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Monday, March 27, 2017

Just A Quick Post

March 27, 2017

Good morning.  I haven't looked outside yet, but I do believe we are in for some rain today.  That's okay though, because I'm sure we're needing it.  We still have a lot of snow everywhere in my yard, but I'm sure there are lots of little green buds pushing up through the ground.  Hopefully, I can get outside soon to have a look aroung.

As promised, I took a photo of the Perfect Pink hat and scarf set.  My project bag is getting full, but there's no where enough sets finished for me to start boxing them up for mailing.  These past few weeks have set me back a bit.

Here's a peek at the next color I'm using.  This one is called Key Lime.  I really like this color.  Actually, the color is a much deeper lime, but the lamp light changes it a bit. 

This morning, I'm really tired.  I'm not sleeping very well nights, so by the time morning gets here, my eyes feel like they are heavy and full of sand.  So, I think this will be a rather quick post so that I can hop back under my blanket and try to get a few winks before the therapist from the oxygen company gets here. 
Before I go, I want to share a rather interesting picture that I borrowed from the web.  Seeing this picture made me quite happy.  It's good to know that lots of folks everywhere have a "chair" like this one.  I always thought I was terrible because I had one, but now I feel so much better knowing that there are lots of us "chair" folks.
I don't mean to be rude, but I really am tired, so I'm off to my blanket now.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

I think you will be feeling tired for a while longer. Your body has a lot to work on after the pneumonia!
Hope the visit of the oxygen lady will work out good for you.
Oh, that chair!!!!! I have one too. Very much to dislike of Jan LOL! But... every now and then clear it and put all in it's place. It is terrible, but I cannot help myself.
Oh well, we all have to have some bad habits, don't you thin so???
Get a nice nap,

Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
I hope that you get good news from the oxygen company and I do so love "The Chair" and I have one too of course...

I won't keep you long... Just wanted to stop by your blog. I hope that your resting well. Your scarf and hat is such a beautiful color and I do love that Key Lime... very pretty...

Talk with you soon. Rest as much as you can. Hugs from Cisco and Me to you and Pogo!!! Love, Beth

LV said...

Wish you many blessings and feeling much better soon. I love your crochet world. The scarf and hat so nice and colorful.

Snowy said...

Catching up with blogs and this one really made me chuckle ! Yes, I have "that chair " as well ,lol