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Friday, May 22, 2015

Do You Need A Set Of Spurtles?

May 22, 2015

Good morning.  The sun is shining and there is a beautiful little breeze.  It's a great day for cleaning up the yard.  SIL Eddie and a friend are here doing just that.  It's simply amazing the piles of junk and dead leaves and branches that seem to pile up over the winter. 

Today I'm a bit better.  The shakies and the sick to the stomach part are still here, but the rest is beginning to heal.  At least I think it is.  I was going to call my doctor yesterday to give him an update, but I forgot.  Today is his day off, so I'll wait till Monday to call him.  Hopefully, by then I'll feel even better.

I've been working on a Perfect Pink lapghan, and it is more than half done.  My new yarn order arrived yesterday, so I'm thinking that the next lapghan will be a shade of blue.  Even though I love working with all the beautiful colors, I have to remind myself every now and then that not everyone with a wheel chair is a lady.  Therefore, I need to include all the "guy" colors too. 

Right now, I'm having a bout of sneezing.  So, let's get right to the images that I'm going to share today.  My friend Mat sent this image to me, along with a link to the source.  The lady who makes these sells them, so the pattern is not available.  But aren't they beautiful?  Thanks Mat, for sharing.

Next, I want to share a new product that I found on QVC's shopping channel.  Have you ever heard of a spurtle?  How about a whole set of spurtles?  It's amazing how many different products are re-invented over and over, and yet someone still manages to market and sell them.  Here's a photo of the Spurtles as they were displayed on the TV.  (They work like spoons and spatulas.)

This is Memorial Day Weekend so whatever you are doing to celebrate, be safe.  Wave that beautiful flag, and appreciate all that has been given so that we may enjoy our freedom. I borrowed this image from the web, and I hope everyone will take up the challenge and show our beautiful flag everywhere.   

Now I think I'll take my leave.  The sneezing is getting to me.  So, till Sunday, Y'all be safe and have a magnificent weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Oh the footies are so adorable. I have forgotten now which famous person, I believe it was Martha Stewart that use to crochet little slippers and keep in a basket at her front door for guests to slip on to protect her floors and carpets. A great idea. We use to take our shoes off at the door when the kids were little. It didn't work here in this apartment however and the carpets really show the dirt and wear and tear.

I have never heard of the kitchen utensils called Spurtles, although I used to have a set that I used for several years but we just called them the wooden thingies.

I am happy that your getting your yard cleaned. It makes such a big difference. I really need to wash my windows and blinds. It is time for a little spring cleaning here as well. The back patio and front entrance could use a good bleaching and scrubbing and the baseboards could stand a cleaning as well.
But that is a chore for another day. Stay well... Hugs, Beth

The Queen Jester said...

Those slippers are just adorable and so fun. I'll bet they're warm and soft also. They look like they'd be a lot of work!

Nani said...

I'm glad to see you up to being on your band-box, even if it's just sitting on it for today. :) But I agree, why are we paying people who were wealthy to begin with when they aren't working for us anymore? They should be paying in and collecting Social Security like the rest of us. Maybe they’d take better care of Social Security if they were part of it.

I love those slippers, too cute!

Just a note about the Spurtles; I’d buy them if I saw them at a kitchen store, or better yet at Big Lots! My parents both passed the kitchen gadget addiction on to me. We have a drawer in our kitchen with stuff David doesn’t know what is because if my dad sees a gadget he likes, he buys 3; one for me and one for my brother too. LOL

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
Hugs, Nani

Edna B said...

Nani, your Dad sounds like me. If I find a crazy new find, I buy one for me and one for each of my kids that I think can use it. (Even if they don't know it yet.) haha.

You have a great day, Hugs, Edna B.