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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Freebie For You

July 8, 2015

Good morning.  Right now, it's comfy outside.  Not too hot yet, cloudy with a little breeze.  However, soon it will be hot and sticky with possible showers on and off.  The weatherman says that things could get a bit feisty (stormy) between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. 

I was sort of hoping to go out later today to look at furniture.  DIL Janet may be coming over after work, and I thought that maybe the three of us could go (Pogo too).   One of the furniture stores is having a nice sale on recliners, and this is what I'm looking for.

Last night, I put a couple more rows on the Country Blue afghan.  Now both this one and the Merlot afghan are near the half done mark.  I'd like to finish both of them before the end of August.  I've put the lapghans on hold for a while until these two projects are finished. 

I was hunting around for some new crochet projects to try, and found the pattern for this cute 1920's Gatsby hat.  Depending on the yarn used, this could be a great year round hat.

While I've been busy posting here, it rained a little.  Not enough to make any puddles, but just enough to put drops all over my car.  Hopefully, we're going to get a little more than that.  My flowers and lawn could use a bit of rain.

There's not much news to share today.  It's rather quiet around here during the week when all the dwarfs are at work.  However, I do have a new freebie for you.  Here's a preview, with the download link beneath it.  (link will be up for one week)  As usual, all credits are included in the zip file.  I hope you can use it.  Have fun.

Here's your download link:

Today I'd like to move a few of the dust bunnies around.  Maybe even toss a few of them out.  Then I want to make a space for a new chair.  I'll also have to shop for a new lamp to have by the new chair. 

Wow, talk about changing weather!!  I just looked up at the door, and the sun is shining.  Well, that's New England for you.  If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it will change. 

My morning TV programs are starting now.  Let's Make A Deal and The Price Is Right.  So, on that note, I'll take my leave.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Thank You for the beautiful Quick Page. It is just gorgeous! I will definitely be putting it in my stash.

Well it looks like rain here. Not sure what it is going to do. We have some beautiful Crepe Myrtle trees this year and the one out of my patio does not get much sun at all and has just one flower on it. It s so odd to see that one lone bloomer.

I do hope that you find the furniture that your wanting. A new recliner and a new lamp too... Wow such fun! I love furniture shopping. Just not the prices. I do hope that you can get the windows installed.

I am making black eyed peas for dinner tonight and some corn bread. I am doing it all early and the boys can just stick their steaks into the oven when they get ready for them. I am not much on cooking today. I really hurt. But a few things have to be done regardless.

I hope that you and Pogo have a wonderful day and Oh I love the Gatsby hat. Too cute. I have a Gatsby headband that is cute. I will have to dig it out and let you see it.
Have an awesome day... Hugs, Beth and Cisco!

The Queen Jester said...

Good luck for your search of the perfect chair. A recliner can be so comfy if it fits properly.
The Gatsby style hat is adorable. My granddaughter has such a pretty face and long, long would look cute on her, but I'm not sure what her style sense is these days. It seems to change by the hour.

Stacey said...

Hope you do get some rain. the quickpage looks beautiful, but the link i'm getting is the same as the independance one. can you check on that please. or maybe it's just me. Hope you do find the right recliner for you!

smiekeltje said...

Hope your weather stays on the good side and that you can go out with Janet and Pogo. Oh. lovely to go on furniture shopping. And even better if you could find what you want for a real good price(in the sale!)
What a colorful and completely different kind of quickpage! You seem to have a bit of inspiration for it nw, good for you. I am still kind of lacking inspiration (and may be good will too LOL) so designing is still low. But I have lot of other things to do, so the days still go by much quicker than I want to.
Have a nice day, greetings to Janet,

Anonymous said...

A beautiful Quick Page Edna, Thank you for your creation. How I would love to be able do so. Hugs Elee

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning y'all! Hope this lovely warm day finds you in good health and anticipation for a fantastic rest of the week and the upcoming weekend! I so enjoy your e-mails each day, shame I don't get to respond daily! Love the Gatsby style hat and thanks so much for the lovely, lovely QP, I am sure with all the great-nieces I have that it will be used. So nice to see you designing again. Good luck with finishing your two projects by the end of next month too.
Lovely photos of the purple flowers too, if that is a weed, I'd love one in my garden...LOL! We have so much trouble with stuff that requires direct sunlight and high temperatures, but we do have a few hardy plants...LOL!
Well, off here early to finish some blog reading, think I will visit Kyra and Miriam real quick before I start my house chores. The important stuff is already done, the feeding of the fur babies, their baths, cleaning the litter boxes, refilling water bowls, etc...the birds I have to wait until after the sun comes up....ROFL! That is my daily routine and I love every minute of it!
You and Pogo have a good day! Hugs, Mat

Annesphamily said...

Aw...a new chair. Good luck.Had to share some furry friend stuff with you. Today I saw a piece on the news where a little Yorkie was missing for four years from his home. They were reunited and that lil fellow was so cute! He was dancing about getting some treats! LOL! Precious, just precious. Then my neighbor's husky disappeared two weeks ago. SO sad. I just saw Mark yesterday and he said there was no news but he kept animal control on speed dial. I heard on the news that 49 pets were picked up by various animal control agencies due to the rain storms and the fireworks. Well lo and behold this morning Kodiak is back in the yard and standing watch waiting for me to come over with his treats! Hee Hee! I am so happy to see him. Leo gave a welcome home bark and they ran along the fence together enjoying each other and their friendship. Lots of people prayed for Kodiak. I occasionally bring Jeremy's dogs here and those three were looking for Kodiak. They looked so sad. It is nice to have their friend back. SOmeone wrote Jeremy a poison pen letter about his dogs stating they bark all day until he comes home and are alone in the yard. Liars with their pants on fire! I drive there twice and three times a day some days to check them and those pool people are liars. The lady next door to J and Brit said she thinks it's the pool people with their fancy swimming whole! UGH! SO aside from telling lies they must have scared the dogs for some reason because Smokey will hardly go outside when he sees them! He tore up the carpet and two steps leading into the basement and J is mad as a wet hen! But who ever installed that carpet did a crummy job can't blame an animal for trying to right a wrong! Now he has a gate up so I have to go unlock the gate when I open the door. Sigh! I am hoping Noelle goes with me. She is off today and Nick is babysitting for her friend Crystal. She has a super great job and three kiddos, and those boys love Nick cause he plays hard with them all day long. Crystal is a good mom and she lives in a beautiful home. Nick enjoys the boys company, the twins are 10 and the lil one is 8.
I love that knit cap. You are so ambitious. Have a beautiful day my friend. Take care. Hugs!