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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Breakfast Tastes Good This Morning

May 28, 2015

Good morning.  It's another beautiful sunny day here in New England.  However, we could use a little rain.  Mind you, I said "a little" rain.  So far, we're okay, but the water level is going down.  We've had hardly any rain all Spring. 

I just took a few moments to get some breakfast for Pogo and me.  I cooked an extra hamburger last evening so that he could have some today.  He has already gobbled it all up and is looking at me for more.  So, I'll go get a little more for him.  One thing he does not do is overeat.  He may only want one more bite, and he'll keep looking at me like he is starving until he gets it.  Once he has that extra bite, he walks away. 

For myself, I opened some cottage cheese with pineapple.  And boy oh boy does it ever taste good.  This is the first morning I've had any breakfast in a while now.  Actually, like Pogo, I've just finished eating the last morsel of my cottage cheese.  I think we were both hungry this morning.

Yesterday, I took Pogo out for a walk around the yard.  We took our time because there was so much that he had to sniff and check.  While we were on the other side of the house, I took a few photos of some of the plants.   Here you can see my peonies that will be blooming in maybe another week. 

And here is one of the huge dark purple (almost black) irises.  This one will be blooming soon, and oh my, it is just gorgeous!

Deanne and Eddie were going to be stopping by for a few minutes, so we sat out on the front steps and waited for them.  Pogo was simply thrilled to be outdoors.  Actually, it felt good to me too.

After the kids left, dwarf Helen went with me to Walmart to pick up a couple of things.  Needless to say, I took my time, hung on to the shopping cart and walked slowly.  It felt good, but I soon tired, and we headed back home.

Joe is feeling a bit better, and went to work today.   I hope he just has a summer cold, and it goes away quickly.  Dwarf Helen will be going in for surgery on her hand next week and will be home for a while.  Other than that, everyone else in the house is healthy. 

Well, that's my news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Oh I am sooooo jealous,(Can you see my shade of Green?)... The flowers are just stunning! That black Iris... oh girl you are going to have a beauty on your hands. The good news is that they will multiply and you can divide them next spring! Peonies are one of my favorite flowers, not that I don't have any favorites. If it blooms I love it.

Here is to hoping that Joe is on the mend and that Helen's hand surgery goes well. Summer colds and surgery are no fun at all.
I am feeling less sore today as well and not having the sharp pains that I had yesterday, still it was after 4:00am before I could go to sleep.

I retrieved the package and Cisco is prancing around in his new jacket. If he will sit still for any length of time then I will get some pictures. He is so funny. Straight away he seemed to know that the package was for him. He greeted me at the door and did circles!

While I was at the office I took advantage of their coffee machine. I chose Texas Pecan. It is one of those K machines. I cannot pronounce the name and spell check is not offering me the name but it is such fabulous coffee. I also checked on the status of our work order. It was never entered into the computer. Good thing that I checked and I got home in just the knick of time because it is pouring rain out there.

I slept in this morning. It felt really nice. I am going to be moving slow but I just simply have to wash my bedding. The floor needs cleaning as well but I will not try and push the vacuum cleaner around today. I will wait for Jonathan or Nathan to do it when they get home but I snacked on cheese and crackers last night while talking with Patsy.
She caught a train last Thursday and went to her nephews wedding. She had a fun filled holiday but is glad to be home because her fur baby, Puppy Love will not eat while she is gone. But she is fine now that her Mama is home.

Rain has stopped for now and the sun is out and shining. Wow guess I spoke to soon. It is back to raining lol. Well there is not too much that has changed in that department. I hope that you get a little rain. Not like we are having, but enough to keep those gorgeous flowers happy. I cringe to think what our electric bill will be this month. I have used the air as much as I have dared this past month. I even had it up yesterday and Jonathan came in and turned it down and said it is hot in here mom. I was happy that it was not me that said once again can I turn the a/c down a couple of degrees!

I cannot wait until the first. I need to get to the store for a few things. Coffee might last until Monday if I am conservative. Of course I can go to the office if I have to and I have finished the last of my cottage cheese. Karyn bought me 3 melons the last time she went shopping and not one of the 3 were ripe. I was disappointed but I know that melons are not really ready until July. She bought me a canary melon and of the 3 that one was the closest one to being ripe. It had a very sweet taste to it.

I talked to my insurance man and he will be here at 4:00 today so that I can finish my paperwork. I am going to get off of here and try to get some kitchen work done so that is at least is out of the way so I don't have to worry about the house being in disorder.
Watch out for pics of Cisco. He is still running around but hey he is not barking... great news on my end! Thank You ever so much... Hugs, Beth

Angelica Star said...

After any type of cold viruses and your taste is returning is an excellent sign of healing. You're getting there.

You all had the snow and now we have the rain that is taking lives, blocking freeways and streets. No matter where you are, there can be some type of weather disaster. It's better now but the rain keep on coming. They (police and equisearch) are still looking for the man that was in the rescue boat when it capsized and the water swept three of them away. They have found everyone except him. They were hoping for the best because they all were wearing life jackets when this happen. The currents were so bad, I assume it took those off those poor people. Usually when the bayous flood, where the the water hit turns to an extension of those bayous and the currents are terribly swifts. It floats the cars and even cover the 18 wheeler trucks. It's been terrible here and I was so glad to be retired with all this going on out there. The good thing is that they closed all the schools in all of the school districts. The wise ones stayed home from work also. It has been very bad here.

Keep feeding my Pogo until his little tummy get full. (lol) He is such a little boy. So glad you are feeling better and keep taking good care of yourself. I am taking my allergy and sinusitis pills on a daily basic for this month. Some periods in the month I can do without them, but recently the pollen and weed count has been very high here and I will do my best to stay out of the emergency room. Have a very blessed and great day to you and Pogo.

The Queen Jester said...

Be sure to post a photo of the peonies when they bloom. I wish they lasted longer, they are such a pretty plant.

Annesphamily said...

We think alike! I went to the grocery store to buy pineapple and cottage cheese. Not a container in sight. SO I made a huge batch of rice pudding. Mixed brown and white rice so I want to see how it turns out, someone told me to drain all the fruit for at least 4 hours. My rice pudding last forever and I use real whipping cream not the fake stuff!
I may just order a small container of plain cottage cheese from my milk man and add some pineapple.

You feel better girlie!