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Friday, June 9, 2017

Oh My, New Babies!

June 9, 2019

Good morning.  Tis another beautiful sunny day here in New England.  Much as I'd love to go out shopping, I think I may have to stay close to home today.  Pogo and I went out shopping yesterday with Dwarf Helen and it just about did me in.

Goodness, my head and my mind have all these awesome ideas of things to do, but the body is just not cooperating.  It gets rather frustrating at times.  I'm so used to being able to do whatever I set out to do.  I've always been a very busy person.  Now it takes a lot of effort to just sit in a chair.  Go figure!

Yesterday, we had a wonderful time browsing through a warehouse store.  (they seem to have a bit of most everything)   On the way home, we stopped by McDonalds for lunch and Pogo had his usual double hamburger.    I bought extra French fries to feed to the birds.  There's always a flock of hungry seagulls near a restaurant.

When we got home, and I rested a bit, I went out to check on the robin's nest.  Woo Hoo!  The eggs have hatched!  Wow!  I can see Mama robin taking things to the nest, but I'm too far to get a decent photo.  Besides, when she notices me, she either flies away or covers her babies with her body.

When Joe got home from work, I asked him to get a photo with my phone.  This is our best photo for now.  I'll keep trying.  The babies look like a blur of orangey brown colored feathers.  One little bird has his head up enough that you can make it out.  (on the left side of the nest)

The new tick spray that I ordered for Pogo arrived, so today I'll get to try it out.  It's supposed to be safe for cats and dogs of all ages, and can be used on their bedding.  It contains no harsh chemicals or drugs.  (Made in Austin, Texas)  Here's hoping it works.

Ah, Pogo just took off running to the storm door.  He saw the mail truck going down the street (the opposite direction from us) so now he knows that the mailman will be here in a little while.  Barking at the mailman is one of the highlights of Pogo's day.

Now I'm going to take my Nebulizer meds and do a bit of blog reading.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have an awesome weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

I love love love the photo of the little babies. They will be growing fast as mama is feeding them well I am sure.
I am so sorry I woke you up last evening when I called and hope that you could get back to sleep.

The tick spray made in Austin Texas... Yay... I have not seen any ticks but we are battling fleas. They are such nasty creatures. I read an article on ticks the other day and it is scary all the disease's that they carry. I really hope that the spray helps.

I love it that Pogo barks at the mailman and waits for him to come. He is just doing his job warning the mail man not to bring you any more BILLS.... LOL

I think that the meds are helping me. I feel a bit better. My daughter Karyn has her birthday today. I made her a page and will have to give her gift to her later as she texted me that she is going home from work with fever and chills.
I was with her yesterday and she thought that it was just allergies. I have got my fingers crossed that I do not get it. My immune system is so low and I have been sick way to much this year. I am hoping that she makes an appointment with her doctor. She said that someone in her office was sick last week and went to the doctor and they said it was viral and just to have more liquids and rest and take Tylenol for the fever. So that means he went to the doctor for nothing and wasted the money on a co-pay.

Time for lunch. Take care and give my boy hugs and kisses. Love Beth and Cisco

LV said...

Trust you will get stronger and have many good feeling days.

smiekeltje said...

Love those phjotps of the little squirrel and he is really smart!
know about those days it seems I did a lot, but i cannot really remember what it was and if I do rememeber, it seems, I didn;t do so much as i thought LOL.
nice you got out with helen, but see, you overdid the excersize a bit!!
Yes, that pneumonia did a harsh thing on your body and condition. As i said before, it will take a long time to be completely recovered again and it might, that you don;t get back all the enrgy and condition you had before. I notice it on myself too.
Getting older sometimes makes you wiser but the body isn;t always cooperating 100% anymore.
Oh dear, the eggs have hatched. So wonderful. I hope all little ones wil grow well and will survive.
Now i will do a little writing on my blog.
Have a wonderful day

The Queen Jester said...

New baby robins are always so adorable. It's amazing they can survive when they look the way they do, but they grow up fast.