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Friday, April 11, 2014

On The Way To The Grocery Department......

April 11, 2014

Good morning.  Today is cloudy and warm with rain expected.  We really do need the rain every now and then to keep things green so I guess today will be a great "errands and crochet" day.  Speaking of crochet, yesterday I picked up the rest of the yarn for my next afghan, and oh my is it ever pretty!

I had originally gone to Walmart to pick up a prescription and some groceries.  However, right after the pharmacy department comes the lawn and garden department.  So of course I had to stroll out there to see what was new.  Well, that was my downfall.  With so many pretty blossoms, how could I resist? 

I ended up putting an Easter Lily plant in my basket, along with four different Ranunculus plants and a Spring Cactus plant.   Oh yes, let's not forget the two bags of grass seed to refresh my lawns.  I think that will be it for a while, at least until all of this stuff has been  planted.  Here are photos of the Ranunculus and the Spring Cactus (an indoor plant).

From the lawn and garden department, I made my way towards the grocery department.  However, part way there I came to the yarn department.  Well, naturally I had to have a peek in case they had a nice color to use on my next project.  There it was!  Right on an eye-level shelf,  just sitting there waiting for me to pick it up was a gorgeous Spring Green.  And it hopped right into my basket!

I was beginning to run out of room in the shopping cart, so I hurried on over to the grocery department to pick up a few items.  Once my cart was full, and my feet were talking back at me, I headed for the check out cashiers.  Finally, everything was carefully stuffed into my car, and I was on my way home.

Is it any wonder that when I finally got all comfy in my lounge chair last night and ready to watch my favorite program "Project Runway", that I promptly dozed off and missed the whole program?  Ah, but I have DVR with my cable, and while I dozed my program was recording.   When I woke up from my little nap, I was able to watch it.  Yeahhhhh!

Now I need to get busy here and get dressed.  Daughter Deanne will be here in a little while to go with me to pick up something that I ordered from K-Mart.  I will save that story for my next post.  Nope, it's not more plants!  So folks, till Sunday, Y'all have a truly wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


aquascrap said...

Finally we are having a day at home and so I am catching up on blogs that I have neglected these past few weeks.

Wow if all your plants grow and flower your garden is going to be a riot of colour. Please take some photos when the plants are flowering.

Our weather has finally turned. We have had a few days of showers and even though the days haven't been that cold, the nights are really cooling down. Nearly time for the heater to be turned on.

I too am having trouble sleeping at night. I wake up after a couple of hours of sleep and then am wide awake for the next hour or so. Then during the day I feel so tired and am not always in a position where I can nap.

Well Edna it was great reading about what you've been up to. Here's hoping you and Pogo have a great day and you get to enjoy your sunshine in the garden.

Judy xxx

smiekeltje said...

It's always so tempting if supermarkets have a plant department LOL!
of course you couldn't resist.
And you also found yarn for your next project, oh my, you had a good day!
Nobody would hold it against you that you dozed off while watching tv.
Now curious to hear what you will do with Deanne.
Sure there are no more plants there, ROFL?
Now you first will have to plant all that stuff into the garden first, then probably you will find some empty spots that desparately need another nice plant, grin!
Have a fun weekend

Anonymous said...

You are going to have the prettiest garden soon please share it with us.
My garden has been put on hold for 12mths, as we are travelling around Australia for that period of time maybe slightly longer. (In a 17'6" caravan)Very excited about this trip.
Hugs Elee

Kathy said...

Beautiful plants! I can't wait to see your garden in bloom. And please show us your crafting. I knit and crochet and love looking at what others are doing.