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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Bunny Is Going To A Baseball Game

April 7, 2012

Good morning folks, and here's hoping the clouds roll on by quickly so that the sun can shine.  Koolaid (Kevin) has his first high school baseball game this morning, and Tootsie and I are hoping to go watch it.  I'm just not looking forward to sitting outdoors if it's not warm.

We have to be leaving here in about 45 minutes, so I'll keep this post short.  I want to have my coffee before we leave, and I still have to get dressed.  Later this afternoon, I need to finish my Bunny duties.  Plus, I want to do more work on the April collab kit.  Time is flying by, and we will be posting the first two parts of the new kit on Monday morning. 

Let me share some photos with you that Audrey took while we were in Florida.  She spent a lot of time trying to photograph this little squirrel who was not making it easy for her.

While we were photographing some egrets, this one bird was trying to make up his mind whether or not we were friendly.  (I think that's what was going through his mind.)

She also took photos of a plane flying overhead.  Here is the original shot along with a close up where you can even see the propellers.  Nice work Audrey.

Now I really do have to get moving here.  We have less than a half hour to get ready and leave.  The game is being played in Plymouth, so we have a bit of a drive ahead of us.   Till tomorrow, Y'all have a terrific day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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The Queen Jester said...

The bunny has been busy! Have a good Easter if I don't get to my blogs tomorrow.