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Monday, November 30, 2015

Say Farewell To November

November 30, 2015

Good morning.  Today is the last day in November, and it's cloudy, and 35F degrees.  We may get up to about 40 degrees with a touch of sunshine peeking through the clouds.   Actually, I can see patches of blue in the sky, so I think we'll be blessed with a bit of sunshine soon. 

I got up around 8:30 today, but I've been rather busy all morning.  First I made breakfast, then I thought I would check my emails.  Wowsie!  It's amazing how many more emails there are this time of year.   Everybody wants you to buy their products.

Next, I had to go out into the main house to chat with one of the dwarfs, and by the time I got back in here, I found Pogo sitting on my lounge chair looking sorry about something.  Oops, time to look around the floor.  He got most of the cookies on his potty patch, but then tried wiping his bottom on various scatter rugs. 

Now you know what I was doing next.  Yup, picking up the rugs, cleaning any spots that missed the rugs, and giving my little guy a bath.  So that pretty much explains why I'm blogging so late this morning. 

Just before all this happened, Pogo was sitting on my lap, practicing taking a few selfies.  Here's one of them.  As you can see, his hair is getting all fluffy again.

Now he's lying here next to me, all curly and squeaky clean.  I'm surprised he's letting me type.  Lately when I am trying to type, Pogo is all over me, crawling over and under my arms.  So usually I just stop for a while and cuddle with him. 

You're probably tired of seeing our Christmas Cactus plant, but it seems like every day it gets more beautiful.  I just have to take another photo of it.  This one is from this morning.

I am definitely going to get a hanging pot for this beauty.  And a bigger pot too.  I can just imagine how gorgeous it will look hanging  from the top of the kitchen window. 

Well yesterday, I did not get to do much of any of the things that I had planned to do.  However, I did finish up a couple of gift projects.  It's been a while since I've used my jewelry making tools, and my hands were not as steady as they used to be.  It took me a bit longer, but I finished what I was working on. 

SIL Eddie came by to work on my lawn tractor, and then we had a nice visit.  He started to set up the remote control ap on my phone, but we ran into a snag.   So I'll wait for my granddaughter, Jazzy. to come by and finish setting it up. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon and part of the evening playing music on my laptop and doing puzzles.  Lifetime channel on TV was playing some wonderful Christmas movies, which I enjoyed tremendously.  Needless to say, I was able to stay awake much later than I have been lately.  It felt good.

Today I don't have a "to do" list.  I'll just see how much I can accomplish and be happy with that.  Well, that's about all my news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

p.s.  Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for your World Wide Christmas blog train freebie.  See you in December!

4 comments: said...

Good to see you here ! . I was thinking I was just at your blog and I started to flip through your posts and I'm thinking my goodness where half the days go on. That pogo is such a handsome fellow I just left to see his shiny little face he almost looks like he is sparkling ! I never tire of the beautiful flowering plants and your Christmas cactus is gorgeous. I've been watching a lot of hallmark Christmas movies and I've also been taping them to watch later. We were watching the lifetime channel this weekend and they also have a nice selection of Christmas movies .let me go through some more of your posts and I will leave your comments it is always a real delight to see you here have a very wonderful evening.

Garla Reed said...

Oh Edna,

What a beauty your Christmas Cactus is. After Christmas you could break a couple of pieces off and have some new starters that would be lovely little gifts to family and friends if you wanted to.

I have been busy all day long and haven't accomplished a darn thing. I haven't been up and doing things but I have been doing computer work. I am trying to write a news letter and I am having problems finding the right size template for the paper size and font. Nothing seems to fit. So I have been doing a series of experiments. I finally gave up on it for today and did a scrap page that needed to be out and I posted that and I have found a beautiful winter image that I want to use for a Christmas scrap page so I will do that tonight before I go to bed so that I can post it on my blog tomorrow.
Or I may post on my blog tonight as I have a doctors appointment early in the morning with my surgeon and will not be home until later in the day. Better do that tonight then.

Nathan is cooking dinner tonight.... Lord Help Us! I gave him instructions on how to cook Chicken tenders from scratch. I had a peanut butter sandwich as a precaution lol. When I went to get a bottle of water, I saw that he was trying to fry the chicken in about 3 teaspoons of oil.... lol...

Karyn got a promotion at work.... Yay for her I say but she feels that the work load is more than the pay is worth. She is probably right on that.
She was first chosen out of 3 candidates but feels bad for her co-worker and according to Karyn the other lady was passed over completely and they chose a girl who has not been there long enough for the job title. Karyn brought it to the attention of her supervisors but in the end her co-worker was passed over and this other girl got the position.

Cisco has a cold and has a small fever. On the safe side I called the vet today for some instructions. Just watch him and see if he will eat and drink and so I did. He ate all his dinner, and is drinking and he even played for a little while. So perhaps it is just a nasty cold. His eyes were weepy but they have cleared up. Just some sneezing going on now.

I have to go.... I will send you a quick email. Beth

Stacey said...

I'm looking forward to that train tomorrow. can't wait to see everyones beautiful minis! Poor little guy, I hope his tummy is better today. At least it was an accident, my Kobi, made me so mad last night. I got out my Christmas sheets and was putting them on the bed, when for no reason I could figure out, she decided to pee on them. I had to do laundry and everything. She knew I was angry and came to cuddle, which of course I forgave her. I didn't get much done today, but go thru emails too. I'm so mad, I don't need 15 emails about their sales, and I swear some were sending alerts every few hours. it's annoying. I know you're having sales, if I wanted I would have shopped already. On a positive note, got most of my shopping done oyber monday, so I guess I did get something done. not that I could get alot, but I know they'll apprecaite what they get, they all know our situation.

smiekeltje said...

Wonderful you spent a nice evening watchin some Christmasfilms, and because of that got to bed a bit later but then waking up later too. Try to do that more, it's better for you and your health!
Poor Pogo, he sometimes has those little "accidents" right? I think he has been very happy with you, that you gave him a nice bath, and let him feel all clean and fluffy again LOL.
I didn;t do much of anything yesterday, couldn;t mocve around too much, because in the morning, when making a move, ."bang"something moved in my lower back and it hurts. Think I've sprang a muscle there, it sometimes happens to me, but I cannot stand it. It is difficult to bend, or even to sit, must find the right position.
Hmmm, it will pass after a few days, normally that does, so let's hope this time it will be gone soon too.
Going to post my WWCS freebie now,
have lovely day