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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mend Quickly, Mary Ann

September 10, 2011

Good morning, and it truly is a beautiful, sunny, comfy morning.  I just went out to put a couple of get well cards in the mail box to be picked up, and gosh I wanted to stay out there for a while.  However, I have a few things to do before I can go out and play.

My friend, Mary Ann, is in the hospital so I'm sending good thoughts and "mend quickly" wishes her way, with a couple of licks from Tootsie tucked in.  One of my bosses is also on the mend from her recent stay in the hospital.  I'm giving thanks for my fairly good health. 

I have been a bit lack in getting my new program installed on my laptop.  First, I have been trying to make sure everything I need to save (presets, etc.) are saved in a folder elsewhere.  Hopefully, by tonight, I will ready to uninstall and install my program.  I move a bit slower than some because there is no one here that I can go to when I mess up.  Everyone around me here is computer illiterate, let alone Photoshop.  Most of my help comes from friends on line or over the phone.  But I think I might be ready by later today. 

I have a couple of photos to share.  Yesterday morning when I got to work, the fields across the street were covered in mist.  When the mist had cleared a little bit, I noticed a couple of deer way in the back of the field.   I am amazed at what my lens can do, because these deer are quite a distance away.

Later in the day, I took a photo of the Mrs' hibiscus.  This plant was a bit neglected, and is just now getting well enough to produce some blooms.  Isn't this a beauty?

To answer the question about my tripod, it is an "Induro."  However, I don't get to use it very often.  It just wouldn't look right to bring it with me to work.  (This is where I get a lot of my photos.)  I have taken it to the park, but most of the time it's just easier to take the photos without it. 

Now it's time to start thinking what to make for Tootsie's lunch.  She is such a picky eater lately and it worries me a bit.  Actually, I think she's holding out for roast chicken.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a marvelous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

That pic of the misty field is beautiful!
Our cats also have times when they are more picky than usual with their food and also eat a bit les. And I quite understand you worry about Tootsie, but if she is behaving about the same as always, it may be just a matter of days, and she'll be eating as always again. She's also a smart little devil and knows her ways to get the really yummie food LOL!
Let's hope it's just this, and nothing else that causes her lack of eating.
Cross my fingers for you that you can install your new Photoshop without any problems!
Have a lovely day.Hugs

Mary Ann Roesler said...

Thanks for the card and greetings, hugs and Tootie licks I have to use the laptop and don't know all my codes so if this comes for anonymous know it is your limping friend in Wisconsin! Each day is better. Mary Ann