Monday, May 18, 2015

Welcome Back, Miss Crabapples!!

May 18, 2015

Good morning.  My goodness, it is gray outside this morning.  The weather man says we won't be getting any rain today, but I think I'll just watch and see.  Today is a speck cooler, only about 69 or 70F, but still comfy.

Yesterday was just gorgeous.  We had the door open all day with the bottom glass pane (on the storm door) raised up to catch the breeze.   I napped on and off most of the day, while Pogo kept watch over everything.  He is just the best little caretaker. 

This whole bug/pneumonia stuff would have been a lot worse if I did not have Pogo here with me.  He made sure I got up on days when I did not want to, and he kept me entertained with his adorable antics.  I was ever so blessed the day the shelter folks brought this precious little guy to me.

This morning's wake-up coughing was not as bad as it has been, so I'm hoping that this is a good sign that the new meds are doing their job.  Inside me, I feel better.   Now I just need for the rest of the body to catch up.

Have you been noticing all the new Walmart ads on TV lately?   They talk of how they are giving their employees a raise in pay so that they (the employees) can have a better life.  It really does make Walmart sound like a super nice employer.  Don't let the ads fool you.  Minimum wage was raised, so  that explains the increase in pay. 

Walmart is normally quite cheap when it comes to giving out raises.   They also don't have very much respect or appreciation for most of their employees.  If they did, they'd do something about the way they treat the employees.   Over the years, the inside of the stores has changed.  Walmart stores used to look clean, neat and were customer friendly. 

Now it's not quite so, at least in the ones that I've been in these past few years.  The stores seem messier now, with lots of empty shelves.  Popular items are not always re-stocked promptly, nor are the shelves kept neatly arranged.  There are no helpful employees available if you need help or have questions.  In many cases, the only employees available hardly speak any English.  If you ask one of them a question, they just look at you, shake their head and walk away.  (This happens all the time at the Walmart nearest to me.)

On the other hand, I'll be fair and say  that I do still shop there because they are handy; and when they do have an item that I want, the price is reasonable.   My one biggest complaint about Walmart (and a few other stores) is the way the handicap parking is set up.  I think that all the spots closest to the store entrances should be for the cars with handicap tags.  I see no humor in watching a little old lady with a walker park her car way back in a row of cars, and then have to walk all the way up to the store while the closest parking spot to the store is being used by a couple of very healthy young folks.  Sad!

Ahhh, Miss Crabapples is coming back!!!  That must definitely be a good sign!!  

Today I have a couple of really cute minion cartoons to share that I borrowed these from the web.   Aren't these just the cutest??   I especially love the second one.   

The Woodsy lapghan is almost finished, only about six more rows to go.  My new yarn order won't be here for a few more days, so I think maybe I'll make a red one next.  I have plenty of red, white and blue yarn, and this is a great time of year for these colors. 

Well, that's about all my news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be well and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

It's good there is a hint of wellness. I read somewhere last night that there is a new virus that presents as a allergy in the beginning and it lasts forever. You and several others have had it so bad. Hoping the medicine helps you soon.
I agree about Walmart. I won't go there. My husband will. I go to the smaller more convenient store where I know everything is. Some products may be higher but I think with their sales it comes out even. I don't even read the adds. When what I am going to get is on sale or a different brand, I go for it. I like Aldi's. We have a newer nicer one close to us. What I don't like is the cash or debit card with your pin name. I will end up going someplace
My husband said that when you leave Walmart that check your sales slip now. I knew Sam's club does that but now they have started. Seems strange. Have a good week my friend.

Angelicastar said...

