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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Goodbye, April.

April 30, 2014

Good morning.  My goodness, this month has gone by quickly!  Tomorrow the temps are supposed to warm up again to the low 60's F.  So just maybe, the month of May will bring the rest of Spring with it.  Today is looking like another grayish day with some rain expected.

We still have to plant some veggies, so maybe this week Joe can get that part of the garden cleared.  I have next Saturday off, so that would be a good day to go shopping for some veggie plants.  This year we are going to try to include a few more plants.  As long as we grow some yellow summer squash, I'll be quite happy.  That's my favorite garden veggie.

This week I think I'll try to crochet a hooded scarf.  I've already bought the yarn for it, and I want to try something different for a bit.  The green afghan is now finished.  I just have to check it over for any loose ends, and then it can be boxed up and sent on its way.  Once it reaches its destination, I will share more about who it is for.

I have a couple of photos to share this morning.  This first one was taken through the Mrs' patio door windows this past Sunday evening.  It's a cute little red squirrel enjoying a feast of bird seeds.

Every weekend, on my way to and from work, I pass a little pond with a fabulous reflection in it but I never think to stop.  This weekend I finally stopped to get a few photos. 

I also have a cute info image that I found on the web.  What a creative way to impart a bit of knowledge to some of our population.  I looked, and my car has one of these thingies too!  But then, I already knew that.

Yesterday, Pogo got a fabulous belated birthday card from his friend Izzi.  He actually sat and watched it twice, and would like to share it with all of you, so here's the link.  Just click on it and it will take you to the card. Just scroll down one day.   Enjoy.  Thanks Izzi.  You made my little guy very happy.

Now I really must get busy here and chase a few dust bunnies.  They are beginning to take over too much of my space.  It's amazing how quickly these little buggers accumulate.  I think I'll do a bit of shredding today too as the shred box is beginning to overflow.  I have been very neglectful of it lately. 

Well that's my news for this morning.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea Priebe said...

That has to be the cutest squirrel ever ... he looks like a younster. This morning I found a squirrel inside of one of my enclosed feeders. When I looked out the window I said to myself "that feeder was almost empty yesterday ... who filled it?". On closer inspection I saw the "filling" move. I tried to take pictues, but he filled the whole thing and the light didn't shine through, so I don't know if I even captured it. But sure enough, after he had polished everything off, he pushed up the lid (that is supposed to be locked) and hopped out. Those little critters are too smart.

We are still cold here. Our high today will be in the low 50's and it is wet because it has rained for two days. I don't know if we will get more rain today ... the weatherman says we will, but I take that with a grain of salt.

In looking at my garden I think I might have lost my 8 year old patch of Bee Balm. I don't know if they have a life span, but I don't see any sign of them coming up and the whole area is sprouting wild strawberries. I would plant veggies like you, but my critters would polish them off before I had a chance to get to them. I still haven't been able to clear my garden areas both because I have been busy with moving my daughter and it has been raining.

Izzi and I are very happy that Pogo liked his card. We looked for a long time before we found the right one. He is a very special little boy and Izzi adores him:)

Well, I had better get my show on the road. I have to shower and then back to moving stuff. I have to tell you I have some mighty sore muscles ... but I am hoping all of this exercise will be a good thing in the long run. Can't do anything but keep plugging. Good luck on your next project. Sounds like you are really having fun with all of them. Be well, Miss Edna ...

Andrea @ From the Sol

aquascrap said...

Oh my goodness Edna, a secret device on your steering wheel. I had to laugh when I read that. Over here we can get fined for not using our indicators. If we want to change lanes or turn left or right we have to use them to let other drivers know of our intentions. Still doesn't stop the crashes though.

Love the little squirrel. Are they good or bad critters to have in your gardens?

Judy xx

smiekeltje said...

That squirrel is so cute again!
But what about Pogo's birthday card/video?? Oh my God, it brought a BIG smile on my face LOL!
So you are growing some veggies too? That always is so nice whne some things succeed.
We have this year some herbs, but also tomatoes and green beans. Those are growing well till now.
Those damned dust bunnies always try to spoil our days, aren;t they??
I'll have to remove a couple too today, sigh!
But still enjoy your day, later with Janet.

Edna B said...

Judy, we've never had a problems with the squirrels getting in our garden, however having them get into the house can be wicked. They get into everything and leave a big mess. It's best they stay outside. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Drivers in Massachusetts don't believe they need to use the secret device.....except sometime after they move.......and around here, a red light means hurry up !!! It's getting worse all the time. . .

Annesphamily said...

I meant to tell you earlier, I love that lil face planter. SO sweet! I love yellow squash too. I am the only one who loves it so much here. LOL! Oh the squirrel is such a sweetheart. He looks like a baby. we once saw a mother squirrel with her young at the nature area where we walk near the rec center. I also miss seeing the muskrats. They would entertain us to the point I started calling one of them Michael Phelps! LOL. Now they have a playground for screaming children, a skate park and tennis courts. Now the geese are lucky to be sticking around. Oh plus a band shell where they blast loud music. That will scare off the wildlife for sure!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Love the photo of the squirrel, I have 3 of them that I call "Geico" (from the commercial a while back) and when I do, my fur babies run to the windows to see them...trying to play catch up here now that I finally have the time...don't know where it all goes to since I have retired...seems to just slip away from me...ROFL. Love the pond too such a beautiful reflection...on to next post...hugs, Mat