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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Happy BIrthday Janet

March 30, 2017

Good morning.  I haven't checked the weather forecast yet, but it is gray and a bit on the cool side at 8 o'clock this morning.  Hopefully, the sun will come out later and cheer us all up. 

Well, I have to say that yesterday was really a good day for me.  Actually, my best one since I first started to get sick.  I did not need to use the oxygen all day long, and I was busy, busy, busy.  After cooking breakfast for Pogo and me, I made sure all the dishes were washed.  After that, I -- well, let me think for a moment.  I know I did something.  Well, at least I was busy. 

Are you having any days like this my friends?  Really!  I was busy all day long going from "A" to "B" to "C".   My problem is trying to remember what any of those particular things was.  I guess the important thing is that I was a happy little camper doing whatever it was that I did that kept me so busy. 

Or is my mind just sort of slipping away a little bit at a time???   Hmmm, I'll just have to start writing down what I'm doing so that I'll know whether or not I'm actually doing something.  (shaking my head)  Sad! 

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Ah well, today will be what today will be.  Yesterday I did finish the Key Lime scarf and now the hat is about one third done.  I'm thinking I'd like to work with yellow or orange yarn next.  DIL Janet did not come by last evening because it was her birthday and hubby was cooking her favorite foods for their supper.  Happy Birthday Janet.  I hope your day was awesome!!
I have some phone calls to make this morning, so I'd best get going.  So far, the doctor's office has managed to screw up my latest med order (they never faxed it to the pharmacy!) and I need to get things straightened out. 
So, as soon as I get my pen and paper to write this down, I'm off.  haha.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous dy.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

Yes, I think we all have bad days and days (lol) Sometimes I look in on my bed after I feed my fur babies and say hmmmm, all is clean but no making up today. I grew up having to make my bed before I leave home for school, but I wasn't 66 years old with a health problem. I doesn't socialize very much in my home, but I still like to keep it neat. Things are clean but sometimes I has to leave some things undone. Family tells me I clean up over cleaning up but I also tell them when my days are very bad, I doesn't have to live in junk either. (lol) we're doing great Ms. Edna because there's lots of young ones out here doesn't work nor clean their living spaces. I've seen some houses that will make you sick in the stomach and young ones left it like that when they moved out. So therefore they were living like that. We have those days where we can do most everything that need to be done. I am also doing a vegetable garden this year in my back yard to give me more to do outside. It's not too hot here as of now because the nights are cool and I try to do things when the temp aren't too bad. We really didn't have anything but a 2 night winter that came by and killed the yard. A month later everything was on the way to start living again. (lol) Take it slow and not do too much. I know we can get carried away when we start doing things. Have a great day

Unknown said...

Hi there, am glad that yesterday was a good no oxygen day for you. Yes I have days like that too. I told my son last night that I am having a hard time remembering anything lately.

I am not having as good of a day as the last 2. I am very tired for some reason. I guess that it is finally catching up with me. I usually have a good day or two and then get really tired. So today I will just rest.

Happy Birthday to Janet! What a special gift she received with her husband making her favorite dinner. I hope that he did clean up too lol.

I hope that they fix your meds. I am really confused as to why things never get faxed in. Meds, referrals and test results. People just don't do their jobs like they use to.

I am making Pizza for lunch then I am off to have a nap. Have a wonderful day my friend and give love to Pogo from me and Cisco... Hugs!