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Friday, November 20, 2015

A Beautiful Autumn Day In New England

November 20, 2015

Good morning from soggy New England.  The rain started mid-afternoon yesterday, and got heavier during the night.  It's supposed to stop and move on sometime later this morning.  This is good though, because our rainfall is down quite a bit this year. 

I did pretty good staying awake last night to watch my TV program.  I dozed off and only missed some of it.  But I had taped it so I was able to watch the part that I missed. 

This morning I've been up for a couple of hours and already I've accomplished something.  Yeah!!!  I was looking for something in the pantry, and came across something that was out-dated, so now I had to check everything.  I ended up cleaning off two of the shelves and rearranging a few things.  Next, I made breakfast for Pogo and me. 

Today, I will sit down and go through a ton of catalogues and magazines before putting them out in the trash.  I like to remove any of my personal information from them before tossing them out.  My shred bag is getting quite full, so pretty soon I'll have to sit down and do a bit of shredding.

In eleven days, the Worldwide Christmas Blog Train will begin.  If you love scrap freebies, don't miss this.  Lots of wonderful designers (and me too) have come together to bring you a huge collection of scrap freebies.  So mark your calendar for December 1st. 

I found another rather pretty neck warmer pattern on the web, so now I'll have to try this one.  It's called the "Royal Queen's Crochet Cowl." 

Folks, when you are making out your Christmas cards,  why not address a few more to be sent to some of our wounded soldiers.  These guys and gals will be so glad to receive them, and you'll feel good.  Here's the address (borrowed from the web):

An update on baby Ali is that she has been taken off oxygen, and there's a good chance she might be able to go home a little sooner.  This is such good news.   I found the cutest little pink girlie outfit for her, and now I'm shopping for nighties and diapers to fill up the box I'm making up for her.  Us great grannies do have fun!!

Tomorrow is the opening day for "The Christmas Carol."  I'll post the flyer again in case any of you lives near Avon, MA.   It's going to be such great fun, and this proud grandma will be there taking videos.

I've been watching the Shopping Channel this morning, and learning about all the new techy toys that are available now.  I'm not buying, but I sure am learning new stuff.   As I look out my door now, it appears that the rain is almost completely stopped, and the sun is peeking out from behind a cloud.  It's turning out to be a super nice day after all.

On that note, I think I'll wash the dishes and find some fun mischief to get into.   So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Annesphamily said...

I wish I could find a place to send cards to soldiers. Last year I used this Walter Reed and a friend told me it was a hoax and this other gal I knew cussed a blue streak saying she sent dozens of cards and they were all returned! No one will help, when my cousin passed away at age 57 in September his family asked for donations to be sent to the Wounded warrior project but when I contacted them to get an address for soldiers for Christmas cards they never responded. But they fill my mail box with requests for more money more money more money. Aggravation! I have been searching high and low for a nice teapot cozy. Gosh, several years ago I did a post about tea at my blog and a gal contacted me about a google image I used. Said it was her neighbors, an elderly lady who made those cozies. Drat!Drat! Drat! I wish I had known the lady when she did that. She knitted or crocheted them. It was so cute - a cat! There is a store on line called the English Tea Store and their tea pots and cozies come in a set for $29.99 but there shipping is high and if you spend $75 you can get FREE shipping but not on their teapots! Aargh.... I am always staging my own protest, these businesses are incredibly C H E A P ! I love your handiwork here and the shares about Pogo. We are to get some snow but we keep hearing about an inch. We had three earlier this week and South of us they got hammered. I am suppose to be sorting paperwork and cleaning but this is more fun! LOL! I am doing laundry so they can not complaina bout me! The dogs and cats won't tell on me! I hope you have a great evening. Take care

Annesphamily said...

Have fun with the show! Rebekah and Zach are taking us to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra tomorrow night. I am very excited. My niece said the cost of tickets is worth it but we get to go for free. LOL!
Noelle has a friend who has kids involved in theater. Her twin sons were in a production of A Christmas Story. It was so fun to watch, so much young talent. I love those shows. Rebekah tells me after my birthday on Dec 3 I can buy tickets to show for $10 at the art center etc. due to my age! HaHaHa! Bring it on I say! They use to get a great discount when they went to college.
Hannah had pajama day at school and forgot her pjs. So I ran them over to her this morning. So cute, they are elf pjs! She bought one for Leo too! HaHa! He is not exactly elf material but he sure looked sharp in his pjs. I was at the Cracker Barrel, bad thing is, it is across the parking lot from where I drop my hubby off for the bus. SO I bought two jars of Dickisons preserves. Blueberry and Blackberry. There is a jelly co here in Colorado called Serado Valley and that lady makes some unique jellies. I love her stuff. She once received a bottle of wine for an anniversary gift and she and the hubby don't drink so she dumped it in a batch of jelly and voila- wine jelly was created! LOL! She lives in the mountains. Texted with Nick quite a bit early today. He is getting ready for his run tomorrow at 10:15 (your time) in North Carolina. I am praying hard for the team. Hope they all run their very best. You enjoy that grad girl of yours in her production. Wish I could see her. Post some photos. Have fun and enjoy the weekend. Hugs, Anne

Stacey said...

that is wonderful news about Ali! I do hope she is home by thanksgiving. that'll be a wonderful thing to be thankful for. that pattern, sure is pretty! glad the rain stopped and hope the rest of your day was as nice. I'll be looking forward to the pictures of the show. wish I was closer I'd go see it for sure. A Christmas Carol is on one of my fav. I love the Scrooge musical version with Albert Finney. The only this is it's 3 hours long, and now that we're older hubby and I usually fall asleep before the end, but we own it on video and can always rewind it!

smiekeltje said...

Oh wow, you were busy and di already a lot of things!
We too like to go thourgh catalogues and advertisement stuff sometimes. It sure keeps you kind of updated, and it is simple fun.
Again good news about Ali. She's a fighter isn;t she?
And of course you are a proud great grandma! Such fun also to choose baby stuff to send her, I bet her mama will be very happy with it!
At the moment sun is shining, not too much wind, even blue sky here and there, so it looks allright. I went to the market yesterday, it was nice, but it definately was much colder. Now have fresh stuff in the fridge, I can make Jan something nice to eat for this evening, hahaha. I will prepare it this afternoon, so he only will have to warm it up in the oven, quick and easy.
If the weather stays the way it looks now, I might even pop out for a while to have some crispy fresh air. Not sure about it, but it's a possibility.
You have a wonderful time at the musical and take a lot of video and photos!

The Queen Jester said...

That's great news on Ali, hopefully she'll be home soon...then they will have a genuine "Thanksgiving" to celebrate.
I love the Queen Cowl neck warmer, it is so stylish. I wish I had a need for such a thing, but perhaps something to mop up the sweat on my neck would be even better.
It just started raining and it's supposed to cool off a bit next week, and we can't wait for it to settle down. We managed to come down during their record setting heat wave and it's too hot to do much of anything but run the AC and stay inside. Of course, this is helping me to get a lot of quilting done. I guess I can always find something to entertain myself You have a great weekend.