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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Tis A Beautiful Spring Day

April 17, 2019

Good morning.  Tis sunny and the temperature is 48F degrees.  In a few hours, temps will be in the low sixties.  A simply lovely day!  I have a few things to do today, then Deanne will be coming by for a visit.  Later, after Pogo has his turkey treat, I think I'll make a quick run to the market and pick up a few things.  We have a few days of rain coming up next.

I did not tackle the new laptop yesterday or last night.  Instead I got rid of another bag of junk mail, catalogues and magazines.  I also spent a bit of time looking through my new book :How Do I Do That In Photoshop" by Scott Kelby.  Each page answers just one thing.  You look up the thing you are trying to do, and it will give you the page number where you can find the answer.  Very interesting!

While I was going through a batch of magazines, I found a couple of items that I thought might share with you.  The first is a recipe for am easy Smoked Sausage Skillet dish.  I make one similar to this and it is delicious.

I also found a page with some rather interesting facts on it.  Be sure to click on the picture so that it gets bigger and you can read it better.

Last evening, I did a couple of puzzles on my (old) laptop while I watched the kids baking championship on TV.  I fell asleep rather early, so I woke up in the wee hours of the night.  This wasn't so bad though because I managed to pick up a couple of gift items from the TLC program on TV.  Sometimes they have some awesome deals during the night. 

I'm hoping my puzzle program works on my new laptop, so I looked it up online and read the customer reviews.  Someone had asked if it would work on Windows 10, and the answer was yes.  So I have high hopes that I'll be able to do my jig saw puzzles on the new machine.  I plan to spend some time with the new laptop after I finish going through a couple more bags of magazines, etc. 

Can you get the Game Show Network on your TV?  Their newest game show is called "Common Knowledge."  It's sort of a trivia game and I find it quite interesting.  Another new game show that I like is called "America Says."  It's so refreshing to be able to watch a clean, fun adult show. 

I used to enjoy watching "Family Feud" which calls itself a family show.  However, a lot of the questions are no longer geared for a family.  A lot of times, contestants are teenagers and/or clergy and  many of the questions are very embarrassing and just not suitable.  This tends to take away the enjoyment of the game for me. 

Today, I'm watching for the mail carrier again.  My other new book should be coming today.  Woo Hoo!  I'm hoping that with the help of these two new books I'll be able to find my way around the new version of Photoshop.

Now I think I'll put  load of laundry into the washer, then do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


My Tata's Cottage said...

Hi Edna! This blogger business is crazy. I would love to have my own site and do the blog by invitation only. I did finally get the comment delete and spam buttons to load. WHeeeeeewwwww....I feel like that piggy with the windmill in the car ins. commercial. HaHaHa!

We are suppose to get rain mixed with snow. We have this crazy lady from Florida on the loose in Colorado. All of our schools are closed here. The world is wacky but I love knowing the good people such as yourself! HUGS xo

My Tata's Cottage said...

Edna I have to go back and re read your posts. You share joy and so much cool stuff. I LOVE it! Thank you for being my friend. I hope your day is fabulous. I Know Pogo is probably enjoying the warmer weather too. I am on puppy duty. I have to feed them twice a day. They are so darn cute. Had my bone density yesterday and the hubby went with me. He also figured out how to pulse the puppy food into powder to mix into the baby formula they need until their teeth are all in. My life is funny everyday.
Thank you my friend. I am so appreciative of you for creating that beautiful blanket for Brody. They are having a second baby boy come Sept. Poor Brody getting four teeth at once and he is so miserable. He has such a bad case of diarrhea too and his bottom is raw. They spend more time setting him in a tub of soothing water than anything. They look like zombies. I feel so bad for them.
Enjoy your day and thank you for being such a great friend! HUGS

Angelicastar said...

I usually watch the old back in the day shows like Bonanza, rawhide, Andy Griffith, etc. I haven't had cable television since hurricane Ike came through and comcast kept promising to fix the phone and cable line for 3 months, but when I grew tired of calling and listening to their lies, I let it go and I am so happy I did. With my antenna I get 85 channels and that's more than enough to keep me busy. I did find out I was paying for the basic cable and I am getting those channels free. I can get JTV(jewelry channel) Comcast lost many customers here that they tried to change their name to XFINITY but we all know who they are. (laughing) It wasn't the same after warner cable sold out to comcast.

I wish I had your weather. (The coolness). It's a bit warm here today but we are expecting storms today and tomorrow. It does get kind of hot when the storms are coming. We are headed to hurricane season with many prayers to follow. Have a great day and thanks for the recipe. Hug Pogo for me.

stamps3223 said...

I hope you get the hang of Windows 10 I love it. I installed CS5 on mine and it was the same as it was on Windows 7 and Vista so you might try getting Photoshop that way. If the puzzle game your talking about is Magic Puzzles it does work on Windows 10. If you have bought any puzzles when you install the app just go to your account and you can re-download all the ones you already had. Enjoy it i do at least one every day.

LV said...

Edna did know know you and Anne were good friends. I had the pleasure of meeting her once in Colorado. I always enjoy her blog as well.