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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fly Safely, Audrey

March 5, 2017

Good morning.  Audrey and I got up at 4:00 this morning because the shuttle bus was coming to pick her up shortly after 5 a.m. to take her to the airport.  We had time for a cup of coffee before loading the car and driving over to the office building to meet the shuttle.  She's on her way to the airport now, and wowsie, I already miss her so. 

Yesterday was a beautiful lazy day for all of us.  We crocheted and played on our laptops ( or tablet).    Pogo has been enjoying having a whole crew to reign over.  He's just lapping up all this attention from the three of us.  His favorite pastime though is to nap in the warm sunshine. 

Here's the view when we are sitting on the porch,  (note Pogo bottom left)

and here's a close up of my little guy.

This whole past week, Audrey has been helping Beth to back up files on her laptop, and helping me to fix the internet and password problems. 

This next photo is her telling me to put that darn camera away!  She doesn't have to say much.  One  look says it all!

Sometime today, Beth and I may take a trip to a flea market and maybe stop at Walmart to pick up a few things.  Or maybe we'll go to JoAnn's store to look at yarn and fixings.  I think I may have a coupon for JoAnn's on my cell phone. 

I guess when I get back home  I'll need to have a stern chat with my doctor about getting me a portable oxygen concentrator.  And not just any concentrator.  I want the newest because it is smaller and lighter to carry.  If he gives me any problems about it, then I guess I'll just see about buying one for  myself.  Hopefully, I can put it on payments.  They cost around $2700.  But like my hubby always said to me, "no problem because I'm worth it."

Today I may even play a bit on my laptop and make some new quick pages.  We'll see.  I may have to take a nap first.  I just got a text  message from Audrey telling me that she is at the airport and at the gate awaiting her flight to head home.  Have a safe flight home Audrey.  I love you.

Well, that's my news for this morning.  Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

Boy, she can pack a lot of words into one look! Wonder where she gets that from?

Nani said...

Edna, I'm glad things are getting kinda normal now and that you had Audrey there to keep you from going technology nuts! ;) I'm "in charge" of the tech stuff here when David gets that smoke coming from his nose and ears. LOL

I love the picture of jet-setter Pogo at the airport!

I'm enjoying "vicarious Florida" as I do every year. The weatherman says the wind gusts are up to 50 mph here right now. They sure sound like it! Fed ex dropped off a package without knocking and Ruthie, my morning aide, came back a minute after she left with the box. The wind blew it off the porch and if there wasn't a fence between the next door driveway and ours, there's no telling what neighbor would've ended up with medical supplies! She peeled the box off the fence and brought it inside before she left. That really is feisty wind! It's pretty and sunny so we went out for just a couple of minutes to look at the flowers, which are mostly still green nubs and a couple of buds. But we didn't stay out long because it still cold. But The sun and the sound of the wind which I can pretend or waves and I can pretend I'm right there with you in Florida when I read your blog and see all the great photos. It looks like you're having a good vacation.

Kaline is curled up in the sunny front window and her ears twitch every time the wind gusts. She's snoozing in the sun like Pogo, but I don't think she imagines the wind if the beach, like me.

I hope Audrey had a safe, uneventful flight home. You and Pogo keep relaxing and enjoying!

Hugs, Nani