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Thursday, July 2, 2015


July 2, 2015

Good morning on this lovely day here in New England.  And it is lovely!!   It's 71F degrees and sunny.  Later the temperature will get up to the mid 80's.  It looks like the weather will be just fine for all the local parades and fireworks displays that are planned for this weekend. 

Today is also my daughter Deanne's birthday.   Deanne was born on what is the original Independence Day.  She is my middle child, and she's very patriotic   Dee Dee, I wish you a beautiful happy day.  You are such a joy to me and everyone around you.  Happy Birthday Dee Dee.

Yesterday, I managed to accomplish a few things without leaving my seat.  I did a bit of research on-line, and was able to make an appointment for someone to come out in a couple of weeks to give me an estimate for windows.  Construction must be having a real busy season, because any appointments I make are for at least a couple of weeks away.  Hmmmm. Business must be booming!

I also started making my new Blog Book.  I guess I either did a bit too much chatting or I posted too many photos because a book covering six months was going to be too big.  So I will be doing three books this year, one every four months.  This morning, I will call Blog2Share to make sure of this before I actually place my order.

Recently, I decided that I might like to start making QP freebies again.  This was always fun and relaxing for me.  So I made one for the July fourth holiday.  Here's my scrap page featuring Deanne at a local Memorial Day parade. 

Here's a preview of your freebie QP.  I hope you can use it.  Next year, I'll try to remember to make one for Canada Day too.

And here is your download link.  I will leave it up for a few days.

Today I need to make up my grocery list, because we are going shopping when Joe gets home from work this afternoon.  I must remember to pick up a small brush for the shellac so that we can get the other squirrel feeder finished and hung outside.

I think it's also time to start going through my photos from this year to see which ones might be good for next year's calendar.  I also need to go through my "gift" drawer to see what I do and don't have.  Then I can make up my new holiday shopping list.  It may only be July, but the next few months have a way of slipping by quickly.

Well, that's about all my news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...


Good Morning to you and I am wishing Dee Dee a very Happy Birthday!!! I did not know that there was an original Independence Day. I always thought that it was July 4th. Learn something new every day.

Your quick page is just lovely. I will definitely be making a page with it to post on my blog and my groups on Saturday. Or maybe even Friday night so it is there early on Saturday morning.

I will be picking up a few Christmas gifts ass well this month. One gift for each of the grandkids. By the time that Christmas rolls around and it is going to be here sooner than we think, it will not be so hard on me financially. Last year was terrible. I had to buy from the 99 cent store and it was so sad, so this year I want it to be a lot better than last year.
When I moved here I knew that I was going to be taking a hard financial cut but it has been worth it to be closer to my kids and grandkids. There is nothing like seeing their little smiles and receiving all those hugs and kisses. I feel the same with my kids. I just light up when I see one of them walking in the door.

I am doing photo books for my sister and grandkids from Shutterfly this year. I have been working on them a little at a time. My sister doesn't have time to do them so I am doing them for her and she will preview them and order them. It will give me something to do.

Guess I will get off of here. I updated my blog first thing and now I need to check out my group and have another cup of coffee. Talk to you soon! Hugs, Cisco and Beth

Andrea Priebe said...

Every month slips away, Edna ... this year is half over and I am just getting used to the fact that winter is over ...for the most part. We had 58 degree temps here yesterday even though the sun was out shining away. The winds were coming from the north so I guess that is why. I heard on the radio that Alaska is having record heat because the polar caps are melting and there isn't as much cold air coming down from them. This world is going to do flip flops if this continues.

Happy Birthday to Dee Dee ... so fun to be born on a special day. I have a friend who's daughter was born on St.Patricks day and she thought that the parades and celebrations were for her birthday. And, her mother let her think it and enjoy it until she was old enough to understand... kind of like the Santa Clause issue :)

Izzi's recovery is going slow. She still has a little fluid on her joint and the antibiotic they gave her made her sick ... well thankfully they changed it, but we are still doing a lot of buttsy cleaning. She won't be a happy camper until she can play with her Frisbees and run with her friends in agility again. Hopefully that will be the outcome.

I have a "friend request" on my facebook page from a Franny Loud. I swear she has a picture of Pogo on her request. Do you know who it is? I haven't accepted her request because I don't know her ... but with Pogo there, I thought maybe you might be able to shed some light on it :)

Meanwhile, today I have to go out a wrestle with some really big weeds. It is on the side of the house that I hardly ever see, so I was surprised to see the size and number of weeds that have engulfed the whole area. It's them or me today ... wish me luck :) Love to Pogo and hello to Joe. Stay well, Edna ... it's good to have you back in ship shape again.

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

It sounds you have real nice weather, so it will be god to go out later today, if only for some grocerie shopping.
Here today will be warm, but tomorrow even more.
Hmmm, not the kind of weather to be awefull energetic and running around LOL.

How great you are back in making quickpages again. Okay, not in every post there will be one, but it's good you are taking that on again every now and then.
I am terribly lazy at the moment concerning designing. I still have a bit "on stock"but it is time to start it again. I loved doing it, so why I cannot get to it now, I don't know.
Okay, time to post and then do some things around here, as lng as it isn;t too hot.
Have a fantastic day,