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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tis A Great Day For Shopping On TV

September 24, 2014

Good morning.  Tis a wee bit chilly this morning, only 46F degrees at 8 a.m.  However, it is supposed to get up to about 71F later today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler with rain, and then the temps will go back up for a few days.

I'm watching the QVC shopping channel, and they are showing the prettiest cookware sets.  The colors of these pans are simply scrumptious.  It makes me wish I needed a new set of pans.  I don't need new ones, but I enjoy looking at these.  The colors are aquamarine, blue, copper, green, red, brown, platinum, brown, black and purple. 

Yesterday, two packages arrived.  One is a Christmas present and the other is the chipper/shredder that I ordered.  The day before, another back-ordered gift arrived.  I've already started packaging up a few things, and today I'll write out labels so I don't forget where each box goes.  It feels good to have a lot of this done early.

Now I really must get busy and choose photos for the new calendar, and design my Christmas card.  Several times, I've started these projects but then I get side tracked and forget all about them.  Time is slipping by quickly, so I really must discipline myself and get these things done.

Well I'll be!  On QVC, they are now showing a nifty fuzz remover.  Now this is something that I can use.  This will be great for removing the fuzz balls off my sweat jacket and pants.  It is also good for shaving the fuzz balls off the fleecy blankets.  Yup, I ordered one.  Up to now, I've been picking these little fuzz balls off by hand, but it can be very tedious. 

A lot of folks have already started decorating  their yards and homes for Halloween.  Here's a photo I took with my phone the other day on my way home from doing errands.  I love witches, so this display really caught my eye. 

DIL Janet will be coming by later today after work, and we are going yarn shopping.  I went on-line to find the location of the nearest A C Moore store.  We use to have one the next town over, but sadly it is no longer there.  I love this store because it has such a fabulous selection of craft supplies and yarn.

That's about all the excitement for today.  Now I must see what I can rustle up for our supper tonight.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

Hi there Miss Edna. Just wanted you to know that I posted about the award you so sweetly awarded to me. Not sure my linkys work though. HUGS

The Queen Jester said...

have fun with that new chipper - this is the perfect time of the year to enjoy playing with it.

smiekeltje said...

so now Joe can start to work with the new chippier LOL!
Love the photo with the witches.
Sometimes it is hard to get rid of all the fuzzy stuff(also hairs of a cat), but I have a little roll with some sticky paper on it, that removes them very good.
Hope you found a nearby store from Moore, so you can visit it with Janet.
Have fun.