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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

And The World Goes On!!

March 22, 2017

Good morning.  Goodness what a strange weather pattern so far this morning.  The sun is shining, it's cold, and we've already had a light snow shower.  Hmmm, Old Man Winter just might be losing his grip on us.  This is good because I'm ready for Spring!!

Well, being housebound does have it's rewards.  Since yesterday, I've already purchased a couple of gifts that I've been looking for.  When they arrive here, I'll put them in the gift tote till I need them.  A couple days ago, I was able to go online and order all my March birthday gifts, and they should all arrive sometime today.  All my little ducks are beginning to line up in a row.  At least some of them.

As I said before, while all this wicked sick stuff has been brewing, lots of other things have been happening.  My beautiful great granddaughter Aurora turned one year old.  Goodness, she's a beauty!  Here she is enjoying her cake, and a really great close up of her playing.

As I look out the door, I see that my flag is beginning to dance wildly, so I guess the wind is picking up.  That's okay, it's nice indoors.  We're just finishing up with our breakfast, and now Pogo is happily napping.  I'll let him go out on the porch when it's time for the mailman to come by.  Then he can bark and get his exercise. 

Yesterday, I did not do any laundry, no biggie.  I can do it later today.  Actually, I didn't do much of anything yesterday.  My energy and my concentration don't seem to be in much of a hurry to get back to normal.  I'm hoping that by next week I can get back to making quick pages.  Once I do that, I'll try to make lots of them and get caught up with all the ones I've missed posting. 

DIL Janet is supposed to be coming by after work this afternoon, and I do think she will be cooking supper.  I hope so because cooking is not on my favorite list of things to do right about now either.  As you can see, I'm really well taken care of. 

Getting back to the recent happenings, remember the big snow storm we had just before I left for Florida?  Well, Janicee found ways to enjoy it.  While her sweetie was in Myrtle Beach playing baseball with his college baseball team, she was making Snow Angels. 

And when she got done playing in the snow, Janicee made a delicious chocolate cheesecake.  Oh yum!

Last night, I had the munchies.  I'm going to have to be very careful about that though, because I do not want to gain my lost pounds back.  I'd really like to drop down another pants size.  Maybe I'll have to measure out my night time snacks so that I do not get carried away with them. 

I talked with Joe yesterday, and he said that he would help SIL Eddie to take down the porch screen covers soon.  This will be nice because then I'll be able to see more of the outdoors from my door.  Plus, Pogo and I will be able to spend a bit of time out there when the weather is nice. 

I know I'm rambling, but somehow that's how I talk lately.  Bear with me.  Hopefully, I'll get back to normal soon.  I spoke with my friend Beth last night, and she's still quite sick with that horrible new strain of flu that has hit a lot of folks this year.  Beth, gets lots of rest and get well soon.  I'm missing that beautiful smile. 

Now it's time to start up the nebulizer.  Gosh, I get so excited just thinking about it!!!  haha.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.


LV said...

Glad you are some better. Take care or let others take care of you.

Angelicastar said...

Glad to have you back and wishing you get well soon. I read your blog yesterday but my hand wasn't working at all. I always keep moving no matter what. whatever body part is moving good, I will do what I can with it. (lol) Legs, arms, toes etc. I am getting my raised beds together to do a little vegetable gardening this year My siblings keep hollering at me and trying to make me sit down but God wake me up everyday for a reason and I must keep being active. I see you are doing the same. Some people just give up and sit down and wait for others to serve them. I am like you in reference to the help coming in. My brother is 81 and he is in Louisiana and money has been stolen by the home health care workers. One lady was pushing dope out of his apartment. We tried to tell him to leave that mess alone but he want others to serve him. My sister is still basically taking care of him and recovering stolen funds. It's not worth it if you can move around. Just do it slow and take your time. You probably saw on the world news this lady hitting this elderly lady on the head here in Houston because she was feeding her dog human food. She had Alzheimer disease. She had been beating her for some time because her son noticed bruises and decided to install hidden cameras. She ran and hid but they did find her and arrested her. We're home with our fur babies and we should just take our time and do things as we see fit. Take care of yourself and remember this changing weather is hurting a lot of people. We're at 83 and 84 degrees daily and 65 at night. I am only using ceiling fans because I doesn't want to change to the air conditioner and add to the bad allergy problems that I am having from the tree pollen here. Get well soon and take good care of yourself. I am glad you have wonderful family to help take care of you.

Anonymous said...

now Edna be a big girl and take your meds and do as the doctor asks. The nebulizer can be a pain in the butt, I also have to use one, but without our meds chances are we wouldn't be here. I for one am just glad I'm alive so I can bitch about the inconvenience of the meds and breathing machine. I would rather be looking down at the grass than up at the roots.
Things are starting to poke out of the ground here in Michigan. Haven't seen a robin yet but have heard Mr. cardinal so things are looking brighter.
Keep working on getting your strength back and by the time it gets nice to stay you'll be able to enjoy that porch. Suzanne