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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Progress Isn't Always Good For Everyone

May 26, 2015

Good morning.  Today is sunny and bright, and headed for the really warm temps this afternoon.  The weatherman says we might hit 90F degrees today.  It won't bother me.  There is A/C in the car for when I have to go out later to my doctor appointment.

I am going to have a serious chat with my doctor today.  I am in week seven of whatever it is that is keeping me down, and I just can't do this every time a new virus goes by my neighborhood.  His office has recently changed over to an all digital system, and I for one am not happy about that.  I used to get a typed letter after each appointment showing my health status.  The last time I went to see him, I did not get the letter.  Instead, I got an email (thank goodness I felt up to reading my emails that day)  telling me that if I want my status report that I can go online and sign up and read them on-line.  This is not what I am comfortable with.

I don't care what other folks do, but I don't want to be forced into doing all my banking and bill paying on-line, and I certainly don't want to read about my medical status on-line.    While progress might be good for most of us, I am saddened how it has made us so "in-human" and uncaring about personal feelings. 

The last time I saw my doctor, he was getting ready to write out a script for an antibiotic and he asked me what I was allergic to.  This surprised me, so I asked him why he didn't just look it up on my medical record.  He said that he couldn't do that because the system was being updated to the cloud.  I don't know about you, but this really upset me.  Because I was given a script for the wrong medicine that day, I did not get better, just worse.  This is good progress?

The other thing I want to discuss with him is why I have to be sick for a month before he will prescribe the medicine that will heal me.  I am not a drug addict.  I do not abuse drugs.  I don't even like taking them, and never have.   So now I'm wondering if the insurance companies have instructed him to slow down on giving out necessary drugs to the elderly.  We are old, so who cares?   He always seemed to be a good doctor, but now I think it is time for us to have an honest chat.

My appetite lately is horrid.  Most of the time, nothing appeals to me.  Once in a while, I can enjoy what I am eating, but most of the time I don't enjoy the food.  So, then I just skip the meal and grab a bottle of water.  Even my morning coffee tastes awful now, so I haven't had it in a while.  I did have an ice coffee from McDonalds the other day that tasted ever so good.   So maybe today I can get another one on the way home from the doctor's office.  (and maybe a hamburger for Pogo)

Enough from Miss Crabapples.  I have another image (from a friend)  to share with you.  This can make peeling onions a lot more pleasant.  If you wipe the counter (or table) area with white vinegar before peeling the onions, your eyes will not get all teary.

And here's another good kitchen tip.  Try using a large muffin pan when you are making stuffed peppers.  Stand the peppers up in the cups.  This helps to keep them upright.

Before I take my leave, I want to let everyone know that Kyra is beginning to feel a bit better now.  This is such wonderful news.  Don't overdo things, Kyra.  Just keep getting stronger. 

Well, that's about it for today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe, and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...


I totally agree with the progress thing that isn't such a good thing. I don't mind some things but others in the name of progress keeps me from doing so much.

My appetite is not so great either. I just have no taste for some things, then what I do want I take a couple of bites and push it aside. I made a grilled cheese a bit ago and I even broke my own rule and gave a quarter of it to Cisco. He had no problem with eating it but it had a funny taste. So does everything right now. I am making some baked zucchini right now and will top it with some provolone cheese and have that for lunch. I hope it tastes better than all the rest of my brilliant food ideas.

I just got back from the office and the damage is really pretty bad. The front of the building took a beating. I had to walk the long way around and was so surprised to find that it is all damaged. They have some people working and cleaning up so that is a start.
Karyn told me that the holding ditches at her place saved a lot of damage, but they still got hit hard as well with cars floating all about in the parking lot and hitting other things. It could have been a lot worse. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as it could have been and no one was injured that she knew of.

I did read Kyra's blog this morning and seen where Jan had his surgery. They have had it hard as well. I am thankful that they are both on the mend. I sure hope that we all get over what ever it is that has all of us sick. I can tell that she is enjoying the warmer weather and for that I am pleased to know that is one bright spot for her.

