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Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Visit To Urgent Care Clinic

May 16, 2015

Good morning.  It's Saturday, but I thought I would post today because I did not get home yesterday early enough to type up a post.  Around 5 a.m. this morning, I decided to get up as long as my eyes were awake, and then maybe have a nap later this morning. 

Yesterday, SIL Eddie took me to the Urgent Care Clinic at my doctor's office building.  After a check over, chest x-rays were taken.  The first reading said that the pneumonia was not gone.  After a second reading, the doctor said that they were not sure if the pneumonia was still there or if there was just an awful lot of inflammation in my lung.  However, I was put on a new regime of meds, and told to check in with my doctor in a few days. 

Unless I did not start to get better.  Then I am to call my doctor Monday.  Deanne dropped off my new prescriptions, and Joe went later to pick them up for me.  I started the new meds last evening.  So now it is just another waiting game.  All the time I thought I was getting better, I wasn't.  I think I just wanted very badly to start feeling better, so my mind let me think that way.

So, Monday will start week six of this nasty stuff.  One good thing that I did yesterday was to take my big book on how to use my cell phone with me.  While I was at the clinic, I was able to learn how to move a few things in my photo gallery over to my memory card, and where some hidden camera features were hiding.  So I guess that makes it a good day after all.

I have a couple photos that I want to share that daughter Audrey sent to me.  A few days ago, they had a bit of rain, and then later the sun came out.  Audrey took these photos from her front porch.  Wow, I haven't seen a rainbow for a few years now.  Audrey, thank you for sharing these photos.

DIL Janet is going to come by this morning to do a power shopping for me.  The freezer is looking a bit bare, and the pantry shelves are showing lots of empty spots.  No, I'm not complaining.  Pogo and I have had plenty of food to eat these past five weeks.  But now it's time to re-stock the shelves. 

Plus I'll ask Janet to pick me up a magnetic curtain rod for the storm door.  I had ordered curtains for the living room doors and windows, and yesterday the door curtains arrived.  I was able to hang the curtain on the inside door, but I don't have a magnetic rod for the storm door. 

After supper last evening, I dug out a new color yarn, and started another lapghan.   This one is called "Woodsy" and the accent color is Buff.

I won't be making it out to see Jasmine in the Drama Club's performance of "Anything Goes", so I've given my two tickets to Joe so that he and another dwarf can go in my place.  Deanne was at last night's performance, and she said that if was "Awesome!". 

Today, I think I'll watch a couple of documentaries that I had set aside to watch later (from Amazon Prime).  I also need to tape up a box to mail to Audrey.  Maybe if Janet comes by early enough, she will take the box to the Post Office for me on the way to the market.   We'll see.

By the time I finally get back on my feet, I will have to think of something nice to do for everyone who has been helping me.   I don't like being dependent, but I surely do appreciate all these wonderful people. 

Well, that's about all the news for now.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a beautiful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Oh Edna, I am so sorry your still ill. I had hoped that things were improving for you and I really hope that this new medicine will kick in and get you moving back to the well side of health.
Good news on the power shopping! I was looking at our pantry and since I cleaned out the fridge it is apparent that we have to make a trip to the store. I still have food but really nothing that interests me at the moment. I have some pork chops that I will make at some point today or tomorrow.
Edna, your lapghan is just gorgeous. I love the colors and I know that will be an awesome gift for someone that will appreciate it and I just have to say again that I think that your cause is just a brilliant one.
I am going over to work on my blog. Not to much to blog about but blogging seems to help me so that is what I will do.
So sorry that you did not get to go and see Jazzy in her latest performance, but I know that your in need of rest and healing.
Much love to you and hang in there. It has to get better soon!! Hugs, Beth

Angelica Star said...

I was beginning to worry because I came over to read your blog and you weren't there. I do understand the bad days we all have, but it's great to keep your pneumonia checked because that is nothing to play with. We need those lungs as clean as we can get them to keep breathing. You remind me of myself in feeling healthy because I refuse not to feel sick, but sometimes it get the best of me and I has to take a few steps back and realize it's real. Then I get in my bed and rest and if I need my braces on, I will definitely do that to. Take care of yourself.

Nani said...

I'm not surprised that you have a strong enough brain to make yourself think you were getting better. News that it's not true is awful! Take your meds, rest and get better for real! I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way for this junk to go away.

I know how you feel about being dependent; I don't like it either. But my good friend, Edna, is one of the first ones to tell me that accepting the help I need helps the people who care about me. She's a wise woman! :)

Audrey's rainbow photos are wonderful! So bright! I like that Woodsy color! You have a blog entry of great colors today.

I'm sorry you won't get to go to Jasmine's show. I hope someone can get you some video like you shared from Wizard of Oz!

Take it easy and I hope the new meds get you over this soon!

Hugs, Nani

Debby said...

So sorry that those lungs keep giving you problems. Diana of Nana Takes a Break had a lingering bout of pneumonia this year as well. Hope this medicine helps you. Six week is a long time. Take it easy and rest when you can. Hugs