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Monday, July 20, 2015

Is Our Weather Norm Changing?

July 20, 2015

Good morning.  The sun is shining, and there is a slight breeze.  And it is warm!  83F degrees, and headed for 93F degrees.  Tomorrow will also be in the 90's.  Thank goodness for the A/C.  Last night was very warm and humid all through the night.  Hopefully, tonight will be a little cooler.

Yesterday, Eddie and Kevin came by for a while to work on my kitchen project.  It's almost finished now.  Eddie just has to put in one more outlet and bumpers on the backs of the "pull out" drawers under the cabinet.   After that, it will take me a while to figure out how I want to arrange things. 

It's going to be nice to have a little bit of counter space to work on.  My kitchen is very tiny, and was originally designed for a very tall man who did not spend much time cooking.  Therefore, the cabinets are way too high for me to use, and there was hardly any counter space.  I don't care about the cabinets (I have a pantry), but I will enjoy the new counter space.

The new set of pans that I had ordered was delivered yesterday.  I'll wait until the cabinet is finished before unpacking them.  I was going to play with my new music center yesterday, but I figured I should wait until it wasn't quite so busy around here. 

I've been watching the Weather Channel this morning, and this new type of extreme weather is really scary.  Yesterday, flash flooding wiped out a section of an interstate highway.  In another area, it destroyed a home,  killing a woman and two of her children.  I'm hoping that this extreme weather is not going to become our new norm.

As for the politics on TV, I think a law should be passed that would restrict candidates from attacking each other's personal lives.   I think that all candidates should focus only on what they can do to make and keep this country strong.  

I think all candidates should have a reasonably low cap on how much money can be spent on campaigning.   I'm talking thousands of dollars, not millions.  Right now, only the very rich can campaign for the higher government offices.  A low limit on how much could be spent on campaigning would allow so many honest folks to run for office.  It could change the face of politics and corruption.  Who knows?

This morning I was playing around in Photoshop with a photo of rain on my car's windshield (taken three years ago).   Here's the original photo.

Cropped to this.

After adding textures, gradients, color and a filter, it becomes this; a rather pleasant background for a scrap layout. 

I'll make another background soon, and post them as a freebie.  This kind of playing is quite relaxing.  Crocheting is usually very relaxing, but lately it has been too hot and sticky.  Playing with music is also very relaxing for me.  Once I start listening to it, I lose track of time. 

Speaking of time, I need to get busy here and get a few things accomplished.   Then I can play.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Garla Reed said...

Lovely what you did with the rain photo. I wish that I had patience for doing something like that. But I don't. I some how miss seeing what can be!

Great news on your kitchen being almost ready. I have the same problem here in this apartment. I am five feet tall and zero inches so reaching for things is a problem for me and thankfully I have the boys to get things down for me, but it would be nice to be able to reach for what I want. My other apartment was built for handicapped residents and that meant that it had lower cabinets and wide doors thru out the apartment. Light switches were lower and so were plug outlets allowing residents in wheel chairs to be able to reach without having to try and bend down or stand up.

Cisco is hiding under the sofa cushions. I hear a growl every now and then as someone passes by. He has his view of the patio from his hiding spot. He wasn't interested in his breakfast this morning so I took it away. I have some left over fish filets in the fridge and will break it off in small pieces today and add it in so maybe he will have a treat for lunch.

The pain in my right side is back. I wish I knew why it is occurring. I will probably be down more today than up because it is causing me some uncomfortable pain. I was not very active yesterday. I notice that I have problems sitting too long. When I do the pain becomes bad so most of the day was spent with me lying on my right side in hopes that the pressure would ease the pain. It did help.

Enjoy your new cooking pots and pans. Lucky you.... I received a gift of pots and pans on Mother's Day several years ago and I cannot imagine not having them now. They have been the best cook ware I ever had. I do miss my pyrex cook wear but these are great. I was asked by the kids what I would like for my birthday coming up in October and I requested a nice cast iron skillet.

Have a great day Edna and give my love to Pogo... Beth