I cannot get over this tired feeling that has plagued me the last couple of days. I have spent much of the 3 day holiday in my room. I looked forward to time with the boys but when it came right down to it, I was not feeling up to the noise and movies and such. I barely turned on the computer. I spent some time on my phone however.

Edna, take care of yourself. I hope that you find something that will help you get your appetite back. I will be thinking of you today while your at the doctor. Do you think that perhaps you will benefit from something like Boost or Ensure? Maybe if you could drink a little of that to at least get the vitamins that you need it might spark your appetite. Did you get your seafood platter?

I hope to talk to you soon. I am waiting for Karyn to stop by on her lunch if she can. She should be here in the next few minutes if she is going to be able to stop in... Hugs, Beth

Debby said...

You poor girl, you should not be sick for so long. Something isn't right. Are you saying that the doctor just gave you the antibiotics. I don't like all this data stuff. Your medical information is not good to have on the net. I may be old-fashioned but why? I have never gotten a letter about my progress unless it's to say something about a test. Speaking of which I had a couple tests at the hospital last week. They told me that I would need an appointment to come back and talk about the results. If they are negative why should I have to pay another co-pay. I am going to wait to see if they call me. I never get to see my doctor anymore. I see the newest PA. My doctor left the firm then her replacement left. Since then several PT's have come and gone. Irritating.
I am doing a little better about Izzy. I have moments where it is just so sad. Piper is just okay. He still is looking for her. I wish you could see him cuddled up on the sofa with his head on a pillow.
Please nail that doctor down and tell him you need to get better.
I love me a Hazelnut Ice Cofee Medium only $99.

Nani said...

One of the things I've been pretty adamant about in the advisory committee for transportation for seniors and people with disabilities is that changing things and especially changing to new technology is something they have to do slowly and in addition to, not in place of, the traditional ways. Biggest thing; a computer interlace does NOT replace an actual voice on the phone when setting up transportation pick-ups. Technological advances mostly happen in the workplace. People who are retired don't get that "free training" that people in offices or running computers in retail etc, do. It's unfair to expect your customers (or patients) to just "fall in line" with YOUR advances because many of us don't even know where the line is. We also have more time to know how many security breaches happen in "the cloud." It's sort of like "an airplane landed safely" is more common but not news, but there are still more cloud breaches than plane crashes.

And, BTW, I love the stuffed pepper tray idea!! :)

Hugs, Nani

The Queen Jester said...

I should have read your hint on cutting onions before I did all my veggie prep this morning. I had a particularly pungent onion and the tears were flowing.

I like the idea of the muffin tin for the stuffed peppers also - very clever.

LV said...

Technology and insurance companies are ruling the country. You are correct they do not want us old folks and sometimes will not treat you. Very hard to get a primary doctor to take you anymore. So sorry you are going through so much. When you cannot trust your doctor or preacher, you know things are bad. Hagn in as time takes care of things.

LV said...

So sorry you are going through so much just now. If you have a primary doctor, you better keep him as they do not want us seniors. Between the government and technology, it is hard to get treatment. Hang in and with time things will get better.

Annesphamily said...

Feel better soon my friend. I am glad you had that chat with the doctor. I worked with so many for so many years that I am not afraid to speak my mind. Get well soon. I hate hearing that you aren't well yet. Drat!

I was reading an article about these PCP doctors that charge a standard fee, don't accept insurance and have more healthy patients than not! It was in Maine and I am liking that idea. We pay and pay and pay and no one wants to treat us. Doctors took an oathe and most of them like the $$$$$ only! I like this new breed of doctors. wanting to practice medicine! Wow! A novel idea! One patient said his diabetes is under control. He pays $720 a year and can see his dr. whenever he needs to but he only saw him once for the diabtes in one year. LOL! I think because he isn't paying so much out of pocket. I think this may catch on. Lots of young and up and coming doctors just want to treat patients regardless of age and insurance is killing their practices with all the forms they have to fill out, the paperwork piling sky high. I like this PCP idea. From Maine. Hope it catches on here soon.

Enjoy your week.