Thursday, September 7, 2017

Just Add Hot Water....How???

September 7, 2017

Good morning.    Well, our part of the storm did not last very long yesterday.  The skies got really dark, the wind picked up, then came the thunder and lightning.  Next the rain poured, but only for a little while.  When the sun came out again, I thought I might try posting here, but then the sun disappeared and I decided to leave the computer alone. 

We got bits of rain on and off through the day, then at night it rained enough to leave a few big puddles.  This morning the sun is doing its best to come out from behind the clouds and warm things up.  It's looking like it might be a really nice day today.

I've been following the hurricane news.  It's really not very good.  Evacuations have begun in the southern part of Florida.  These storms are getting much worse than they ever were before.  I read somewhere that the climate changes were going to bring on much more severe weather.  And, it seems to be happening right now. 

To answer a question left in my comments area, Yes, Dee, I did check my gun case and I don't have one of those gadgets that helps with loading the magazine.  Drats!!  It's amazing.  I did not have any problems loading the plastic practice bullets during our "hands on" class, but at the shooting range, I was all thumbs and could not load the magazine with the real bullets.  Hmmm, I definitely need to practice more.

....I just took a few moments to order a magazine loader for my gun.  Thank goodness for Amazon.  They have just about everything you could need.  I'll have my new magazine loader this weekend, and I'll be able to practice with it for a few days before our next time at the shooting range. 

Well, yesterday I did finished the green (Peridot) hat and scarf set, and last night I started the blue set.  I'm not really a green person, (although there are several greens that I really like) but this set is quite pretty. 

It's time to order my newest blog book while there is a 25% off special.  For anyone else thinking of having a blog book printed, the special is on through September 12.  (  I'll need to decide on which photos to put on the front and back covers, then I can get my order started.  (This also means that I'll be removing all the links for QP's and kits through August.  So if you want these, get them now.)

Folks, I have this adorable photo of Pogo to share.  I was trying to show him how to take a "selfie" but he really wasn't interested.  This was the best photo that we got, and I just love it.  He seems to be saying "For the last time, leave me alone!!"

There is an ad on TV trying to sell you packaged foods to be eaten during a major storm.  You just open the package, add hot water and stir.  Voila!  A tasty hot meal!  Now I ask you, a major storm usually comes along with loss of power and sometimes loss of drinking water.  How, exactly, would someone boil the water to add to this food?  Not only does the stove not work, but the microwave doesn't work either without electricity.  And if you had electricity, why wouldn't you eat the food in your refrigerator or freezer instead of this packaged "emergency food?"

While you ponder on that, I think I'll wash the breakfast dishes, make a fresh cup of coffee, and catch up on some blog reading before I get started on my crochet project.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.

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LV said...

This set you made is my color and horoscope. You do a very nice job on your crocheting.Be careful with your gun.