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Sunday, April 27, 2014


April 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,  Happy Birthday sweet Pogo, Happy Birthday to you.

It's quite gray and soggy wet outside, but it is still a good morning.  Today my little fellow is eight years young.   It won't be a big party, but we will have hamburger cake and ice cream.  Oh, and let's not forget the presents!  Aside from his new stroller which he loves, I got him a couple of new shirts and another little toy. 

Pogo has enough toys for a small army of doggies.  He doesn't know how to play with them, but he does enjoy moving them from place to place every once in a while.  Pretty soon though, we will have to bag up some of the older toys to make room for more new toys. 

I know it sounds as though we all spoil my little guy, but...'s awfully hard not to spoil him.  He is just so darn cute and tiny.  I have to share a funny story.  The other day when Pogo and I were out in the car, it was so nice out that I opened his window almost all the way down.  Pogo was in his car seat in the back seat, and wearing a harness and safety strap.  I looked in my rear view mirror and saw this tiny little face barely poking out the window.  His eyes were shut, and he was enjoying the wind blowing the hair on his face.  I had to laugh.  It was just too adorable.

I will try to get some new photos later today of my birthday guy.  Hopefully I can squeeze in a nap at some point because I have to come back to work tonight.  And hopefully, the Mrs will be in a much better mood.  I'm not sure what bit her yesterday, but last night she was just horrible. 

Friday afternoon, Joe did plant the lilac bushes, the chrysanthemums and some of the other flowers.  Here's a photo of Joe planting one of the lilac bushes, plus a close up and the label from the flower pot.  These lilacs will bloom again in late summer. 

I also took a photo of the green afghan, which is almost finished.  Just 26 more rows to go.  (It is over the back of the chair, and is much longer than what shows.)  However, it is too big to carry to work, so last night I started on the blue afghan.  As soon as I have a section with both colors done, I'll take a photo of it.

Less than half an hour to go now till I can go home.  I'll have to start packing up my things and put them in the car.  This is the best part of my job....going home.  Feeling that way, I know that this is the right year to retire.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea Priebe said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Pogo ... eight years old! You are two years older than Izzi. Enjoy your hamburger cake and ice cream! You can get away with that Izzi can't ... she is carrying the equivalent on her fat little body :)

I like the sound of retirement for you Edna ... I know the "Mrs." is hard on you ... seemingly everyone. I don't know if she can help it, but I do know that you have a choice and shouldn't have to deal with it. If money is important, there are other options. You should be able to enjoy your golden years without that harassment.

I am cleaning in the basement apartment ... my old bones are not liking it, but it needs to be done. We have to get all of my daughters "stuff" out of there because my son is moving all of his "stuff" in from North Carolina this week. We are also attempting to get into spring cleaning, but the lousy weather (cold and wet) is making it hard to do. The only good weather we have had was while I was gone in Ohio. All of my neighbors have cleaned up their yards and sadly ... my remains a mess. Well, I will get to it, but I sure don't see an end in sight yet. So much to do ... so little time (I would put that as a quote, but I don't remember who said it).

Hope you have a wonderful day with Pogo ... Izzi will be thinking of him and maybe sending her own wishes! Be well, my friend ... and again "Happy Birthday, Pogo"

Andrea @ From The Sol

Anonymous said...

Wow You have been very busy your afgan is just beautiful !!! Have a Great day !!!! I know Pogo will have a wonderful Birthday !!! Licks to him :)

Love You Mom !!!!!
Rummage Baby

aquascrap said...

Happy Birthday Pogo and give him a big ol Aussie hug and kiss from me. xxoo

I love the Afghan you are making..I may have to look up a pattern and have a go at making one myself.

Today the temp will get to 30C and then it will drop for the rest of the week. I think this will be the last of the warm weather but that has been said before. They are also forecasting some decent rain for us as well.

So while the weather is going to be great I think I may have to get outside in the garden and prepare it for the cooler weather. Lots of plants need cutting back.

Enjoy your day and your 'party' with Pogo.

Judy xx

smiekeltje said...

Already 8 years young! Of course he is spoiled, but when we really love our pets it is the thing we are supposed to do whenever possible!
Perhaps you can give some of his toys to an animal shelter, so that you have room for some new ones.
Your garden will look lovely after all the plants are in the soil!
Some of them will have to grow a bit, but still, it will look beautiful!
Your afghan is really looking great! Love the stitch you uses, it specially looks great on the green color( it will look good on ay solid color I think).
Have a great day with Pogo and enjoy the birthday meal ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Love the afghan just beautiful. Happy Birthday to Pogo. Hugs Elee.

Kathy said...

Happy birthday to Pogo! I want to be YOUR dog!

Your afghan is beautiful. I don't know how you go through them so quickly. I love ripple afghans. I think I'm going to have to make me a couple.

Annesphamily said...

I so admire anyone with talent to create afghans. So lovely! I am left handed and often say I have two left hands but my sister-in-law Cheri in her younger days use to whip up afghans. And she is left handed too! LOL.
I love your story about Pogo and the opened window. After a long cold winter I bet he is happy to breathe some fresh air!

I loved your calendar a few posts back. You are talented. I have to look into getting a blog book like you. Hopefully once Nick comes home from school and he gets his leg surgery....

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