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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Here Come Those April Showers

April 23, 2014

Good morning.  Today is rather dreary, gray and wet.  I supposed we have to have some of this yukky stuff now and then to appreciate the good days.  I was hoping that the rain would hold off until after my errands are done, but oh well. 

Yesterday, Pogo and I had ourselves a simply fabulous time at the new garden center.  Within just a few minutes, we had already filled our shopping basket to capacity with beautiful plants.  We even had to lay a few plants on their side on the shelf under the cart. 

We got there just in time for a special sale on potted plants such as tulips, daisy mums and some of the biggest hyacinths I've ever seen.  After filling the cart with some of these, I still went looking for some lilac bushes.  I ended buying two of the reblooming lilacs.  At this point, it was necessary to pay for our goods while we still had some money left, and head on home.

When Joe got home from work, he planted a few of the new plants.  The rest will have to wait until after the rain has gone by.  Here you can see a couple of the yellow tulip plants and one of the white hyacinths.  Aren't they beautiful?

I also have a photo that I took of all the tulips on one of our plant tables in our kitchen.  No matter what the weather, these always put a huge smile on your face. 

DIL Janet came by yesterday and brought me two large pans of home made cookies and an adorable musical fuzzy Easter chicken.  I'll share the cookies, but the chicken is mine.  He jiggles and clucks, and is such a happy little character.  Pogo wasn't very impressed with the chicken, but I enjoyed playing with it.

The pink afghan got delivered yesterday, and I found a very happy thank you message on my phone answering machine.  I'm so glad she likes it.  It really warms my heart to see this pretty lady smile.

Now I must get busy here and get dressed. Pogo and I have a couple of errands to do, and I have an appointment at the nail salon at noon.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

That Afghan was so pretty. You are so kind. Enjoy those plants.

smiekeltje said...

Some rain isn;t bad if only it will be for a short time. Your plants will love it.
And oh whee, you certainly had fun in that gardencentre!
It's always a treat to walk through and see ALL those different plants, and yes, it's a dangerous place LOL.
I am sure the lady who recieved the afghan is a happy lady, and so nice of you to give it to her.
We are sometimes acting like little chilren when we recive a little present, like you did with the fuzzy chickenROFL.
we went to the market yesterday, came home with a full trolly,but I managed NOT to buy any plants, and that's an achievement!
We still have so many seedlings that need room in the garden, that there isn;t all too much space anymore for new things.
Still, if I see something really beautiful, I always can sqeeuze in one or two more!
Have a relaxed visit at the nailstudio

The Queen Jester said...

Those tulips are so bright and pretty - they always bring a little cheer into ones day.