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Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Cup Runneth Over. I Am So Very Blessed.

November 5, 2015

Good morning.  Oh my, what a beautiful morning.  Lots of sunshine and warm temps.  Pogo and I are going to take us a ride to the park later this morning to enjoy some of this gorgeous weather.  Today should reach 69 or 70F degrees.   Simply super!

Well yesterday was quite the wonderful birthday day.  The weather was perfect, and I got lots of good wishes from my family and friends.  Even Pogo was in a playful mood most of the day. 

When the postman came, he brought two birthday packages.  One from my good friend Kyra, and one from my daughter Audrey.  I set Audrey's package aside to open in the evening while we talked on the phone. 

The package from Kyra had a beautiful card and a jeweled pen and notebook.  Thank you so much Kyra.  I love all things paper.  I'm not sure why, but I've always loved paper, and this tiny notebook is just adorable. 

Later in the afternoon, Deanne and Eddie came by to take me out to dinner.  Plus, they brought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, which fit into two vases.  Oh my, those orange roses are just gorgeous!

We met the kids at the restaurant, and had us a wonderful time full of  good food and lots of laughter.   While we were there, Kevin told me his good news.  He made the cut for the Spring baseball team at his college.  Gosh all mighty, does it get any better? 
When I got home, Pogo was hopping all over me with lots of his little licks.  Any wonder why I love this little guy?   Then I made him up a plate of steak for his dinner.  It only took a few minutes for him to lick the plate clean.
Next I called Audrey (in Virginia), and I opened my other package.  I had told her that I would like some more kitchen towels, preferably in orange or green.  And oh my, here's what she made for me.  Aren't they wonderful?  She even made me matching dish cloths.  I love these, and they brighten up my little kitchen. 

Another package was delivered yesterday afternoon.  It was my new calendars and my Christmas cards.  Wowee!!  Vista Print did a great job of printing them.  I'm very happy with my whole order.  Now I can start addressing the envelopes.  A few a day, and I'll have them finished by the end of the month. 
Last night, I thought I'd finish up the pale plum neck warmer and start another one, but alas, I fell asleep early.  Ahhh, happy dreams. 
Well that's my news for now.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea Priebe said...

Well, indeed. your cup certainly did run over on your birthday. Happy Birthday a day late. So much good news and fun times and wonderful gifts ... I am guessing you are feeling loved, as well you should be.

Not much happening on my front. I am busy running, running, running between class on Monday, doctors appointments, school for my Dil, and long walks to help Izzi even out the muscle mass in her back legs. And, of course, there are the leaves ... all over my yard. Yesterday FH and I cut the grass with the bagger and picked up the leaves. The grass was green for about an hour before the new leaves started making their way back on the lawn. I am hoping for some windy days so they will get blown away before I have to pick them up again ... probably wishful thinking.

I actually have my Christmas card ready to go to the printer so I am not as far behind you as I usually am. And, I have thought about making a book for my FH of some of my Digital Art. I don't know if there is time for that this year, but it certainly is on my to do list. Thanks for the suggestion :)

I am headed down for lunch ... didn't eat breakfast today. Just had a latte to get my body moving before I took Izzi on a long forest preserve walk with my friend and her Aussie. Now I suddenly realized that I am very hungry and need to eat something before I get to the point of over eating to resolve my cravings. You have a wonderful day, Edna and love always to Pogo from the Miss Izzi ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Stacey said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm so glad your special day was wonderful, and you received such beautiful gifts! Even the weather wished you a Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend too!

smiekeltje said...

It sounds as a wonderful birthday! All just came at the right time, and fall into place and sometimes we are lucky to have those days. well, you simply deserve such a day (and more of them!).
On top that wonderful news of Kevin and then the gift of Audrey, so cute, and flowers in your favourite color and as best all the love-licks of Pogo LOL!
We had some rain yesterday, most of it in the evening, so it didn;t harm me, when I was out.
Porbably today we will have some more, later, I hope Jan will have a dry journey to his job.
Well, I should go to my blog for a little post, so lots of wishes for a wonderful day are sent over to you!

Annesphamily said...

Sounds like your birthday was terrific! I am sorry I missed hit here. Love your gifts and know your dinner was fabulous. You have a nice night and take care.