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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's Time To Mail Off A Batch Of Lapghans

May 12, 2015

Good morning.  It's a bit on the cloudy side here, and it rained a bit during the night.  The flowers on my doorstep are looking pretty happy.  Especially the purple and orange pansies.  Gosh, every day they get prettier and prettier.  As soon as I pick a handful of these beautiful pansies for my little vase, they grow a whole new batch of blossoms. 

Well wow!  Yesterday was a great day for getting boxes in the mail.  First came a small package tucked in with the mail.  Then came a truck with lots of boxes.  Oh boy!!  Well of course I got busy right away opening all these packages.  A few things were put away in the gift drawer, some was for sharing, and some was for moi. 

My new induction burners arrived, along with one of the new pans for my microwave.  I'll have to ask SIL Eddie to make the new cover for my stove top so that the new burners can be set up.  I'm looking forward to learning how to cook on these new burners.

By mid afternoon yesterday, I got very tired.  I guess I just over-did things a bit.  When you start to feel better after a long illness, sometimes you (me) tend to do a bit too much.  So the rest of the day was mostly for resting up.

Last evening, I picked out the color for the next lapghan.  This one is called "Easter Basket".  It's a mixture of lilac, pink, gray and white. 

I was going to start a blue lapghan, but I don't have enough of the blue yarn.  Not to worry, that's a super excuse to do a bit of yarn shopping.  I'm not complaining one tiny bit!

My first batch of lapghans is about ready for mailing, and these are being sent to my friend Nani.  She runs a support group for folks with MS, and hopefully some of the members can use these lapghans.     Now it's time to get started on the next batch.

In between working on the lapghans, I'm adding a few items to my gift drawer.  I still have two afghans to finish for Christmas, but there is plenty of time to get them done.  I'm hoping to make it out to a store later this week to pick up a large plastic tote for storing my crochet projects. 

DIL Janet might be coming over tomorrow after work, so maybe I can talk her into taking me shopping.  While I'm there, I can pick up some blue yarn, and on the way home, we can pick up some take out from McDonalds.  Now that will make Pogo very happy.  He gets a double hamburger plain.  Most of it will be for his supper, and the rest of it will make a tasty late night snack.

Yesterday, Deanne sent me a photo of my great granddaughter Lilah and her brother Jack.  Lilah was a beautiful snowman in the Mother's Day recital at her dance school.  Here, Jack is helping Lilah with all her beautiful flowers.   I'm really quite blessed.

Well, I think I've done enough babbling.  Now it's time to sip a bit of my coffee and catch up on some blog reading.   I have my favorites that I like to start each morning with.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Unknown said...

Hi Edna, I just caught up with your blog and Ohhh those orange roses are just beautiful along with the tulips... Lucky you!! I have not planted one single thing at this point. Just do not have the time or money at this point. I had to spend what I had on necessary food for me and the kiddos.

I went over to Kyra's blog and am concerned since she has had the dreaded flu. Have you heard from her? I do hope that she and Jan are well.

I slept well last night in my own bed and home, but woke up still feeling rather tired. I updated my blog and a few things that needed tending to and now I am ready for a nap. I think that I will indulge this first day home for a little while.
Hugs, my friend. Give Pogo auntie kisses for me... Beth