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Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Planting Experience

June 29, 2017

Good morning.  It's quite lovely outside today.  The temperature is 70F degrees, but it will get up to around 82 degrees later today.  There's a little bit of a breeze so it should be quite comfortable out on the porch.

Yesterday, Pogo and I spent hours out there.  First, I took our lunch out there, and when we finished eating I decided to get started on my Donald Trump chia plant.  The bust had been soaking in water all the while we had been enjoying our lunch. 

Before I got started, Deanne and Janice came by with some groceries they had picked up for me.  They had called me before they left to go shopping to see what I might need.  That's one less thing that I need to go out to do this week.  Thank you, ladies.

Now, back to my Donald Trump planter.  I set the bust in a plastic bowl, and set about to get the chia seeds ready.  The directions said to mix two teaspoons of the seeds in a quarter cup of water.  I mixed all this in another small bowl.  After a while, the seeds turned to a gel mix.  This is supposed to make it easy to get the seeds to adhere to the bust. 

Then I proceeded to put the seed mix on the planter.  I tried.  Over and over.  I tried.  As soon as I put the seed mix on the planter, they slid right off.  Folks, I had chia seeds everywhere except on the planter bust. 

After trying for over an hour, I finally put my fan on low and pointed it at the part of the planter that I was putting the seeds on.   The fan helped to cool the mix so that it would stay on the bust.  Eventually, I managed to plant a whole head of hair for Mr. Trump.  At least I think it will be a whole head of hair.  Time will tell. 

Now I have to wait a couple of days to water the plant.  After that, the seeds will begin to sprout.  Well, it may not be the best hairdo, but I tried.  This whole project only took me about two hours.  Can you imagine?  Two hours to paste seeds on a planter? 

When the planting was finished, it was time to go inside and start supper.  DIL Janet would be coming by after work and I had promised to cook a Kielbasa dinner for us.  When fried up with sliced potatoes and green beans, it is quite tasty.

When Janet got here, she had a nice surprise.  Over the weekend, she had gone out shopping and bought herself a brand new car.  Such a beauty, a sleek little black Hyundai Elantra.  Janet, I wish you much happiness and good luck with your new car.  After supper, (which was delicious) Janet and I crocheted while we watched TV and chatted.  It was a really nice way to end my busy day.  

I did my nebulizer meds while I was typing this post, so now Pogo and I can go sit out on the porch for a while.  On that happy note, I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello Ms Edna and Pogo! Glad to hear your weather is nice enough for you to enjoy the porch sitting for a spell! I go out and water my plants very early in the morning and load up the birdbath with fresh water and bird feeders with more seeds. All my outside kitties are fed and their dishes have been washed, so they are taking a siesta, my bed is made, I relocated dust bunnies and vacuumed and even mopped the whole house, now all items have been put back where they belong and my inside babies are all asleep (they got tired watching me)! Think I will try scrapping a few pages and maybe even fix a bit of lunch for myself.
Congrats to Eddie for his pin and Janet for the new car. Glad you are on the mend too. Off to visit one more blog, then maybe see if I can get into some mischief. Y'all enjoy your nice is hot, hot and getting hotter each day here, glad my AC works really well!
Have a great more next time. Hugs for both of you! Mat

smiekeltje said...

That was a time consuming project, that seed head! Let's hope the seeds will sprout well.
Give congrats to Janet with her new car. May she drive safely in it!
How nice of Deanne and Janice to bring you some groceries. They take good care of you.
Jan soon will leave for his volunteer work.
we have no weather today to sit outside, so I will see if I can find some nice programs on tv.
I know there is Gardener's world on BC so that is already one, later this afternoon.
And when jan is back again, he takes a little nap, then he will have his dinner and at that time there is starting a new detective we will watch.
And no w I hop to your last post.