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Monday, April 1, 2019

Welcome April! It's So Good To See You.

April 1, 2019

Good morning.  I'm a little late getting started on this new day.  I've been having a lazy morning, just lying in bed and watching TV.  Ah, but it's time to get up and see what this new day has in store for me. 

Tis a new month, April.  Hopefully this is the beginning of some really nice Spring temps.  It's time for the gardens to wake up and spill over with lots of beautiful colors.  And, here's the April page from my calendar.

Folks, I don't know what's wrong with my download links.  I've been having problems with Internet Explorer.  It stopped opening pages for me and I don't know how to fix it.  So, I downloaded Mozilla Foxfire.  This lets me have access to the internet, but some things don't work with it. 

Be patient with me while I figure out what is wrong here.  When I get it figured out and fixed, I'll post all the missing quick pages that I can't post now.  This may be what forces me into buying a new computer.  That will mean learning a whole new system.  I'm just not ready.  Somehow, I don't think that matters. 

This probably means that I'll have to buy a new small laptop too.  I use that one quite a bit.  I'll have to call the computer shop to see if they can test it to make sure there are no viruses in it.  If it's clean,  maybe I can keep it a while longer.  It's sort like an old friend, I don't really want to part with it.

I have a few more photos from Florida to share with you.  First, here's another one of those awesome little critters that are such fun to photograph. 

Some of the trees there have gobs of moss hanging from them.  I think they are really so beautiful and always have to photo some of them.  This one isn't very far from the door to my condo.

A lot of the hotels in Florida have small ponds in front of them with beautiful waterfalls.  While Beth and I were out, we stopped to take photos of this waterfall.

Last night I dug out some Raspberry colored yarn and started working on a new shawl.  I'll finish the other one that I started in Florida, but this one will be for a friend.  I'll take a photo of it later to share.  Next I have to decide on the colors for the afghan that I want to make for Ulf.   I can see this is going to be another busy year for me.

A few plants that I have ordered to be shipped at planting time have already started coming in.  I don't get it.  It's too early here to be planting.  I just hope none of these plants die because I can't plant them just yet.  One of them is a hanging plant, and I think I can plant that one and hang it in the kitchen in the main house.  I'll take some photos.

Yesterday afternoon, Pogo had an appointment with his doctor to follow up on his skin condition.  I showed her the new soap that I had bought for him.  She checked Pogo over and said that he's looking good, although there's still a little bit of the skin that needs clearing up.  She gave me a new lotion that I have to put on him twice a day every day for two weeks.  Hopefully this will clear up the rest of his skin.

It's getting close to lunch time now.  I need to be checking the fridge to see if there's something tasty in there for Pogo and me.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Annsterw said...

Good luck with Pogo's recovery - I hope he feels better soon! Itch skin is the worst! Annster's Domain

LV said...

Sounds like April did not start off too well for you. I know very little about a computer. Just do what I do over and over. I had Firefox and loved it, but it changed and had to switch to Google Chrome. You will get it all figured out.

Theresa said...

Oh dear, we are looking at buying new laptops too! Like you, we aren't looking forward to it. Moving files and pictures and learning a new system etc. We have been dragging our feet too but it is getting close to WE GOTTA JUST DO IT:) Have a blessed day dear friend, it's a Springy day here in the South! HUGS!

smiekeltje said...

Happy for you that you had a great time at the cabaret with Deanne.
Oh dear, a new laptop, with a new windows system(the 10 i suppose). well, it shouldn't be too difficult to handle.
And about Internet Explorer, I stopped already long time ago with it and I have Mozilla Firefox and generally it works wonderful.
And I have just as an extra Google Chrome too, but i don;t use is much, just in case Firefox is in trouble(or me with Firefox LOL).
Hope Pogo's skin will get better now with the new lotion.
Okay on to your next posts,