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Thursday, March 23, 2017

BIts Of This And That

March 23, 2017

Good morning.  Pogo got me up rather early this morning, so I've been watching the garden show on QVC while we have our breakfast.  They are showing the prettiest yellow magnolia tree, and I'd love to order it, but not this year.  Maybe next year.  Someone in the next town over has one of these trees in their yard and it is just gorgeous!

Well, DIL Janet came by yesterday after work and picked up my tax numbers.  She will add up all my columns and deliver the material to my accountant for me.  Hopefully, I have included everything that is supposed to be included.  If not, there's not a whole lot I can do about it this year.  I'll have to try to do a better job with next year's tax stuff.

Unfortunately, Janet could not stay yesterday because she had to go home to try to fix a plumbing problem that arose last night.  Hopefully, she can fix the problem without having to call in a plumber.  Then maybe she can come back later today after work and we can have supper together.  She promised to cook a pot of spaghetti.  Yum!  Yum! 

Here's a photo that I meant to include the other day with the "snow angel" photo.  Deanne and Janicee went out in the snowstorm that we had and made these two adorable snow people.  They are named Kevin and Dizzles.  Dizzles is Kevin's nickname for Janicee.  Not quite sure where it came from, but it is endearing.

Daughter Audrey is planning on adding a new addition to her home.  A beautiful big new bedroom.  When she got home from her time with me in Florida, the crew came in and marked everything off to start the building.  Here's a photo she sent me.  When it's done, the room will be beautiful!

While I was in the hospital, my bed was next to the window, and I have to say it is just wonderful to wake up in the morning to a pink and blue sky. 

Just outside the window, there is a gorgeous big tree that looks like an overgrown pussy willow plant.  But, it is not a pussy willow tree.  I haven't found out yet what it is, but I'm still looking.  Isn't this pretty?

I've been told that it is not a dogwood or a crabapple, but the flowers will be white.  This will keep me busy for a while trying to figure out just what it is.

Yesterday I did not really do much of anything.  I'm just sort of taking each day as it comes.  I've been given some very good advice.  Stop wimping about the meds and take them.  And I will.

Yesterday I tried to weigh myself, but the scale has stopped working.  I'm not sure why, but I don't have the patience to fool around with it.  I went online and ordered a new scale.  If I'm on a kick where I can lose a few pounds, I want to see it on my scale. 

I did pick up my crocheting again yesterday for a while.  This is a good sign.  I was rather hoping to open the front door and let the sun in while I crochet a bit this morning, but there is no sun just yet.  It is cold, just 16F degrees.  Hopefully once we get past this week of cold temps, the Spring temps will be back. 

Well I think that's about enough of my babble for today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,
I just caught up on your blog posts. I am feeling a bit better. My ears are stopped up and I can't hear well but I did get up and move around for a little yesterday. Karyn is coming over to take my wash and get it sorted and done for me.

Gosh I just love all the pictures that you have posted. It is hard to believe that Aurora is a year old. What a cutie pie. I love the photo of her and the cake. The snow people are just too cute and yum on that cheese cake.

Audrey's new bedroom is going to be fantastic. I am so happy for her. And Oh wow. I love the new hair cuts. I need to have mine cut. It is bothering me and I am about ready to add that color I have had under the bathroom cabinet to it. Maybe I will wait until I have my hair cut.

Goodness I know what you mean about all the medications. I hate all the pills and potions the doctors give us, but I have to say I would not be up and moving about if I didn't have them, so like you I will take them.

Have an awesome day. I will try and call you soon. But first I have to be able to hear and right now everything sounds like it is in a bubble. Give kisses to Pogo for me. Love to you and baby boy... Love Beth

Angelica Star said...

I forgot to comment on the little Angel Aurora eating all the cake. She was having a very happy birthday. The pills, pills, and more pills. I get tired but if I didn't take them I will be taking a trip to the emergency room for pain treatments. The muscle relaxers (cyclobenzaprine) is limited until the muscle spasm get ridiculous uncomfortable. The prescribed allergy pills and steroid nasal spray is a must when this weather is changing and pollen is out of control. No more emergency room visit in 4 years now. So something is working. Just close your eyes and swallow with lots of water. Take care and have a very blessed and relaxing day.