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Thursday, March 2, 2017

God Bless My Daughter Audrey

March 2, 2017

Good evening.  It's quite an amazing feat that I'm actually here at all.  When I arrived here on Monday,  I all of a sudden, had no access to my house email or my blog.  None of my passwords were being recognized, and I was being forced to come up with new passwords. 

No problem!  Or so I thought.  No one and nothing was recognizing any new password that I came up with.  To make matters worse, the internet here is so slow, you can cook a meal while you are waiting for your email to come up on your screen.  I, with very little patience, did not get along  very well with all of this.  I don't play well when you mess up my toys.  It took a whole day of frustration and tantrums to finally gain access to my email in my home computer,   However, like I said, it still takes forever to actually bring it up on my screen, and then it plays rather intermittently with me.  Not a very fun task at all.

In the process of all this frustration, Google also decided to mess up my password to my g-mail.  Oh for crying out loud!!!!!  I won't go into detail about all my wicked tantrums, but late last evening, I was finally able to gain access to my g-mail account.  All this stress of the last few days put a strain on my breathing too, so by last night, I slept fitfully most of the night.

Today, daughter Audrey, my friend Beth, Pogo and I had a fun day out shopping.  We went to a flea market, visited a new Pet supply store, did a bit of grocery shopping, and finally headed back home to our condo. 

Audrey made us a delicious late lunchupper (lunch & supper combined).  Afterwards, I worked up enough courage to try to tackle trying to get to my blog again.  Every time I tried, Google informed me that I did not have a blog but I was welcome to open a new one.  Obviously, this did not sit well with me.  By now, daughter is threatening to do me bodily harm if I start on my tantrums again.

Once again, Google told me to take a hike.  I never had a blog, and I don't have one now.  All it would let me do would be to open a new blog.  Not what I want at all.  Daughter Audrey got nervous when she noticed all the smoke coming from my nose and ears.  So she went on her trusty cell phone and did some magic, none of which she has shared with me yet.  Not only did she find a way to get to my house email, but she talked Google into giving me another chance to change my password again. 

This time we not only got a new password accepted, but I was finally recognized as the author of my own blog.  God Bless that daughter of mine!!!  Some days it really sucks to be old and short of patience.    Right now, I'm typing this post with hopes that I can do it again tomorrow and all the days after that.  I'm sure I'll find out tomorrow.  So keep your toes and fingers crossed for me. 

Before I close this down for the night, let me share a couple photos from last night's fireworks display.  It's being put on at Disney World, but it shows up nicely in our parking lot. 

Now I'm going to pour me a nice cold glass of ginger ale with ice cubes and get ready to watch a Junior Chef cooking show on TV. 

Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow.  So, till then, (maybe) Y'all have a fantabulous evening and day.

Hugs, Edna B.


LV said...

My word Edna! What a mess. Pray they leave me alone as I know nothing about creating a new blog. Mine was done by someone else that no longer can help me. Take a deep breath and trust tomorrow will be a better day.

Snowy said...

Oh dear,lol...I just had a visual of you with the smoke coming out of your nose and ears in my mind and had a good giggle ;) Let's hope it's all problem free now and you can enjoy your vacation :)
Hugs Snowy

LV said...

What a terrible way to start a vacation. Trust you get everything worked out and have a blessed trip.