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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pork Lo Mein, Pork Fried Rice And An Eggroll For Breakfast. Yum!!

July 23, 2015

Good morning.  It's early, only 6:13 a.m., so the air outside is really comfortable right now.  I have the door open to let some of that nice cool air in.  Mmmm, that feels so good.

Well, yesterday I got all the new pans and the new orange Ninja blender put away on the new "pullout" shelves.  Let me tell you, those "pullout" shelves really make life a lot easier.  No more bending and reaching way in to find the pan I need. 

I had wanted to put in another smaller cabinet to hold all my plastic bowls, etc.  But yesterday, I got a brainstorm and logged in to and found a cabinet that would suit my needs.  It has three drawers, and will fit nicely into the space where I want to put it.  I also found the two large totes that I've been looking for to store all my yarn and crochet projects, so I ordered them too.

Joe has been wanting a better cell phone, so when he got home from work, we went online to QVC to check out their Tracphones.   We found him a nice one, and ordered it.   I also checked out HSN's  "Today's Special Value".  It was "Sure Fit" non skid furniture covers, so I ordered one for the new sofa in the main house. 

So, as you can see, I had a very busy day shopping.  The nice part is that everything will be delivered right to my door.  So now I can just sit back and wait for the packages to roll in. 

DIL Janet came by after work yesterday afternoon, and treated us to Chinese food for supper.  Mmm, I haven't had any of this in a while, and it tasted soooo good.  I couldn't finish all of mine, so I put it away in the refrigerator.  This morning, I polished it all off for breakfast!  Yum! 

Folks, with all this wicked hot weather we've been having, don't forget that it's also very uncomfortable for your pets and other animals.  One good way to help keep your fur babies cool, it to fill a pliable container with water, add in a few treats and small toys, and freeze it.  Once it is frozen, take it out of the container and set it on the grass (in a shallow pan) for your pet to enjoy.  They'll keep cool while they lick away to reach the toys and treats.  (Beth sent this image found on the web)

I also have a couple images to share that I borrowed from the web.  If this beautiful kitty cat was nearer to where I live, (Kitty is in Texas) I'd have tried to find a way to bring it home.  I guess it's the look in Kitty's eyes that gets to me.

Speaking of eyes, how does one ignore these gorgeous eyes?   So, if anyone is feeling a bit depressed and down in the dumps, visit your local animal shelter and adopt a new fur baby.  You'll be so glad you did. 

Today's plans are just to do some laundry and make up this week's grocery shopping list.  Later when Joe gets home from work, we'll do our banking chores and pick up some groceries.   If I have time in between, I would like to play with my music machine. 

Well, that's it for today's news.  So till tomorrow, Y'all stay cool and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hey you two! Sorry I've been remiss in commenting lately, just took a much needed break for a week. I stayed off my computer totally! I did check my e-mails on my IPad, but no games, no blogging, no Facebook....feels like I have been gone for a month or more...LOL! Love getting your e-mails and I am caught up with your "new" kitchen...sounds wonderful and so handy for you!
It is already 90 degrees, but then it didn't drop below 83 overnight, but...I am in TX and it is July...ROFL. We haven't "officially" hit 100 at the airport, but the surrounding cities (i.e. mine) we have hit and surpassed it several times already. The heat index today is to be 104-105...too hot for me to be outside...LOL! I think I will try to catch up some with my blog reading. Thanks for the QP and all the lovely photos and terrific blogging! You and Pogo have a wonderful weekend. Chat more with you later! Stay cool! Hugs, Mat

Stacey said...

I hope every animal gets their forever home. if we could afford it we'd get another. my little Kobi, is the light of my life. She is a naughty little girl, but I love her so! I'm so glad the new kitchen is a delight. It sure will make your life easier and cooking more fun. take a picture when it's all set up, I'd love to see!

smiekeltje said...

The look in the eyes of those pets is sooo touching!

Good girl Edna! You did accomplish a lot of things yesterday.
So you are entitled to take a break during the weekend LOL!

Going to post now, so that will be done too and later today have to go out for a moment.

Have a fantastic weekend

Annesphamily said...

Edna you have so many cool ideas! Love the pet idea! We bought Leo a small pool to splash in but he is naughty and chewed some of the sides. Then he gets his feet so dirty and stands in there to drink! LOL! I am forever changing the water. I saw a cute idea, for your yarn. You can get a free standing tp holder and put your yarn on it. I thought that was quite clever.

Now I am going to need some Chinese food. LOL! There is a place close to my house that has good food. I may go there sometime this week.

I found my blogging buddies cook book and Deena in OK. has a pet sitting business and makes her own dog treats. I need to try those as they were int he recipe book.

I better get to the store before the day gets away from me. We worked int he garage this mornign and made a lot of progress. It is so hot though, int he 90's whewww.....

Take care

Hugs, Anne

Nani said...

I know for as much time as I'm shut-in the house my three feline kids are my sanity-savers!

Hugs, Nani