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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Farewell, September. You've Been A Great Month.

September 30, 2014

Good morning.  Tis quite gray and gloomy outside at the moment.  A little rain fell during the night, and I'm sure more will fall before the day is out.  It's 56F degrees, and we're not expecting it to get much higher than 63 today.  September is leaving us on a cool, damp note.

Yesterday seemed to be a busy day, although I don't really know what I did that took up all of my time.  In mid-afternoon, I did try to take a nap, but Pogo had other ideas about that.  It seems that with this wonderful new door and a kitty in the house, Pogo has so much more to bark about now. 

Much to his dismay, Sunshine spends most of her time in Dwarf Helen's room and not enough time running around playing with him.   This leaves him with lots of time to sit by the door and bark at everything that moves outside in the yard.  I'm sure though, that the newness of all of this will wear off soon, and Pogo won't be so "barky" after a while.

I only put a few rows on the country blue afghan, because every now and then my hands and wrists need a rest.  There are only a few more rows to go, (about 14) so this will be finished soon.  Maybe tonight I can finish it off.  I was kind of hoping to have it done before the month was over.  Hmmm, well I still have till midnight tonight to do this.

Today, I have photos of cardinals to share.  I took these photos through the kitchen window.  While the "Mr" is busy checking out the food supply and calling every one to dinner, the "Mrs" is keeping watch from a tree across the yard. 

Note the ropes the "Mr" is sitting on?  These used to be my clothes lines.  Yup, I actually still hung the wash out right up until about the year 2000.  Then the birds took it over.  We decided not to take the line down, and instead hung a feeder and treat cages on it.

Well, time is fleeing and I do have a couple of errands to do today.  It's time to get dressed and get busy.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

That Mr. Bird looks like he isn't too happy about something.
Pogo has a new friend. That's going to be fun. Our Yorkie has started to stand and bark at us when she wants fed (which is all the time) and when she wants us to go to bed. She's quite the sassy one.
Thanks for always stopping by and offering support and good advice.

smiekeltje said...

I guess, Pogo gets soon too tired too bark at everything new he sees through the door and he will be more quiet again.
Would be fun to see a photo in future with Sunshine and Pogo curled up on a blenket together, don;t you think?
We should enjoy every day now that the weather is still rather nice, because now in october it will soon change, i am afraid and it will get colder, yak!
You have a wonderful day.

The Queen Jester said...

Lots of transitions in Pogo's life right now with the new door, the weather changing and now a new cat-sister. He'll adjust to it soon enough. Sunshine is probably staying more in the other room as she adjusts to the changes as well. You got a lot going on in your home these's a good thing you're not working any more, it sounds like your furkids need you to be a full-time mother.