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Sunday, March 26, 2017

It's Beginning To Look Like Spring

March 26, 2017

Good morning.  Oh what a beautiful Spring day today will be.  The weather forecast is calling for at least ten days in a row of low to mid 40's and 50's.  Ahh, Miss Spring is doing her best to bring us the warmer temps. 

Well, it's been a busy weekend of sorts so far.  I've done a bit of shopping on the TV, Deanne did some grocery shopping for me, and I finally finished the Perfect Pink hat and scarf set.  I'll take a photo of it later. 

I do have a photo of my awesome little guy to share.  Here, he's checking out a new book that we've been enjoying.  He's wondering which chapter we're going to read next.

I seem to be much clumsier now that I was before I got sick.  Twice, in the last few days, I've banged my forehead on the corner of the bathtub wall.  Ouch!!!   Gosh, it will be nice to get my balance and my concentration back again. 

This morning, Janicee will be coming by to help me with dusting and vacuuming.  Yes, I know, I'm very blessed.  As I start feeling more like myself, we'll start tackling other household projects.  I'm looking forward to this.

One of my life accomplishments is knowing how (and loving) to shop for bargains.  Since getting sick, I've been down in the dumps and looking for something happy to hang on to.  Well, I found it!  I've been following the Spring clearance sales on one of my favorite TV shopping programs and I found a really happy ring.  It features a large Brazilian Citrine surrounded by yellow diamonds. 

Of course I hopped right on the phone and ordered this beauty.  It's so happy and cheerful looking.  Now I can't wait for the postman to deliver it.  Have a look.  Isn't this beautiful?

Pogo and I have just finished our breakfast.  I had apple-cinnamon oatmeal, and Pogo had chicken and rice doggie food.  Now he is curled up next to me, enjoying a morning nap.  He's already gone out in the house and had his turkey treat from Joe, so he's a very happy little camper. 

Guess what?  Friday afternoon, my new bathroom scale was delivered.  SIL Eddie was here, and he unpacked it for me.  Inside the packaging were a couple pieces of cardboard.  When one of these pieces fell out on to the floor, Pogo decided to play with it.  We sat here smiling and laughing for about ten minutes watching him play with this piece of cardboard. 

I have to tell you it really felt wonderful.  My Pogo does not know how to play with toys.  I guess there's no room in a cage for toys.  Obviously, we are not going to be throwing these two pieces of cardboard out anytime soon. 

Well, I think I've babbled enough for now.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a beautiful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelica Star said...

Cheer up!!!!!God got your back. We all get down in the dumps sometimes. I call those my life black spots. (lol) You're doing great and those black spots in your life will soon come to past. Your fur baby is hanging in there with you. I always say your are very blessed to have your wonderful family in your life to help you get through those black spots. I am not at your age yet and gosh, my days aren't perfect at all. What cheer me up is when I go to the doctor and see others doing worse than me. I have so much sympathy for those who are. I mostly see this in the Rheumatology clinic because oncology is also located in the same office. Those with rheumatoid arthritis is having more problems than me with osteoarthritis.
we chat and laugh and keep each other spirit up for that hour and sometimes we meet again and sometimes I never see them anymore. Sometimes we start having sympathy for ourselves. (lol) I have that problem very bad. Mine was so bad I have been taking depression meds for 12 years now and it really help when the pain is not in control. I doesn't cry anymore but can take it like a lady when I was acting like a 2 year old child. You're use to working also and when you have to come home it can be very depressing. I didn't feel like I was worth very much anymore because I wasn't dressing up going on appointments with clients anymore after 29 years of doing so. In all I spent 40 years working and had to come home. I was in braces and on crutches for over a year and I didn't lose faith and now I use the braces sometimes but the cruthes is in the closet and I am walking ok on a crooked leg left by osteoarthritis and my limp isn't so bad at all. Take care of yourself we all need your blog to help us through our day. Have a great Sunday. God love you and we do too.

smiekeltje said...

I am happy for you that you have such great help.
Makes life already a bit more cheerful.
Oh you naughty girl! ou couldn;t resist on that ring, LOL! But why not give yourself a little present. It looks great and yes, very happy-making color.
Glad you also will have some more Spring like temperatures.
Today we even have opened for a while the door to the garden to let some fresh air into the room.
Okay, it isn;t yet the best of temperature but it surely is already nice. Semms tomorrow will be even warmer. Yippee.
Be careful, we don't want yo having bumps and bruises all over!!!