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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's Time To Put The Plants Into The Ground

May 13, 2015

Good morning.  It's a little bit cooler today, and the sun is shining.  I've been up for a couple of hours now, watching a lot of new household cleaning ideas on one of the shopping channels.  No, I'm not shopping, just watching and learning.  Coming up will be some new ground cover perennial plants.  I'll be watching for something pretty to plant in the shade.

Joe says he will do some planting this weekend.  We need to get all the new plants and bulbs into the ground.  Pretty soon, we'll have lots of veggie plants needing to be transplanted into the yard too.  Dwarf Helen has a whole tray of plants that she started from seed, and they are growing nicely. 

SIL Eddie is coming over this morning to see about blocking a place where I think a couple of hornets found their way into the house yesterday.  Hornets are not something I want to deal with.  It took a while, but I managed to get these two out of the house.  Now to just take care of that entry spot.  (At least, that's what I think it is.)

Eddie will also stop by the Post Office for me and mail off my box of lapghans.  This first batch has six different colors. 

I'm already working on Batch Two.  I showed a picture of the Easter Basket yarn yesterday, but oh how pretty it is when partnered with a light pink.  Isn't this pretty?

Yesterday, I spent some time on-line looking for Patio Mates to put on part of my new porch.  It's like a screen house that is made for decks and porches.  This will give Pogo and me a "bug free" place to sit outside.  I found one that might be just right, but I want to see what SIL Eddie has to say about it before I invest a lot of money into a purchase.

Last night, I worked on one of the afghans that I have started.  I'm waiting for DIL to call me later.  I'm going to see if maybe she will stop by the store and pick me up some blue yarns.  Maybe some ice cream too.  I already ate all the ice cream that Joe picked up for me last week.  (Yup, little miss piglet, me!  I can't resist the ice cream.)

I'm hoping to be able to go food shopping tomorrow, even if only for a little while.  We'll see.  I'm still a bit shaky on my feet.  If I can't, maybe DIL Janet will go for me.  I really need to get a lot of stuff now.  This is week five of being in the house, and I've pretty much deleted a lot of stock items.  I'm not complaining.  Actually, I'm really glad that I had as much stuff stocked up.  It's lasted really well.

My friend Kyra has been laid up for the past couple of weeks.  I'm not sure what the illness is, but I surely do hope that she gets well soon.  I miss my morning visits to her blog.   Big hugs and prayers for a speedy healing to you Kyra, from Pogo and me. 

Well, I obviously don't have a lot of news for today, so I think I'll take my leave here.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Oh Edna, those colors are just beautiful. They are very pretty.
So glad that your going to get the plants in the ground. That is a wonderful part of gardening, to be able to watch what you plant grow.
I had really good luck planting impatients in the shade. I am sure that you will find something lovely to put there, perhaps some calla lilies as well. I am not sure if you are wanting a bush or flowers, but I am sure that you will have fun deciding.
Oh what a scare with those hornets. I do hope that the entrance gets blocked soon. We had a wasp or yellow jacket nest built right above our front door. We were lucky no one got stung knocking it down.
Your netting sounds like a good idea for you and Pogo and your porch. At least until you can get your porch built.
I am off to have a cup of coffee and see who has been blogging. All of my fellow bloggers except for you are MIA. Guess I need to check on everyone. I am sure all is well. They are probably just living real life right now.
Hugs, and take care of yourself. Beth

The Queen Jester said...

We had a patio thing that attached to the house for some outdoor enjoyment. It was very nice, but because our lot was on a hillside and wooded, it made the living room it was attached to quite dark. Of course, in the summer the shade was welcome.