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Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Another Great Morning

September 25, 2011

Good morning.  The sun isn't out just now, but it's not raining yet either.  It's right around 70 degrees F, so it's quite comfortable.  It will probably rain in a while, but that's okay because I'll be tucked in my bed having a nap.

Next weekend is "Photo Walk" weekend.  You can read more about it on Scott Kelby's blog.  Scroll down to the August 22, 2011 post.  I just learned that they also have great tee shirts with special logo's on them for the walk.  I think next year, I'll get me a shirt. 

I've re-arranged my work schedule next weekend so that I can go out and have some fun with my camera.  I think I will call  my sister in law, Edie, and see if she wants to join me.  Maybe daughter in law, Janet, will come too.  The more, the merrier.  Here's hoping Mother Nature cooperates with the weather.  I will get me a plastic raincoat for my camera just in case.  You can't be too careful with your toys.

Yesterday morning at work, I spotted something across the street towards the back of the field. It looked like a fox, so of course I got my camera and took some photos.   Poor thing looks a bit scrawny to me.

You know, it's such a pleasure to come home from somewhere.  As soon as Tootsie hears my car door, she comes running to the door to greet me with lots of kisses and her tail is just a waggin away.  You just can't beat that!!  I gave her an extra treat this morning just because!

Last night after the Mrs went to bed, I was able to do a couple of my photo class lessons.  Actually, I did three of them, but I want to do the third lesson over.  This one was about HDR, which I love to play with, but I don't have my HDR program in my laptop.  I will have to take care of that little problem this week. 

Now I'm off to enjoy a cup of coffee, and spend some time with Tootsie.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

How wonderful to see a fox-they are such elusive creatures. I am also intrigued by the HDR process. This is the kind of thing I like to play with when we go south. Lots of free time on my hands on those trips. I will be out your way in early October. We start in upstate New York and travel through New Hampshire and Maine and end in Cleveland. I don't know the full itinerary or if we're in your area or not. But if we are I'd love to meet you in person.

Nani said...

Edna, you have to be sure to share your photos from your Photowalk! Be sure to get a group photo too. That’s Photowalk tradition. So far it, there will be two of us in Frankenmuth and if it does rain too hard to shoot outside, there are a few scenic indoor places for a backup plan! (That’s a me-thing – I’m open to a lapful of rain in the wheelchair!)

Kaline says “thank you” to you and Tootsie for the well-wishes. Her eye is looking great this morning!

smiekeltje said...

That photo weekend sounds great. Yes, try to get a few people joining you, it's really more fun.
And the t-shirt should be in yourcloset. I know it will look great on you. LOL
Have a great day

suruha said...

I just wanted to stop by and tell you "Hello"! Sounds, and looks, like your photography is progressing in leaps and bounds. Wonderful! The fox does look a little scrawny. Aww...

I don't recall whether I shared this link with you or not, but, I am finding a bunch of wonderful tutorials and other goodies on this web site -
That particular person posts a lot of great videos, but, the entire site has so much helpful stuff!

Give Tootsie a pat on her head for me.

Love ya!

ps - I guess you were able to get your CS5 loaded?