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Friday, July 31, 2015

Say Farewell To July

July 31, 2015

Good morning.  Wow, it's already the last day of July.  Between the heat, my hand, and the speedy passing of time, I don't think I'll have both of these holiday afghans finished by the end of August.  Oh well, I may have to re-set my goal to the end of September.  Hmmm, that'll work.

It's been hot and sticky all night, and I've been dozing off a little here and a little there.  Unfortunately, that had me wide awake at 3 a.m.   So, I've had my breakfast and I'm working on a can of ginger ale.  I thought it best to post my blog now in case I manage to fall asleep again in a while. 

Well, yesterday Pogo and I went to the auto dealership and got a new inspection sticker for the car.  Later in the afternoon, Joe and I went grocery shopping.  Aside from putting things away and cooking supper, that was the extent of my day.  My best laid plans go astray in this wicked heat.

I did spend a little time on the computer last evening to make a new freebie.  So, here is your QP 05.  The background and elements come from my own photographs.  I hope you can use it.

And here is your download link:

If all goes as planned today, I'd like to take a ride to the park to try out my new lens.  Later in the day, I'd like to take Pogo and go to ocean to see about getting photos of the Blue Moon.   Of course, everything depends on the heat and my breathing.   So we'll see.

I borrowed this wonderful image from the web because I believe the quote is ever so truthful.  I have both, and believe me the diamonds don't give you kisses and snuggle up with you.  Hands down, a dog is more valuable.

In all fairness to my friends and family with cats, (yes, we have two of them)  I also borrowed this next image to share.  A cat can be very soft and cuddly, yet powerful like the lion.

I've been having a problem this year with my (Pogo;s) new storm door.  For some reason, flies love it, and are drawn to the space between the top glass section and the screen.  The flies get in there, and after a while they die.  At last count (yesterday afternoon) there were 27 carcasses between the glass and the screen.  Thank goodness this is only on the top half of the door.

I'll have to see if my SIL Eddie knows what the problem is and maybe he can get the dead flies out of there.  They don't look nice there, and it makes it difficult to take photos through the glass.  Does anyone else have this strange problem?  If so, I'd like to hear how you solved it.

How about another "Weird Job"?   Did you know that in Britain, you can get paid for lying in other people's hotel beds?  How does being a "human bed warmer" sound?  In 2010, a hotel chain launched a unique experience by offering human bed-warming services, according to Reuters.   The news agency reported that willing staffers dress in an "all-in-one fleece sleeper suit" before entering a guest's room to warm his or her bed before the guest's arrival.  Speaking to Reuters, a spokeswoman for the company was quoted as saying that the service was "a bit like having a giant hot water bottle in your bed."

Hmmm, we could have used these bed warmers last winter.  I doubt if anyone would have been complaining about the cold with one of these in their bed. 

Well that's it for my news this morning.  Now I'm going to crawl back into bed and see if maybe I can catch a few more winks.  So, till Sunday, Y'all stay cool and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

A Human Bed Warmer, I think that I have heard it all now hee hee... Well I guess that if that is what one likes then it provides a valuable service.

Your quick page is just lovely. I must find some time to do some scrapping for fun. Right now I am super busy with these CT layouts. I have a bit of kits that are keeping me on my toes.

I tried to download the Windows 10 today but I can't find my key pin. I will email you today and if not I will call you. Have a good day.

The Queen Jester said...

Hmmm....human bed warmer, now there's a retirement job I could get into. I wonder if there's any call for warming up a recliner as well.

Stacey said...

Love those pictures, and I so love my dog more than diamonds. Hope you can get some great shots of the blue moon!

I sure wouldn't want a human bed warmer - yuck! LOL

smiekeltje said...

Gosh, sorry to hear you couldn't sleep very well, but may be after your posting you got some well-deserved sleep.
Months are passing by much quicker than we think. I believe we say that every year,LOL.
annying, those flies between the screen and window. We have a kind of little plague too at the moment. Lots of little flies, just mostly in one area of our house.
I have no idea from where they come, so every evening we take the small vacuum cleaner to get rid of the flies. I dont want to spray and insecticide, that probably will not help, so we have just to cope with them for now and hope it will be over soon.
Glad that Pogo is feeling better again. And good you had the blanket on the floor!
Would be lovely to go to the seaside, so I hope you feel good enough to do so.
Going to try now to finish a new kit, so leaving you today.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the terrific QP. Love the background. Hope your weather will allow you to rest more now, that "little" front that came through yesterday dropped us from triple digits to 97F for today, but most importantly it dropped the was actually pleasant this morning while out staring at the blue moon that was shining so very brightly. My photo attempts with my digital camera or phone camera did not take very well even with the flash turned off...bummer!
Hope you get to the ocean to take some photos!
I so enjoy your daily e-mails...just sorry I don't get by daily for a chat and response....even though retired...I still seem to stay busy or am just too lazy to turn on the computer...ROFLMBO!
You and Pogo have a Marvelous weekend making lots and lots of memories to share...Hugs, Mat
p.s. understand the use of the hands...not fun when they don't want to cooperate with you like you want...pray the pain eases some soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello , I am Renee over at
I some how found your blog. Oh my gosh I am loving it ever so much :-)

Yea August is finally here my how the time is flying by.5 months from can you believe will be 2016 Oh my gosh, hard to believe :-)
Any ways just wanted to let you know i am loving your blog....
Blessings Renee

Stacey said...

ooh I forgot to say thank you so much for the beautiful qp! I love it!