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Monday, April 14, 2014

Oh, What A Gorgeous Moon!

April 14, 2014

Good afternoon.  Today is supposed to be simply gorgeous so I think I'll take a quick nap this morning so that Pogo and I can go outside and enjoy the day after lunch.  I was so hoping to go to the Garden Center today and buy a lilac bush, but with so many cold nights coming up this week I may have to wait until next week to buy the plant. 

After the Mrs went to bed last night, I worked on the new green afghan.  Alas, I ran into a problem.  The alternate colored yarn that I bought is not the same thickness as the green yarn.  Boo Hoo.  What a bummer!  Now I will have to look around for another yarn to match the green.  Sighhhh, such problems!  lol. 

Later today I'll go online to Red to see what yarns are available.  I think I'd like to make myself an afghan too.  Maybe a pretty orange one.  Hmmm, we'll see.  I'm hoping to have the pink afghan finished this week.  I'm giving it away to someone special. 

Last evening the moon was simply gorgeous.  Here's a photo showing its beautiful misty aura.

Tonight there is going to be a total lunar eclipse.  The best time to get a good look at this blood moon will be around 3 a.m. until about 3:45 a.m.  Mars will be visible to the eye tonight too.  It will be the brightest glowing star in the sky.    I am hoping to be able to take some photos, so I'll have to set my alarm clock tonight.  I don't usually sleep through the whole night but with my luck this would be the night that I slept till morning.  Go figure!

While my flowers are still budding, the Mrs' flowers are already blooming.  Here's one of her jonquils and a hyacinth.  Mmmmm, beautiful!

Well, that's my news for this morning.  My eyelids are beginning to droop so I think it's time for my nap.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea Priebe said...

We have the cold here today. It started yesterday afternoon ... you could just feel the temperature dropping and then came the rains. Light rains at first then it poured for awile. Today it is just dreary and cold ... a good time for a nap, I agree. I was going to clear the rest of my flower beds yesterday, but decided to wait until the cold snap passed. So, instead, I am working on the windows in my daughters new room. Had to take the old curtains down and clean the windows. Today I will put new curtains up. She wanted the light blocking curtains because she has light sensitivity from her meds.

We didn't get to see the moon last night. It was covered with clouds and probably will be again tonight. Guess I will miss the eclipse ... sadly that happens often here, not sure why.

Your crocheting reminds me of my knitting ... I always seemed to run into a problem. I have never created anything breath taking, but it is a relaxing pass time. I may have to pick it up again sometime when I have time to relax. My days are so busy I can't seem to keep up. The weather will keep me inside though, so I can get some things done in here. I'm still trying to find a way to sell my elephant collection ... know anyone who collects? I have so many I am sure they will have to go into an auction, but I have some that are valuable and want to make sure they go to someone who will appreciate them. Well, enough babble ... you have a nice nap and enjoy your beautiful afternoon. I have a feeling you won't see any more of those after today at least for awhile. Rest well, my friend and Izzi sends a sad hello to Pogo ... she can't go out to play in the rain. At least not when it is this cold.

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

Beautiful moon and loved seeing those spring flowers. The winds are howling and the temps are dropping, with rain off and on. We're heading to Walmart today to get some heat tape for the water hoses.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Afternoon Edna! Glad all is right in your world since my last visit. What lovely flowers and fabulous photos of them and the moon and that cat is adorable. I, too, want to get a look-see at the moon in the morning, flight is at 2:00 p.m. and I have to be at the airport by I might not be able to wake up and then go back to sleep....but, I do have everything ready to go, so I might....ROFL! Like you...too many decisions, will see what happens. I wish you and Pogo a very BLESSED and happy Easter! Be back in a week, going to GA to see those 2 new babies for Easter! Sure gonna miss my fur babies while I am gone!
Hugs, Mat

smiekeltje said...

It's the time of year, night temps can suddenly drop rather drastic, so I think you are doing good to wait a bit with the lilacs.
Oh bummers, two different yarns, hahaha.!
Is there really too much difference between them? otherwise it shouldn;t cause too much of a problem.
I am busy on part 4 or the afghan, but the patter isn;t really difficult, though it is more time consuming than the others, and I must check the rows all the time.
Some patterns you easily leanr by heart after a couple of rows, but this one is a bit tricky and too long.
Oh well, keeps us busy and as long as I make no big mistakes I will go on.
I don;t know which green you have for the next afghan, but perhaps some soft yellow will look nice with it?
You have a wonderful day