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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Sean and Bobby

June 15, 2017

Good morning.  Today is another super day like yesterday.  Sunny with a breeze, and temps in the 70's.  It's also a birthday for two of my guys.  My stepson, Sean, and my grandson, Bobby.  Happy Birthday fellas.  I hope you both have an awesome day!!

Yesterday, after doing a couple of really small things, I became wicked tired and had me nap.  So much for our time out on the porch.  So today, I'm not going to do any chores until after I have some time outside on the porch with Pogo. 

Last evening, DIL Janet came by after work, and brought dinner and dessert with her.  Oh my, it was delicious!  We had chicken parmesan with pasta, and chocolate cake cups filled with chocolate, caramel and whipped cream.  Oh, yum, yum, yum!

After we ate our supper, we watched TV, while we crocheted and chatted.  We discussed what she might like to have as an anniversary gift.  Then we went online to find the item and order it.  I usually enjoy going to the garden center at Home Depot with her to let her pick out something for her yard.  But since I can't get out as often now, we did our shopping online.  

You know those fat envelopes that you get from Publishers Clearing House that are full of offerings of things that they hope you will buy?  Well I get a lot of them, and one day I found this item in the envelope.  No, I did not buy it, but it brought back so many wonderful memories of my high school days.

It's a 1949 Ford convertible.  My best friend's boyfriend had a red one, and he used to let us girls use it all the time.  Oh my, such awesome memories come tumbling my way.  Those were very happy days indeed.  And this car looks just as awesome today as it did back then.  After high school, my friend and her boyfriend married.  They were together the rest of their lives.

Here's a photo I took a few days ago of one of the branches on my Red Japanese Maple tree.  If I say it a hundred times, it's not enough.  This tree is just beautiful. 

Father's Day is this weekend, so I made a new quick page for that super guy in your life.  Enjoy.

Here is your download link:

That's all my news for this morning so I'll take my leave here.  Till tomorrow folks, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


LV said...

Sounds like you are having a better day. Thankful for that. I have been out of sorts all week. Had a bad allergic reaction. It has been a terrible ordeal. Still on medications.

Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
Sorry I am a day late on commenting on yesterdays post. I tried really hard to get over here but it just didn't happen. My interest in the computer has taken a nose dive lately.

Your evening with Janet seems to have been wonderful for you both. I hope that she has a special anniversary and so nice that you both chose the anniversary gift together. And Happy Birthday to the fellows in your life!! Gosh, Anniversary's, Birthdays and Father's Day. June is a very busy month for a lot of people. Birthdays and Anniversary's on my end here. I wonder if my kids will celebrate the day with their own dad. A part of me being a parent hopes that they will try to make amends, but another part of me says, He did this to himself so we will see what happens.

Well we held a family meeting at 12:30 this morning. Those kiddo's upstairs must have a lot of energy. They were still running around and jumping after midnight last night. So complaints to the office is falling on deaf ears so if nothing is done today we have decided to call the police. We understand that small children cannot be expected to stay still all of the time, but after 10:00 pm enough is enough.
I was very fortunate not to have raised my 5 active kids in an apartment. We had a big rambling house with a huge front and back yard and owned the lot in between our house and the next so if any running and jumping was done, they had plenty of room to do it. Keeping my boys off the roof was my problem!!!! They would climb the tree next to the house, swing over to the roof and locate all missing objects. Usually a ball of sorts. Imagine their hurt when I had the limb removed!

I am finally having coffee. Jonathan made it to the store finally! He had a luncheon at noon today so together he and I made potato salad. After he seen all the work involved he said he would sign up for simpler dishes from now on! Praise the Fates for that! Then he goes to work this morning and leaves the potato salad in the fridge. He will come home and snap it up on his break. Good thing he works so close to home.

Better get off here and go and find something to make a Birthday card for a friend of mine. Thank you for the lovely Father's Day QP.... Much love to you and Pogo from Cisco and I... Hugs.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hey you two, been a bit since I've been here for a chat, but thinking about you daily! Glad the weather in your area has cooled a bit so you can enjoy the porch, unfortunately ours is just beginning to heat up even more relegating that we stay inside in the AC! Under a heat advisory through tomorrow with indices of 105+, too much for me! I've even put a small fan outside for the fur babies to get some temporary cooling and keep the water bowls full and fresh for them!(No, they are NOT spoiled, I just care that they can find some relief)!
Thanks so much for the terrific FD page, love that motorcycle! Y'all have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!! Mat

smiekeltje said...

I always love the photos of your squirrels!
Pity you couldn;t sit anymore at the morch the other day, but the nap seemed necessary, so there will be another day to enjoy the porch.
The meal with Janet sounds delicious.
Oh and Happy birhtday to Sean and Eddie!!!
Blackie is a beautiful cat. and you can see she loves having some attention and love. But the biting might have to do indeed from the period before she was in your house. Perhaps it will never disappear, but it can get less, as long as she feels safe.
Good, ;ll have to readthe other post too so I;ll meet you there again.