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Friday, November 13, 2015

Our Up And Coming Young Designers Are Just Amazing

November 13, 2015

Good morning.  I guess the rain is gone for a while because the sun is shining and my flag is waving in the breeze.  My tree out front covered with golden yellow leaves is now quite bare.  There are only a few leaves left holding on. 

My beautiful Japanese Red Maple tree is also naked of all its leaves.  This time three years ago, it was still covered in beautiful red leaves.  Here's a photo I took on November 19, 2012.  Quite a big difference from this year.

Well, yesterday I did not get out to do anything because my breathing just was not good.  I ended up having to use my oxygen for a couple of hours.  After that, I just took things easy.  Today I'm much better, so I'm planning on getting things done early.  (at least, that's the plan)

Last night, a new Project Runway program started.  This one features teenagers aged 13 to 17 years old.  Wowee!  These kids are sooooo smart!!   It was awesome to watch them create their beautiful designs. 

Today I have another photo to share from November three years ago.  This one is one of our Blue Jays.  They may be feisty birds, but they sure are beautiful.

My goal for this afternoon is to finish wrapping at least two gifts and address ten cards.  Tonight I will try to finish up the frosty green afghan.  It only needs eight more rows to go till it is done. 

There are two little sparrows peeking in my door at me.  Oh oh!  The feeder must be empty.  I'll have to fill that and put out some peanut butter bread before I do anything else.

There's really not much news this morning, so I think I'll go feed the birds and start getting ready to go out and do my errands.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea Priebe said...

I like to tell you our weather because usually in a few days it makes it's way out to you. Our "prevailing winds" have switched from the south to the north so not only are we colder (30's and 40's)but we are very windy ... and as the wind blows the leaves fly, so like you, most of our leaves are down. Except for my big old Oak who is determined to last until the snow comes. The nice thing about the winds is that is blows most of the leaves off my yard ... not sure where they go, but my neighbors yards are clear as well :) We are behind on our winter chores because my son is working long hours and hasn't been available to help carry the deck furniture into the garage ... it is a must do this weekend because soon it will be too late :(

I have had a bad couple of weeks ... I mean, really bad. Two weeks ago on my way home from Izzi's skills class, I was side swiped by a car. It bent my fender and tore away a part of my front bumper ... bummer. And to make matters worse I can't get the car in to the body shop until December 21st. He said they are so busy because of all of the accidents from people texting in their cars ... really, they haven't figured out that is dangerous yet??? My next bad thing was visiting a friend whose children both had colds ... and yes, you guessed it. This whole week I have been struggling with a horrible cold. I think I am on an upswing, but I still have a very wet, very productive cough, so I am guessing this is going to hang on for awhile. I basically took the week off of blogging because I just didn't have any creative juices running while I was not feeling well. And, last, but not least, last night I was bringing my DIL home from her class around ten and as I was pulling over into the turn lane near my house I hit something and blew a huge hole in my back tire. I had to call and get my son up to come change the tire (he gets up at 3am to go to work so this was really not good for him) and the worst part is the Audi has a deflated spare that you have to pump up with a compressor that they provide and the tools were not adequate to get the bolts loose so Ryan had to run home and get tools and come back. It was very late by the time he got back to bed ... I feel terrible for him, but I am so thankful that he was there and always willing to help. The good news is that while Ryan was running home for more tools, two people stopped to try to help us ... restores my faith in humanity a bit :)

Izzi and I have been taking long walks with my friend and her Aussie to try and help my failing Thailand diet as well as try to get Izzi's muscle mass eaqual in her back legs. Our last walk we went to Glacier Park near here and it was miles and miles of up hill and down hill. It was aweome, but that night I couldn't sleep because my legs ached ... that is probably what laid me open to the cold germs I had been fighting off successfully until that point. So needless to say we haven't walked the rest of this week, but hopefully, if it doesn't get too cold, we will start up again next week.

Sorry to be such a downer ... hopefully I will have more positive things to say in the future. Congratulations on your new Baby Ali ... she is beautiful as was her mother as a baby (and, I am quite sure she still is :). Loved your swans family ... our swan babies didn't survive this year, sad to say, so it was nice to see yours did. And Pogo yakity yaking at you in the car was really cute. Izzi talks to me when we drive ... I think it keeps her mind off of getting car sick, which she used to do. Well, my friend, I need to get a call in to Dave the Tire Guy and see what a new tire is going to set me back, Ugh! Hope you keep getting better and I love your neck warmers and the warm heart that stops to give them and a bit of money away to the homeless. You are a good sour :)

Andrea @ From The Solo

Stacey said...

Oh blue jays are so beautiful, wish we had them. Hope your breathing remained good today. Good thing you took it easy. It's been quite cold for our area (after such a hot summer though i'm loving wearing my cuddle duds! I'm a wimp 65 is cold for me..LOL) because we are unseasonable cold, and every winter I leave an old microfiber blanket on the floor in our garage, because I know the stray kitties will come and sleep at night to get out of the cold. Well it gets dark so early now, that I forgot and went into the garage because we have a spare fridge and I needed to put somethings out there, and a kitty went running out. Oh boy was Kobi excited, she justs wants to play but the kitties, don't want to play with her..LOL

smiekeltje said...

Sorry you weren;t feeling all too good yesterday, but glad after some rest and oxygen it is going better again.
I just love your tree! It is such a beautiful color, pity this year it didn;t last as long as 3 years ago.
Oh, Jan had a call from the contractor who had some people at work in the appartment of our neighbour adn if all goew well he will contact us again somewhere next week, to come to an agreement/solution. He said first of all our wall has to dry for a few days more, before it can be done.
But at least he was so polite to contact us, may be we can have one of his working people for just an hour or two, to paint part of the wall and may be also a ceiling in a small bedroom, where we had leaking some time ago. It's hard for Jan to paint the ceiling, so if that could be done, we already would be happy.
Did you hear the strking bad news of yesterday evening in Paris? several terrorist attacks took place, about 5 spreaded over Paris and for now there are already around 100 poeple dead and 80 severe wounded. It were aweful pictures we saw on tv. Some of the terrorists blew themselves up with a bomb, police shot one. Not known yet how many attackers there were, and of which group, but the whole of Paris and France is in shock, and in fact all "normal"decent people all over the world.
It is a very cowardly attack and what use it brings?

Don;t get too busy today, just do a cew things, but take some rest too, you hear!

The Queen Jester said...

Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon. The weather here is finally starting to settle down and is much more pleasant. I love the "in your face" photo of the blue jay - his expression is priceless. You have a good day and get some rest.