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Friday, July 17, 2015

Pogo Has A Cold, But Is Otherwise Healthy

July 17, 2015

Good morning.  The sun is shining, and we're back to the warm sticky temps for at least another week.  At the moment though, it is still quite nice outside.  (only 8:15 a.m.)

Yesterday, Pogo saw his doctor to make sure it was just a cold that he has and not the flu.  His doctor said that Pogo's heart and lungs sounded really good, and put him on an antibiotic for ten days to help get rid of the inflammation from his cold.  In a few months, Pogo will go back and get a flu shot. 

We learned that there is a new strain of canine flu going around. So, if any of you have doggies, please do have them vaccinated for the flu.   We all know how horrible we feel when we are sick with the flu, so why not do what we can to help prevent our fur babies from having to go through this too?

I read an article in yesterday's newspaper about how to make trading on Craig's list a lot safer.  Try meeting at your local police station to complete your trades.  The police in a lot of cities and towns are setting aside a safe area in, or just outside, the police station.  There have been quite a few murders this year as deals on Craig's list were being carried out.   So, if you use this online trading place, do encourage your police department to offer a safe trading zone.

Today, my grandson Kevin is coming over to help me in my kitchen.  I have to empty out a storage cabinet where all my pots and pans are kept.  This will be a good time to sort through them and get rid of all  the ones that I do not use anymore.  That means most of them.  SIL Eddie will be putting in a new cabinet and countertop this weekend.  Then I will be switching over to induction cooking.  I already have the burners set aside.  However, I think I'll pick up a small regular hot plate to use until I master how to cook on these new burners. 

Last evening, I ordered a new set of cookware from Amazon to use with my new burners.  Such a flimsy excuse to buy new pans, I know.  But most of my pans are aluminum, and cannot be used for induction cooking. 

Today I have more photos of the lilies in our garden.  Yesterday, I noticed that there were more large buds getting ready to open, so I'll take my camera outside later and get more photos. 

Now I should get dressed and start working in the kitchen before Kevin gets here.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Oh Edna, the lilies are just soooooooo gorgeous. I totally love them. I noticed this morning that my Crepe Myrtle has 3 new blooms... and there is a smaller one growing beside it. That excites me. I will make sure that I am outside when the law guys are here so that they will not take the weed whacker to it.

I didn't get to see my bats this morning. I was outside with my coffee and a yogurt in hopes of seeing them but it was too cloudy. Now the clouds are gone and the sun is shining brightly and the bats are probably back in their houses getting some much needed sleep from their night of hunting. Gosh I wish that they would fly low just a few times to divulge in an appetite of mosquitos on my back patio!

Oh Edna please do get rid of all of the Aluminum pots and pans. They are so not good for you as they leach the minerals into your food. I am of the mind set that you never have to have an excuse for new cookware.... (Smile).

Cisco goes to get his check up on Monday. I will be sure to get him a flu shot as well. I am so glad to hear that Pogo just has a cold. Poor baby. Cisco had a little cough and matty eyes back in the winter and I gave him some chicken broth and a little bit of beef broth when his appetite was down. He lapped it right up. I may sneak him a little today. He has been such a sweet baby. Protecting his mama from all sorts of noises. I took him out this morning for a run. It was so funny. I stood there and he ran circles and I just moved the leash from hand to hand as he made his circle. He was intent on chasing a motorcycle that was leaving the parking lot.

Oh did I tell you that they are not going to build an apartment complex in front of our building. They are putting in a garden and walking trail. I have seen the designs in the office and it is going to be so pretty. You can bet your boots I am going to sneak some lilies and daffodils in there haha...

Hugs and Kisses to Pogo and lots of hugs to you.... so glad your getting things done. Hugs to SIL Eddie too for all he does to help you!

LV said...

Remodeling is a mess, but it will be worth in the long run. Yes, pets are just like humans, they need a lot of tender care.

Stacey said...

Your lilies are beautiful! so glad Pogo just has a cold. Hope the antibiotics kick in fast and he feels better soon. All the vets here encourage a flu shot, it's passed via noses and we know dogs love to sniff each other. Luckily in our area there hasn't been an outbreak but you just never know and better to be safe!

smiekeltje said...

Oh, great that Kevin comes over to help you. And later that Eddie will make a new storage. Those two are just like diamonds to have around!!!
Gosh, induction I actually have no idea if it is handy and or quick, it is different from electric cooking isn't it?
Good idea to have around a little hot plate just till you master the induction stuff.
wonderful excuse it is to have some new pans LOL!

Glad Pogo has some antibiotics to help him to get rid of the cold. I am sure he soon will be okidoki again.
well, time to post finally on my blog, I have a few photos of the garden to show.
Have a lovely day with Kevin.

Annesphamily said...

Beautiful flowers! Good advice on craiglist. Our local law enforcement are helpful to have you meet in their parking lots or lobbies. I live two minutes away from the police station. They are across the street from the E.B. Raines Park. Zach, Rebekah's beau, has a goofy mother! That crazy woman goes into peoples homes. He gets soooo upset with her. She is so "dumb" trusting! Never reads the local news where the young pregnant mother had her baby cut out of her womb 30 minutes from here! Duh! I would never go alone and I certainly would not go into some strangers basement! Many years ago, when I was a young gal in my 20's someone stole my purse at a Christmas party when I worked for Transamerica Title Co. It was odd because the guy who called me to say he found my purse on the banks of the Arkansas River (in the snowy month of Dec on record)! Duh! My purse was suede with the fringe , a hobo bag, and it was in perfect condition! That creep had to have stolen my purse as he only stole my cash, about fifty dollars! I stopped my credit cards but he lived in an upscale neighborhood and my mom drove my dad's big truck and her sister, Auntie Mary, who weighed about 85 lbs. soaking wet, stood with her arms folded in the driveway while mom gunned the engine! They said they would charge the house and my mom would crash that truck if he tried any funny business! LOL! Thank goodness he was just a thief not a serial killer! The induction stuff is so cool! Good luck mastering all of it! Such fun! Hope Pogo feels better real soon. Take care you two cuties! Hugs, Anne