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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ribbons, Ribbons

March 22, 2009

Lordy lordy, I received a call last night from a very excited daughter #1. She was just bursting to share her good news from the taxidermy competition. She entered her very first doe in the amateur division, and took a third place ribbon. Hubby Mac entered his first duck in the professional division, and he too, took a third place ribbon. CONGRATULATIONS MAC AND AUDREY. As soon as she sends me pictures, I will share them with you.

Last night, I wrote my very first tutorial - "Tutorial # 001, How To Make A Quick Page In Photoshop." This morning, I learned how to do the print screen thingy to put pictures on the tutorial. Now all I have to do is learn how to crop the pages to make them small enough to put on the web and still be big enough to read.

I tried making the page in Photoshop, but the damn program kept underlining my typing, so I finally tossed it all out. Disgusted!! I tried everything to get rid of the lines, but no cigar. It really frustrates me when I try to do something, and I can only get so close and no more. Time to put in a call for help to Snow Raven.

Guess what??? I did it! On my own! I had to make a few changes, then get creative a bit, but I finally ended up with my very own tutorial. Y-e-a-h!

Now for that lovely award I received from Kyra @ Thank you so much my friend. I enjoy this lovely lady's blog every morning, first thing.

The rules for this award are fairly simple. 1 - Pass it on to 10 other deserving bloggers. 2 - Link back to the blogger who gave you the award. 3 - Link to the bloggers you passed it on to, and leave them a message on their blog.

My nominees are:

These terrific ladies all have wonderful and very interesting blogs. Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and visit them. You'll have a wonderful time.

Want to see my tutorial? Hmmm? Okay, you twisted my arm. I have things to do before getting ready for work and I want to play with my little girl for a bit too. So, y'all have a fantastic day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Marianna said...

Nicely done, Edna! And Congrats to Audrey and Hubby :)