containing a disk with some of her photos. The other contained my new print that I had ordered of one of my photos.  The photo was the one I posted a few days ago of the mist rising on the pond with the geese and ducks.  I will get this framed and we'll hang it in the den. 

I took some photos of my new orange poppy plants that I bought for my garden.  I just could not pass them by.  Orange is my favorite color, and I love poppies.  Isn't this gorgeous?

I was itching to buy some tomato and other veggie plants, but it's not time to put them in the ground so I held off for now.  The temps are supposed to stay between the high 40's and 60 for the next week with really cool nights.  So, I guess we'll have to wait another two or three weeks to start our new planting.

Now I want to get started on my Bunny duties.  I swapped off my Saturday night at work so that I can stay home and enjoy my Easter.  I've already picked up all my basket stuff, so today I want to get the eggs cooked and ready for decorating.  In case you're wondering, I always make Easter baskets for the dwarfs.  They look forward to them now.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Lucky Dwarves! Baskets are fun! David gets me a bunny so I can bite the ears off. :)

Your poppy is beautiful!

I did the online customer service chat with Adobe to see if I could share my other allowed coffee with David. They said sharing with a spouse was okay as long as they use the same email and live at the same address. He’s proofreading scrapbook journaling for me to get his feet wet with the new program. When I chatted online they told me what I needed to do to deactivate so I could reinstall. I get why it’s necessary, but what a pain!

That picture of Tootsie is so sweet!! There’s nothing nuts about being there for your furbaby! When Azzie first got sick, my boss at the time was an animal lover and he was awesome when I called in after having been up with her all night with the seizures. The next day after I’d taken her to the vet and got medicine, he stopped by my desk and asked how she was and what the vet said. Lots of people totally get that furkids are kids too.

Have a great Eater, my friend!
Hugs, Nani

The Queen Jester said...

I love orange also, and the poppy looks smashing against the blue sky. It's a combination I never get tired of.

I had no idea Tootsie had a babysitter. And I thought Baxter (aka She Devil) was spoiled. You topped me there.

But I agree - our furry friends are worth all the extra time and money.

smiekeltje said...

Great for Tootsie she can be home when you're at work and there's somebody around she likes, so she isn;t all alone.
With our cats it's a bit easier. They can spend time alone, but in cases we go away for more than a day, we make sure somebody comes over every day to feed them and stays with them for a short time. If you have pets, you have to look after them the best you can!
Poppies are awesome. Hope this year my big poppies will blossom again.
Good tip from you for Photoshop.
Have fun making the baskets for the dwarfs.
Happy Easter