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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Still Alive And Kickin' Here In Florida

March 8, 2017

Good morning.  Sorry I haven't been posting regularly, but I've been under the weather quite a bit.  Aside from not breathing very well without the oxygen, I seem to have caught a really nasty cold  I feel really bad for my friend Beth.  This was supposed to be a fun vacation for her, and I'm not very much fun lately.  Thank goodness, though, Beth has been a god send.  She has been doting on Pogo and me all week.  We'd have been lost without her. 

Yesterday morning I called my doctor to see if he could arrange for me to have oxygen going home on Saturday.  He did not call me back, so I called him again in the afternoon.  I did not get a call back this time either.  So what else is new?  I guess it's true that we old folks are throw aways.  Well, at least with my doctor.  I think it's time I started shopping for a new doctor. 

I'll have to have a long chat with this doctor when I get home.  I don't know if I can make changes at this time of the year.  I'll have to check with my insurance company.  Health care certainly isn't like it used to be.  Today I'm trying to get along as best I can without having to use the oxygen so much, at least during the day.  Hopefully, by doing this, I'll be able to make the trip home (an all day affair) okay. 

On a brighter note, let me share some pretty photos that daughter Audrey took last week of some of the fireworks.  Red seems to be a favorite color here.

Here's one that I took a few nights ago, along with another photo of my handsome Pogo. 

My little Pogo is having himself a grand time.  He loves to lay in the sun, and then he runs around on the cool marble tile floor indoors.  I'm glad it's warm and sunny here for him because when we get home it will be cold and snowy.  Spring will only be a week away though, so there is hope that things will warm up again soon at home.

Here's an update on my wonderful doctor -- I've called his office twice today, and each time I' got a steady busy signal.  I guess he's off today.

Well, those are my woes for the day.  "He" says tomorrow will be better.  So I'll try to be back here tomorrow.  Till then, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

And you posted as I was sending that last comment! I feel terrible about the cold! It has to make the breathing problems even worse. I misunderstood and thought you were getting a temporary oxygen fix there until you get home. I'd be climbing on a soapbox I've carried around for years to say healthcare should be available to everyone anywhere in the country. I got diagnosed with MS just do I could prove I'm right. Yeesh.

Pogo really does look happy! Like I said in The other comment, it's very windy today, but it's sunny so it's still pretty. But I do think a kite would meet it's doom if I tried to go up! My poor flowers are so confused it's just the beginning of March and I have leaves coming up for the crocuses, daffodils and even the tulips. It's too early for the tulips to be doing anything yet. Sigh. David's out of town this week but I think I'm going to try to coax him into getting my summer and fall bulbs done for me. (He often does something to make up for my cost for extra aides when he's on his respite trips) I have a feeling I'll need the new perennials to make up for what's probably going to be a disappointing spring for flowers.

Disney is providing some great fireworks this year for you! Having a cold not withstanding, it still sounds like a decent vacation. Bless Beth for being there for you!

More long comforting hugs, Nani

Garla Reed said...

I am having a wonderful time and have enjoyed every minute and just sad that our time is coming to an end for now.

The fireworks have been so gorgeous and I have loved spending time with you, Pogo and meeting Audrey!
Hugs!!! Beth

Angelica Star said...

Oh well, you're not alone with the doctor problem. I think there's too many people in every field of employment just want a pay check. I have stop going to some of them and I can't stand the ground they walk on. (lol) I was telling my dentist today to continue working and staying healthy as long as he possibly can because life is a lot easier that way. I had a change in primary care physicians in August and when I went back to him on my second visit, he had the nerve to ask me why I was there. I told him if I could give myself follow ups and lab work because of the kind of meds I take, I wouldn't need him to tell me what test that I needed. My smart mouth makes me not return because he might order some meds that will take me out. (laughing) I did find the primary care doctor that I had before just by talking to the appointment tech when I had called for rheumatology to fill my prescriptions and she told me where she is located and on Friday March 3, I visited her and is very much satisfied now. Other than that, I would not have a primary care doctor for a while. I just get tired of the stress and quit. (lol) I divorced Walgreen drug store. They were like a bad marriage and you regret it when you have to go home. (lol) I can do without all the stress. I do better to leave them alone and stay home and rest other than having to be stressed out. I has chronic pain and now getting ready for a knee replacement, in which the osteoarthritis is all over my body now, even in my spine. My hand work when it want to even after having surgery in October 2016. Enjoy your stay and take care of yourself.