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Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's A Great Day To Look For The Yarn Shop

April 17, 2014

Good morning  At the moment the sun is shining, so I'm hoping this will be as nice a day as yesterday was.  If it stays nice, Pogo and I are going to go hunting for the fabric and yarn shop that is supposed to be in the Mall.

Yesterday, I went on-line and got the phone number for the store that is supposed to be in the Mall (that I could not find) and I called them to ask just exactly where they were located.  There is one part of the Mall that is off the beaten path, and I rarely ever go there, and that is where they say they are located. 

I also went on-line to order some yarn, but first I will try to find the store.  It is so much better to see the yarn and feel it in person so that you know what you are buying.  There is also a yarn shop in a neighboring town that I would like to look up. 

Last night I dug out the colorful project that I started while we were in Florida.  It only needs a few more rows to finish it off so I think I'll do that while I'm finishing off the pink afghan, which also only needs a few more rows to be done.  Hopefully I'll have the new yarn so that I can work on the green afghan this weekend.

I  think when I finish the afghans that are to be gifts, I'd like to make one for myself.  There are so many beautiful yarn colors that it will be difficult to settle on a color theme for myself.  Hmmm, such a big decision.  I love the pumpkin orange, and the lilac.  But then the mauve is just gorgeous too.  Ah well, it will keep me busy for a while.

My Easter Lily is looking and smelling delicious.  Here's a photo I took of it yesterday.  All the blossoms on the Spring Cactus are opening too, and it is looking simply gorgeous.

DIL Janet is working on a crocheted hat scarf, and it is looking so pretty that I might try to make one too.  I think, though, that I will look for a simpler pattern.  The one Janet is working on looks so complicated and it takes so long to put on just one row.  Anything this difficult would have me losing interest quickly.

Well, now it's time for me to get dressed and maybe do a couple things around the house before Pogo and I get ready to go shopping.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a really wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said... much yarn to pick little time to create all the visions in our heads.
I find myself pouring through all my quilt patterns lately, getting ready for some sewing here. Must be the spring fever making us want to get our hands busy and making new colorful things.

smiekeltje said...

Your flowers look absolutely gorgeous!
Hope you will be succesfull with the yarn. Yes, always difficult to decide on the color when you are in front of the of them in a shop LOL!
Sending you an email with some links for BEAUTIFUL afghans in crochet.
Now have to go posting quickly, am already rather late today.
You have a wonderful Easter.