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Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Been A Frustrating Morning

September 12, 2014

Good morning.  I was getting a bit worried for a while this morning.  Wayne did some work for me last night on the laptop and this morning a lot of things did not work anymore.  It wasn't his fault though.  It was Google. 

In order to set up a tablet or phone, one must have a gmail account.  At least on any that I've ever had.  That requires a password.  Once that password is set, Google takes over and changes all sorts of things.  Like the email and password that you already use for your Blogger account.   Therefore, this morning, I was not allowed access to my own blog page.  However, several hours later, I think I have it all fixed again.

I asked Wayne to transfer all the music and photos from my brother's old computer to a thumbdrive or disk so that I could save it, so he took the hard drive from the computer home with him.  Hopefully this won't be too difficult and I'll have my stuff back soon.  He also took my little laptop home with him to check it out and make sure everything is working okay.  I usually take this little one with me when I go anywhere.

This morning's fiasco with Blogger/Google was a wake up signal for me to get busy and order my Blog Book for the first part of this year.  I've been letting other things take up my time, and I need to get my book ordered before something happens and my blog gets lost again.  So this will be my project for this afternoon.

SIL Eddie came by this morning to see if he could get the old tire (to the lawn mower/tractor) off the rim and put the new tire on the rim.  It seems that the salesman at the Sears store was more interested in making sales than keeping the customer informed.  He had ordered the tire that I needed and a new inner tube for the tire.  Problem is, the tire was, and is, a tubeless tire.  DUH !!!

My next big project for the house will be to buy a new storm door for my front door and have it installed.  The one that I have is just fine.  It only needs a new screen.  However, It only has a screen and window on the top half of the door and Pogo cannot see out the door.  I have to hold him and stand in front of the door for a while several times a day so that he can see what is going on outside.  The solution, of course, is to get a new door as there is no way to put a little window and screen on the bottom half of this door.

I found a couple of cute images on the web that I thought would be fun to share here.  The first one reminds me of myself.   I get sidetracked so easily.  The second one seems to be a trait that I picked up from my mother, bless her soul.

Last night I took the night off from crocheting and did some reading instead.  I have all my ebooks transferred over to my new tablet, and most of my photos.  Today I will try to get the rest of my photos and contacts moved over too.  One baby step at a time.

Before I go, I have one more photo to share.  We have lots of bees hanging around the plants and shrubs, and they don't mind posing for photos as long as I don't disturb them.

It's getting close to noon now, so I think I'll see what's for lunch, and then get started on today's projects.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fabulous weekend. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning my dear....been awhile since I've been able to blog visit, been really busy with this house sale...just got to post to my blog yesterday. It will soon be over, I hope, I need to slow down some and be able to work on my scrapping! LOL! Anyhow, just caught up with all that has been going on since my last visit, seems you are busy too and oh what lovely photos you have posted. Glad you and Pogo are enjoying your retirement and the lovely fall weather. Will drop back by in a couple of days to catch up again. Have a gorgeous weekend. Hugs, Mat

Annesphamily said...

Oh my that bee is beautiful! What camera do you use? I have to talk with you about those blog books and budget for it. I have 1149 posts! I imagine it will take a book or two! I have thought about it all since we last talked about them. One of my favorite cousins, Mike, has a blog called lifeinbojontown all about our heritage and growing up ! He started it for his kids, grandkids and nieces and nephews. It excites me when he posts and he suffers from this horrible disease called "ankylosing spondylitis". It is quite rare but somehow ties in to being of sLOVEnian heritage. I love reacquainting myself with him and all my relatives. Oh I just cringe when google makes me mad and messes with my things! Argh...... I love knowing you Edna, you are the best blog buddy ever! You and Pogo take care. Hugs, Anne

Edna B said...

I'll be glad to help you with the blog books Anne. Just say the word. I will have to look that illness up on google because I've never heard of it. I'll have to go take a peek at your cousin's blog. thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. I'm so glad I got to meet you too. If I don't hear from you about the blog books, I'll send you an email. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.