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Monday, November 2, 2015

Sunshine And Warm Temps - Sounds Good To Me!

November 2, 2015

Good morning.  I'm late today, but that's because I got some good sleep.  Last night's sleep was getting quite patchy so I took an Advil PM and slumber took over.  Mmmmmm!  I woke up to sun shining and mild temps.  Life is good.

According to the Weather Channel, we are going to have warm temps all week before the temperature cools down again.  They are forecasting 60's and even some low 70's.  Yes, yes, yes!  I can so handle it!  Pogo and I will take advantage of this super weather, and will take a ride to the Post Office in a little while to mail a box to my youngest daughter, Laura Jean. 

I found this poster on Facebook and I thought I'd like to share it with you.  So many of us have, or know someone who has, a very special child.   Let us celebrate them and the joy they have brought into our lives.

Yesterday was a rather quiet day here.  Pogo and I had ourselves a nice long nap.  It sort of used up a good part of the day, but we needed the sleep.  In my younger days, I could ride all night and do other things all day.  Not so anymore! 

I also have a super photo from the other night to share.  My goodness, how would you like to come home to this charming couple?   Can you guess who they might be? 

Did you guess Deanne and Eddie?  Yup, these two beauties are mine.  Don't you just love their outfits?  I almost did not recognize them.  I think they may have scared off the neighborhood kids. because no one came by for candy.

This morning, the guys from the pest control company came by to see if Mr. Fat Rat is still here or if he has found a new place to call home.  None of us has seem this critter lately, and these men could not find him either.  Let's hope that is a good sign. 

Well, that's about all the news for this morning.  It's time to get dressed and go to the Post Office.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

So good to hear you and Pogo are safely back on the ground from your big night of flying about. We're laying low here with the AC - it's 91 degrees out there right now and inside is good with me! I think we came too far south too early.

Stacey said...

I'm so glad you had a nice sleep! That is a great picture of them! I love the costumes.

smiekeltje said...

Lovely to hear you had a really good sleep. well, it was necessary after that straining broomride!
Oh my, Dee and Eddy really look scary there LOL!
Here too we have great weather, yesterday I took a little walk to Heidi, to bring her some of my dahlia bulbs I dug up on Sunday. I hope they will do fine.
I was just there at the right time, she just came home from shopping.
We had a little chat with for her a cup of soup and for me a coffee .
I didn;t stay long, she had things to do.
No today I will go for sme grocerie shopping, it looks fantastic outside, sun is shining, little wind, awesome.
You enjoy your ride with Pogo.
Have a lovely day

Annesphamily said...

I saw a cute Halloween costume, the gal was a bee and her hubby the Bee Keeper. easiest costume ever to put together. All you really nee dis the BeeKeepers hat with netting. A high school friend who lives in Alaska these days is very pretenious, she was a Gold Nugget. Her hubby was Flo from those goofy TV commercials. I did a double take to look at her hubby! LOL! Judy loves to brag on the millions she has in the bank. But with 6 marriages and no phamily I will take my poverty any day! Someone will get your millions when you die. Sad but true, so on to happier stuff!

I was approved for the Medicare retirement and all I am going to say about it is WHAT A RACKET! We never get back what we pay into it. That is reserved for all the freeloaders that our government caters too,plus I have friends who saved lots and are penalized for that too! You can not win with these crooks in office.

They tell us snow is coming. Aack! Already!!!!????

I was enjoying the beautiful sunny days. Now I am still trying to find some part time work, can't go over those pennies they throw at you !

I am grumpy today! I waited for ever at K-Mart to pay off my first layaway. The poor girl was overwhelmed, people are lined up to layaway for Christmas and she had no boxes or bags to store their things in! The broken old box they gave me was questionable. one cares. Such a sad world these days. Zero Customer Service.

I headed to my hubby's dumb bank. They charge a $4 a month fee for having a savings account!!!! By the time I hit my credit union the lines were long and I only needed a few dollars so I used the inside ATM as the drive thru lines were longer.

Now I am home and plan to stay here until I get the hubby at 4:45 from the bus station ! I have had so many better days. LOL!

Love all the shares you have and Deanne and Eddie are quite the pair! We had all the tiny toddlers and gave out lots of treats. I am happy the weather was good.

ENjoy your sunshine! Take care.

Nani said...

Maybe the scary costumes were on purpose to keep the candy for themselves? :) The only reason I had a hunch it was Deanne and eddie was because the photo is on your blog and the height difference is right.; great costumes!

I'm glad you had a good ride on Halloween. Do you have a taillight? I might have seem you when I looked up but I didn't have my glasses on. (It would have made Pogo look like Rudolph in his basket!) I waved anyway.;D

I was up early to vote today, so I'm going to get ready to drift bragging about a nap sealed the deal on that idea for me!

Hugs, Nani