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Monday, April 29, 2019

Tis A Good Day For Shopping

April 29, 2019

Good morning.  It's not even six a.m. and the sun is already shining.  It has been for a while.  I can't tell you how much I love these long days!  When I finish this post and do a bit of blog reading, Pogo and I are going to go shopping. 

Today is going to be a nice day and I have some plants that need to be planted so they don't die.  For now, they will have to go in pots.  So that's what Pogo and I will be shopping for.  Pots.  Hopefully, my energy will last long enough to put some plants in the pots after we get home.  We have more rain coming tomorrow so I need to do as much as I can today.

Yesterday I mentioned about the crocheted wire jewelry and how I thought it was just too messy for my liking.  I got some photos from Google to show examples.   This first picture was tiny so I had to enlarge it.  This is an example of what the crocheted wire jewelry looked like on the show yesterday.  It's just too messy for my taste.


 Then I found some other pieces that weren't so bad.  From a distance they look rather nice.  Up close, they are just too messy for my liking.  I cropped a close up of the chain to show what I mean.

In all fairness, some of this type of jewelry can be quite attractive.  Here's another necklace that I found on the web, and a close up.  It's still not my style, but it is rather pretty.

I guess it all depends on personal taste and style.  I like my necklaces a bit simpler.  When I was young, I liked rings with tiny gemstones.  To me, they were petite like me.  (Yup, I used to be a lot smaller than I am today.)   Actually, I think I liked them because that was all I could afford at the time.  Once I got to forty and fifty years, I was beginning to appreciate the rings with large gemstones. 

My favorite color is orange.  This ring has a large lab grown padparadscha sapphire, with orange sapphires on the sides.  This definitely would not be as pretty if all the gemstones were petite.  To me, that is.  (Don't be looking at the wrinkles.  You'll have them too soon enough.)

I have to take a short break here to make a cup of coffee.  Be right back......Ahhh, now that hits the spot!  Coffee definitely helps to start the day off right. 

Here are a few helpful hints that I found in my junk mail.  Soda kills weeds.  Cinnamon banishes ants naturally.  Roses grow crazy over banana peels.  Supercharge your houseplants with aspirin.  Banish mice with a bit of black pepper. And finally, Grow perfect tomatoes with old newspaper.  I'm not sure how this one works, so I'll have to look it up on Google.

These tips were teasers to get one to buy a book, so they don't tell the whole story.  However, I do think the rest of the information could be found on Google.  I'm going to be looking up the bit about the banana peels for the roses, and the black pepper to get rid of mice.  If I find what I'm looking for, I'll share the info here. 

Now I think I'll enjoy my coffee and do a bit of blog reading before Pogo and I get ready to do a bit of shopping.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Annsterw said...

Great hints!!! Thanks for sharing! Have a fantastic day Miss Edna! Annster's Domain

gypsyrose said...

Not my style of jewellery either but someone might like it, I dont own a lot only wear it if I get dressed up and thats not often. also some good tips there will give them a try I saw a lot of ants when I was gardening so will try the cinnamon and see if it works hope your day goes to plan x

Angelicastar said...

I doesn't buy jewelry anymore. When I was on life support someone at the hospital went in my purse and stole all of my rings. I had approx. 2 for each finger and I had to take them off because I was having pain in the end of my fingers from my blood not circulating. I had no idea I would be out and on life support. I did know they stole my phone but they recovered it and a month later when I woke up, they had my purse under lock and key. So I am very disappointed in having jewelry now. They left the zip lock bag in the purse but took the jewelry. I was home after 2 1/2 months from being in the hospital when I finally got my memory back better and started looking for them. I guess they thought I would be dead so they got a step ahead and stole. (lol) It wasn't any use of me going back to either hospital complaining about it because I was transported from one hospital to the other one when I was in a coma. They will not strive in doing bad things. I hope you and Pogo have a great shopping day. For me I am not feeling well and I haven't made it to the vet with my babies yet. I am afraid to go anywhere feeling bad. I did that once and went to the grocery store and it was very hard. Have a great day.

Theresa said...

I love jewelry and have plenty of it:) Those crocheted pieces are a little busy for me! Enjoy your day dear friend, hope you got all of your plants in pots yesterday. HUGS!

smiekeltje said...

The jewelry looks nice, but I wouldn;t buy it for myself.
Hope you found some good pots for your plants and had some energy left to plant them!
Oh I have another tip for you: to get rid of mice in the house they say some drops on a piece of cardboard drives them away. if you lay the cardboard near places they like to come, they stay away. Seems they don;t like the smell of eucalyptus or menthol.
I definately will try it myself.
And on to your next post now.