So true about Walmart. They have no employees that act with common sense. I was just there last week and asked this lady that work in electronics if they carried the internet alone without being with a cell phone. She looked at me like I cursed her. I knew then to walk away because I wasn't going to start a fight with her myself. They do have excellent prices on some of the things I need. but to keep down attitudes from others, I usually order big ticket items online from Walmart. If your order is 50.00 or more, the shipping is free. I only go there for small items like my girls food, shampoo etc. My girls keep me up and going when I doesn't feel like it also. Sometimes I has to put them in another room on their cots and rest a few hours late. It's ok because they run and play, wrestle with each other, sleep a while and eat together. It helps to have two. (lol) Babs is very quiet, but Queen is very active. She is always trying to bite my toes and when those knees are aching you have to move away. I put them in my lap and rock them in the recliner when that happen. I never shy away from them for too long. Only during my critical pain periods. They are my keeper. I appreciate my son buying them for me. He said I needed some company with me being home all the time.. The house is never dull with those two little girls around. Glad you are feeling better and it will take time to clear your lungs back to the way they were. Rest and take care of yourself. Pogo need his mom.

Unknown said...

Oh Edna, I just caught up on your blog from yesterday and the one today. The clock is just lovely. I know that you will enjoy it a lot.

A red lapghan will be gorgeous!! and maybe a hunter green one? Would be really nice as well.

I am re-cleaning my house and I am exhausted. My doctor called me this morning and the tests results came back on the cultures she did of my sinus's. I have a Staff infection and I am contagious! Thank goodness for those Clorox wipes that I have and am using.
My sister the nurse gave me some good advice, but boy her advice has had me cleaning and scrubbing and bleaching.

I also spent all morning on the phone with the insurance people and my claim that was denied should have been paid but it is in the appeals department now and I have to wait at least 30 days. The only good news there is that I can still use her as my PCP even tho she has not signed up to be in the Network so I sent her a message telling her what she has to do to sign up but it is not a requirement. She doesn't have to be in their Network for me to use her.
Then I called and scheduled some appointments, then I called to schedule my trips with Ride Transportation. That did not go well. Apparently I have already used my rides covered by my insurance so thankfully Karyn was here and thankfully she works for the state and she was able to handle a lot of that for me.
Still it has had me in a dither, and I am worried about finding new transportation as I have many appointments coming up as well as weekly physical therapy for the next few weeks.

I am so sorry to hear that Kyra was in the hospital but so glad that she is now home. I hope that she mends quickly. Bless her heart and Bless your heart too for being so ill and knowing that healing is going to be slow. I will think of you often.

I absolutely have no use for Wal-Mart and I detest going there. No help, workers that speak no english, their bathrooms smell so bad that I try not to even go in them, but like you, it is the nearest place for me to shop when I need something.
I know several people that work there at different ones States wide and they are treated really badly. One of my friends was fired from there for dropping a bottle of wine that she was bagging for a customer. She had been having problems anyway and she didn't fight it and just left and now has a great job that pays $2.50 more an hour and she loves it. I feel bad for the Employees of Wal-Mart.

It seems like I had something else to tell you, but it has flown out of my head at the moment and wow... My comment turned into a long message so I will close for now... Hugs and I will email you when I can find a good time to actually sit down for my own pleasure. Give Pogo kisses for me and a giant hug for you Edna! Beth

The Queen Jester said...

Crabbiness certainly indicates you're feeling better :)

Annesphamily said...

My big sister never trusted Walmart. Most of their employees are part time and therefore receive zero benefits. I have always heard Costco is a good employer and their CEO said why would he pay minimum wage and lose good people when he pays $15 an hour and keeps the same employees?! Wow!I was reading Angelica's comment. Recently an older employee watching over the self serve lanes got into a tiff with me. She got very bold and said to me that I should call the corporate office. I said I would! It is a tough job with minimum wage and long hours standing and listening to complaints. I shop Target often but those older gals tell me they treat them great but I could not do that job standing int he same spot for however many hours they work! I shop at Sprouts for fresh produce and use King Soopers/Kroeger's/Dillions or Target too. Well, have a good week and keep feeling better. Tell Pogo hi! Such a blessing for you.