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Monday, June 12, 2017

Aliens Have Landed!

June 12, 2017

Good morning (for nine more minutes!).  It's been quite the busy weekend here.  On Saturday, I was sitting on my sofa when Pogo ran to the door, barking all the way.  He would not stop so I went to take a look. 

Well my goodness, right outside in the driveway was a spectacular alien of sorts, and Pogo was wanting to get out at it to protect us.  When it started elevating itself off the ground and moving around more, Pogo ran behind me.  Of course he was still barking at it, but it was much safer for him to stay behind me.  I grabbed my phone and took a few photos of our visiting alien.

Well, hello there!  Now where did these come from?  It seems there was a child's birthday party next door, and these balloons got loose and made their way over here.  They only lasted a day before the heat made them shrink, but it was fun while it lasted.

Afterwards, Deanne and Eddie came by and Eddie put my air conditioner in the window.  We're smack dab in the middle of a little heat wave, and this will help me and Pogo be more comfortable.  Eddie said he'd be back another day to install a ceiling fan on the porch.  For now, I can use my little floor fan as soon as I can figure out a way to plug it into an outlet.  Now that the a/c is in the window, maybe I can run an extension cord through there too.

By supper time Saturday evening, my feet were all swollen and I could barely walk.  I soaked them for a while but it did not seem to help.  During the night, my left foot was extremely painful.  I got up and placed an ice bag (inside a towel) on the floor and kept my left foot on it, under it, beside it....whatever it took to help with the pain.  The right foot appeared to be much better, but the left foot was not.

Yesterday morning, it took everything I could muster to take Pogo out to the house so that he could have his turkey treat.  He likes me to sit and hold him while he eats his treat.  I've had this problem before with my feet.  It is sort of like gout, but it is caused by my spine.  Usually it goes away after about a week.  Groan, groan.

Next, we had a new dwarf moving into the house.  So back out to the house I hobbled.  By now I want to scream at people and life for making me have to move about, but it won't do any good.  Once I was done with the new tenant, I made it back to my little place and my chair. 

My friend Ellen called and asked if she might come by for a visit.  I really want to see her so I said okay.  I mean why not?  We can just sit and chat, right?  She brought me an iced coffee from McDonald's (mmm, delicious!!) and we went out on the porch to sit.

Next, the kids (Kevin, Janice and their friend Jay} showed up bearing gifts.  They brought me a new set of Pink Flamigos for my yard.  Now how did they know that I have been wanting a set of these?  Janice set them out in the little garden nearest the porch.  Don't they look super?

They also brought me a box with another batch of those little solar toys that I have on the porch rail.  I'll get some photos of them later to share.  Next, Kevin and Jay took my grocery list and went shopping for me while Janice started planting Dahlia bulbs into the big new pots that I had bought a while ago.  I've had the bulbs for a while, but I'm hoping they still grow. 

When the  boys got back from the market, they brought the groceries in and Janice helped to put them all away,  Have I mentioned how blessed I am?  After the groceries were put away, Kevin took the vacuum cleaner out to the porch, and Ellen, Pogo and I came inside to get out of their way.  The boys vacuumed the whole back half of the porch.  Then they taped off the screen on the back half of the porch and proceeded to paint on the waterproofing sealer that I had bought.  They also hung a new flag that I had bought earlier.  These kids are just awesome!!!

Kevin says he will come back another day and finish sealing the rest of the porch.  When the kids left to go home, I sent one of my porch rocking chairs with them for Deanne's porch.  The chairs are really comfortable but they take up too much room on my porch.  I had to laugh though, because it took a whole container of Bungee cords to tie the chair to the roof on Kevin's car.  It worked though, and they made it home okay.

Yesterday's temps (and today's) soared up into the 90's.  It's been hot, hot, hot!  My foot has been wicked painful, although it's not quite so hurting today.  I'm hobbling around a bit better.  There's a nice breeze outside and my flags are gently waving.  Pogo and I are comfortable.  It's a good day!!

I have more photos to share but I'll save them for another day.  Now I think I'll go see what's for lunch.  Pogo is looking a bit hungry.  haha.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

You are blessed with the best kids ever!

So sorry to hear about the foot problem - there's nothing more miserable than not being able to stand on your feet without pain. Pete has had problems with gout so I kind of understand the pain, but haven't experienced it myself (thankfully). Hope this heals soon.

It's cooler today than predicted and is only 93 right now as I sit out on the deck catching up with Facebook posts - very comfortable with a slight breeze. But it is the beginning of the monsoon season, so I'll get to experience my first Arizona monsoon.

Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
I just loved the Aliens!!! How awesome that Pogo was so fearless until you got up to look and then he got behind you haha. Something Cisco would do as well.

Beautiful pictures and such awesome kids! You have been busy, friend over, kids helping you, a new tenant and Aliens along with Flamingo's. I would say your Blessed!

I am so very sorry for your foot and leg. I hope that today is a better day for you. Maybe it will be better each day.

I am taking 3 medications for this ulcer and on each bottle it says Might cause dizziness or drowsiness. It does. I take it and cant seem to stay awake. My mama always use to say if your sleeping then your healing so I am going with that philophysophy.

Time for dinner. Have a great evening. Hugs, Beth and Cisco.

smiekeltje said...

That "alien "visit surely got Pogo excited LOL!
Oh. those kids are just wonderful.
The flamingo's look super in that little garden.
Hope your dahlia's will still grow. Perhaps it is just on the edge, if they do then flowers will come late. Never mind that,l as long as they do their job!
Sorry to gear about your painful foot. Not being able to move around as you like is terrible and then more because you have pain. I think you will just have to sit it out and hopefully it will be gone real soon.
we are having some nice days here too. Happy to be able to open the doors to the garden!
On to your next post I guess.
so huggie and see you there!