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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Having Fun Shopping For Baby Clothes

November 15, 2015

Good morning.  Temps are in the mid 40's, but will get up to the mid 50's in a few hours.  The sun is shining and the wind is calm.  Tis quite a nice Autumn day here in New England.

Well, we had thought that our new baby Ali and her mom would be home a couple of days ago, but they've both been quite sick.  Ali was put into an incubator with lights for her jaundice, and her mom has HELLP Syndrome.

I looked this up on Google, and it is a life-threatening pregnancy complication that usually occurs during the later stages of pregnancy, or sometimes after childbirth.  The letters in its name stand for:  H  (hemolysis, which is the breaking down of red blood cells), EL (elevated liver enzymes),  LP  (low platelet count).   Randi, I'm praying that you get well soon.

Mom and baby are still in the hospital.  I'm not sure when they will be able to go home.  I do have a photo, taken on Friday, of Ali in her little basket.

The good news is that Ali was doing much better yesterday.  Here is a new photo that granddaughter Randi (the proud mommy) sent us.  Oh my goodness, she's just darling!

When I went food shopping last Friday, I picked up a few baby things for Ali.  I was looking for drawstring nighties, but could not find any.  Of course, I was rushing a bit.  Soon I will go back to the store, or online to Amazon, to see what I can find. 

Gosh, a lot of old memories have come floating back.  I remember when I was expecting my first baby, (Audrey).  I did not have money to buy baby clothes so I made all of her clothes and blankets.  By hand.  I did not have a sewing machine back then.  Believe me, it was a labor of love.

Yesterday found me very tired.  This "old age" thing isn't always the funnest thing to have.  I used to get along nicely with just a little bit of sleep.  However, the tables are turned now, and if I'm awake a lot during the night, I'm miserably tired all the next day.  The only bad thing about this is that I feel bad for my little Pogo. 

He doesn't complain, but I feel as though I'm neglecting him.  However, I did make up for this a little bit last night.  Around midnight, Pogo got hungry, so I made him a plate of hamburger.  He licked his plate clean, and then curled up and went back to sleep.  So I guess all is well in our little world.

Today I'm doing a bit of laundry, and then whatever fun mischief I can find to get into.  I've purchased a few more scrap kits, so I'll be starting on some Christmas QP's soon.  Not a very exciting day, but a good one.

Before I go, let me ask everyone to say a prayer for the folks in Paris whose lives have been devastated by these latest terrorist attacks.  When, oh when, will all of this hatred end?

Well that's about all my news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

What a little darling the baby is. I am really concerned about Mommy tho. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. My friend became a grandma too. A little girl. I put it in my blog but forgot to say that the baby was a little girl. They named her Brook.
I also looked for the drawstring gowns for my granddaughter but was told by my daughter that the drawstring could cause a choking hazard and that they were hard to find now. Hmmm all my kids had them and I don't think that the drawstrings are that long but they will do what ever they will do. I hope that you can find what your looking for.

Oh yes my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Paris and not just Paris but in all the countries that are experiencing violence. I chatted last night with a friend of mine that was a victim of the first car bombing in London by the IRA. She sent me pictures of them putting her in the ambulance and of what was left of her home and some of her in the hospital. She was 13 at the time. We chatted late as I let her tell her story. Sometimes it is very good to talk about the bad times as well as the good times.

You have a fantastic day and give Pogo kisses and cuddles and Cisco if he was awake would send you a lick and a happy tail bark but he is still snoring away.... Hugs, Beth and Cisco

The Queen Jester said...

What a beautiful little baby. I hope she continues to thrive and do well.

Stacey said...

She is a little angel! I will be praying for her and her mom! I hope both heal quickly and are able to leave the hospital soon!

smiekeltje said...

Such sad news about Ali and her mom. I really hope that soon they will be better, sending a little prayer for them.
A "broken"night of sleep is making one real tired, I know.
All weekend there was a lot news about the terrorist action in Paris, of course.
Today at 12.00 a.m. there will be a minute silence in Paris but also all over Europe.

Wishing you a wonderful day.